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Transformed by You Guide for Partners


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A guide for partners of the Transformed by You competition. This is a competition supported by Kent Connects to stimulate collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology to improve their neighbourhoods. It will launch on the 24th June on and will conclude on 23rd November with a Prototyping Day in Tunbridge Wells.

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Transformed by You Guide for Partners

  1. 1. Guide for Partners to theWest Kent Transformed by You Competition1. What is “Transformed by You”?This is a competition supported by Kent Connects to stimulate collaboration between public services,entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology to improve theirneighbourhoods. It will launch on the 24thJune and will conclude on 23rdNovember with a PrototypingDay in Tunbridge Wells.2. Why are we organising this competition?By enabling people to submit ideas on the challenges below, public services will be able to gain deeperinsights of how people want to use technology to help themselves and each other in those areas.It will also provide a better understanding of how entrepreneurs are using ICT to enable local people toachieve these outcomes, reducing demand on the need for public services.It has been developed based on lessons from previous years’ competitions, as you can see from theinfographic on the last page.3. What are the challenges?Participants will be invited to submit ideas to the following challenges:1. How can your idea help people improve their neighbourhoods?2. How can your idea help people keep fit & stay healthy?3. How can your idea help people get involved in arts and the culture?4. How will people be able to submit ideas?They will be able to submit ideas using from 24 June to 16 September. Backgroundinformation & criteria will be provided on each of the challenges.5. How will people be able to put forward prototypes?People will be able to put forward prototypes from 23 September to 22 November that build on one or moreof the ideas put forward in the previous stage. To make sure designers and developers meet user needs,they will be provided with design principles summarising the ideas put forward in the previous stage. Theywill finalise their prototypes at the Prototyping Day on 23 November.6. What is the Prototyping Day?The Prototyping Day is taking place at Tunbridge Wells Town Hall on Saturday 23 November between 10-4pm. Participants will be invited to help finalise the prototypes taken forward and showcase them, wherethey will be reviewed on how well they meet criteria.There will be people coming who will have submitted an entry for their prototype on and willbe coming to finalise it and win the competition. Others may come to help in the prototyping or havesubmitted an idea in the previous stage which is being developed into a prototype. Other members of thegeneral public may want to provide advice in the prototyping, given that the criteria are not just about how
  2. 2. the technology will work, but how it will meet the needs of users.By having criteria for people submitting ideas that focus on who the idea would help, how it would helpthem and how the idea would work - provides the people developing the prototypes with an understandingof how to meet those user needs.7. Who is eligible?This competition is open to any UK resident. People can participate individually or team up with others.They are welcome to enter as many ideas as they like.The winning prizes and monies will be allocated to the person who has submitted the idea and prototype It is their decision whether they wish to keep the prize or distribute it with others if they arepart of a team.Employees of the partner organisations of Kent Connects and sponsors, are eligible to submit ideas andprototypes to the competition, but are not eligible to receive any of the cash prizes.8. What can people win?We are providing a prize fund of up to £9000 as well as in-kind support. These will be distributed amongstthe winners of the best idea and prototype for each challenge.Judges will be selected from the sponsoring organisations. They will use set criteria to evaluate eachchallenge and announce the winning ideas on 23 September and the winning prototypes on 23 November.The Working Group will also review ideas put forward to identify if they have already been implementedelsewhere.9. What will happen to the ideas and prototypes?The ideas and prototypes put forward will produce community insights1on how people want to usetechnology on each of the challenges as well as help inform how local communities and businesses canmake the best use of ICT to provide services on these areas. The prize money and in-kind support ofprofessional expertise will help the winners take forward their ideas and prototypes.10. How can you be involved?If you are working in a service area related to one of the challenges, we would like to invite you to promotethe competition to your customers, staff, groups and organisations you work with.If you work with local communities and/or businesses, we would like to invite you to promote thecompetition to those people and networks.If you are aware of organisations in the service areas related to the challenges that we should contact toexplore sponsorship / partnership opportunities, do let us know.If you would like to attend the Prototyping Day, either in the capacity of a critical friend or as a participant.We can provide communications materials for all of the above and will be collating the contacts you provideto promote via our channels, so if are interested in discussing further, do get in touch Please find on the next page an infographic highlighting the key statistics fromprevious years’ competitions.1