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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  1. 1. My Cycle Tian Perry Gareth Austin Billy Townsend Kirsten Hughes Sophie Taylor
  2. 2. How will our service work? Step 1: Users sign up to MyCycle via our App Step 2: They then fill in their name, location and whether they are an experienced or inexperienced cyclist. Step 3: You can then see on the app who has already signed up in your area. Step 4: the user can then click on “cycling buddies” they would like to meet with, based on their level of cycling experience and who they have matched with. This gives opportunity to start a conversation and form friendships. We were inspired by the way in which Tinder works, and have applied similar features to the MyCycle app.
  3. 3. Our objectives...  Our primary aim is to help inexperienced cyclists match up with experienced cyclists who can teach them to cycle.  We believe that meeting others who are keen on cycling and keeping fi will promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to get involved.  We aim to help people form new friendships, and start enjoying new hobbies of their own. We aim to make it as well known as possible.
  4. 4. Incentives... We also want our cyclists to feel as though they are contributing to their community; the increase in active bike users will decrease the level of pollution and benefit the environment. We also hope that the mentors will voluntarily be involved and feel rewarded by the help they give to the beginners.
  5. 5. Target audience  Our target audience is beginners, those who want to learn to ride a bike as well as those who want to keep fit and healthy.  We also want to reach out to people who have cycling history and want to start cycling again but need the motivation to do so. Our cycling community will then connect you with people of the same shared interests and age groups, this will make it more enjoyable.
  6. 6. Benefits The benefits of signing up to MyCycle:  You receive a welcome letter  Meet new people  You become linked with professional cyclists who can help you improve on your cycling techniques.  You can create new friendships while still being able to keep healthy and have an active lifestyle.
  7. 7. Future plans  We would aim to make MyCycle as big as possible. Connecting hundreds of people together, and building a cycling community. MyCycle is aiming towards young adults, but in the future we would expand on this and get children involved, as we believe that children should be enjoying exercise from a young age this would help with their fitness and improve their confidence with trying new sports  We would want to expand on the My Cycle app and instead of just basing it in Canterbury, launch it in other areas of the UK as well.
  8. 8. Logo ideas
  9. 9. Final Campaign Logo
  10. 10. App Logo MyCycle ‘The App that helps cyclists connect’ FREE (10) Details Reviews Related Description The new way to cycle, meet people and build on your skills. Connect with fellow cyclists and learn to cycle at the same time. Information: Seller: My Cycle Category: Health and wellbeing Last Update: March 2015 Version: 1.0. Size: 32.5MB Compatibility: requires iOS 5.0 or later
  11. 11. How we are going to promote ourselves We have assigned ourselves individual tasks to form our campaign… A poster Twitter Feed and Facebook page Welcome letter Newsletter Event launch We are going to enlarge the posters on bus stops, we thought that people commuting using public transport maybe don’t own a car, they are more likely to be the demographic interested in learning to cycle. The twitter feed will provide contact with our audience as well as an extra platform to receive feedback, we can also use it as a promotional tool through retweets/mentions etc. We originally had the idea to create a welcome pack, this would have included things such as a welcome letter, badge and cycling jacket. We decided this would be too complicated to create and wouldn’t be cost effective.
  12. 12. App Scheme Poster We thought a poster would be an ideal way to further advertise our app and brand. We thought pictures of our happy users of the scheme in order to promote a positive vibe, as well as an upbeat tone of our text. The app is emphasised more than the scheme in this poster because it is furthering the promotion of the scheme and taking it to the next step. The app logo is used three times on the poster so as to ensure the audience know which app is our official app. It also states which platforms the app is available on and the associated promoters with the scheme. We would hope to place the poster at bus stops, in shopping centres and other areas of public interest, so that we could create a buzz about the project, which would further advertise the scheme and app.
  13. 13. Facebook page
  14. 14. Welcome Letter We created a welcome letter to send to those who sign up for MyCycle to welcome them to the service and tell them a little bit about how the service can benefit them. This gives an element of professionalism to the service, whilst emphasising how users of the service are important. The intention of the letter is to help make the inexperienced cyclists feel welcome and as though signing up for the service will be a positive thing that can have some great benefits.
  15. 15. Newsletter Another of our individual pieces was a newsletter. We felt this would be a good promotional material to put in newspapers and post through doors. Some people do not use the internet or aren’t as ‘tech savvy’ as others, they would prefer to have the information on paper. Hopefully, the awareness of our App will encourage people to begin using technology.
  16. 16. Event launch Our final promotional material is an event launch. We thought that this would be the best way to attract customers and give potential cyclists the chance to meet. Here is the advert we created on Facebook which includes information about the event.
  17. 17. Influences and competitors Tinder
  18. 18. Coach My Ride Built with the advice of elite cycle coach Lionel Reynaud, who wanted to: "create a training toolbox for time- crunched cyclists," this app provides clear, structured training and workouts for beginners as well as professionals.
  19. 19. Strava
  20. 20. Existing customers... After 6 months of launching our app we aim to have gained at least 500 or more users. We hope to have built friendships between our users, as well as organising fun events such as fund raisers, races etc. This will keep our existing customers entertained as well as promoting ourselves as a welcoming company to potential customers and hopefully managing to attract new customers to build the cycling community.
  21. 21.  To maintain success we obviously need to have some kind of income in order to expand; we thought that once we have built a name for ourselves we can approach local gyms such as Kingsmead, or local bike shops. They can advertise us, we can advertise them .  We could use their facilities and in return we will advertise them as being partners of the MyCycle brand.
  22. 22.  Any questions?