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Transformed by You


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Transformed by You

  1. 1. Transformed by You
  2. 2. Get people together to develop innovations + =
  3. 3. How does it work?Get people with different skills together… …to brainstorm ideas based on local challenges…develop prototypes on your ideas …that you can showcase at the end of the day
  4. 4. Develop prototypes in a day?Time Well SpentEverybody wins
  5. 5. Call of Duty Magnifeyeo Report an issue on your smart phone and do something about ito Rate urgency of issueso Pinpoint anti social and pro-social ‘hot spots’o Receive points based on your level of contributiono Get rewards for the number of points get
  6. 6. Bin Mastero Develop a fridge magnet using GPS to get real time information on recyclingo Magnet flashes red for new updates and green when it is collection dayo Shows progress chart to track how much you’ve recycled compared to their neighbours
  7. 7. Destination Opportunityo Put entertainers on buses to connect older people on community activitieso Passengers vote on topics and book slots on journeyo Involve other partners to provide advice serviceso Use for intergenerational activities with children
  8. 8. On the moveo Use your mobile to take a photo of a:o Bus stop and it will take you to the timetable onlineo Apprenticeships posters and it will take you to the online applicationo Library book and it will renew it for youo Uses the next generation of barcoding (QR codes)
  9. 9. Time Well Spento An online tool offering a points based rewards system for volunteeringo Look for volunteers and volunteering opportunitieso Invite a friend and claim rewards from sponsorso Points calculated by multiplying the volunteer’s star rating by the time spent on the opportunityo Points are exchanged for rewards
  10. 10. Grad Link Kento Connects job seekers and employers to provide support for unemployed graduateso Upload your portfolio to advertise to employerso Match your skills to relevant jobso Employers match their jobs with jobseekers with relevant skills
  11. 11. Let’s Get Digio Use Bluetooth chip wristband to sign up and volunteer for festivalso An online tool driven by music festivals promoting positive activities to teenagerso Volunteer in exchange for free gig tickets
  12. 12. What are the benefits?• Desire by participants to be able to identify issues with council and develop their solutions together• Enthusiasm by officers to participate in this process and take forward ideas created with customers• Ability to test out a new way of engaging with new groups to co-create innovative solutions• Opportunity to develop community-generated ideas for digital services that can be incorporated into council activities
  13. 13. Areas for discussion• How could you use this event model for your digital projects?• How could you take forward one of the prototypes?• Which technologies suggested would you find useful in the future?