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How To Submit Your Content To StumbleUpon for SEO Purposes

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Stumble upon for seo

  1. 1. StumbleUpon For SEOHow to optimize your StumbleUpon Shares For SEO By Frederick Web Promotions
  2. 2. How to save bookmarks to Stumbleupon for SEO PurposesWhat is StumbleUpon? It is a social bookmarking site that displays useful content that might not be shown in Google. Believe it or not, there is great content that does not meet the criteria that Google requires to be at the top of Google search results. Founded in 2001, sold to eBay for $75 Million, then sold back to StumbleUpon for $29 Million. “StumbleUpon is a pretty cool social media site devoted to helping you discover great sites and blogs that are only matched to your interests” Source: “…users “StumbleUpon” webpages recommended by friends. When a user discovers and rates a website by giving it a “thumbs up”, the website automatically becomes a favourite of that user. Conversely, if a user dislikes a site, he/she can give it a “thumbs down”. Additionally, users can “stumble” their personal interests and pastimes such as photos, videos and games.” Source:
  3. 3. How To Use StumbleUpon StumbleUpon assumes you will put its toolbar on your web browser, when you find something that you think would be useful to share with others, you give it a “Public Thumbs Up” vote. Most marketers, however, add a site to their bookmarks from social sharing buttons such as AddThis or Sharethis or Shareaholic. This tutorial assumes you are using this option.• StumbleUpon is website that helps you to “stumble upon” articles, posts and photographs that match your interests. After reading the article presented to you, you can choose whether or not to “like” it. The more likes an article receives, the more times it will be presented to future stumblers, which in turn means more pageviews for that website owner.• Many website owners and bloggers encourage the sharing of their articles to StumbleUpon in hopes of driving traffic to their sites. StumbleUpon can be a very powerful tool; when used correctly, some stumblers have garnered up to several thousand hits on a single post, in a single day. Source:
  4. 4. Social RecommendationsWho do you trust more? Claims from an advertiser or a recommendation from atrustedFacebook or Twitter friend?Chances are, even though your Facebook friends are “less than friends” they are “more thanacquaintances”… you do have a history of knowing what a FB friend’s slant on things are. Before you whip out your credit card to purchase something, most of us check to see ifanyone we know has had a good or bad experience with a similar product or service.This is the idea behind social bookmarking sites, over time you will come to “trust” certainonline connections more than others. If you peruse the bookmarks of someone youtrust, that will give you an educated guess as to weather or not you want to buy a product orservice.StumbleUpon users assume you’re sharing links with a network of friends, which is whyStumbleUpon asks you if you want to search to see if your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail friendsare also using StumbleUpon
  5. 5. How To Add A Thumbs Up a Site on StumbleUpon
  6. 6. For this example we’re going to add Vickie Moore’s blog: Gourmet Gifts for Maryland as a “target”
  7. 7. Now Open a new tab, have the target site (Your website or blog) in one tab and in the adjacent tab, with you already logged into StumbleUpon
  8. 8. We want to copy and paste the target site into the StumbleUpon box
  9. 9. Grab the url from your browser
  10. 10. Copy the URL to your clipboard
  11. 11. Now What Are You Going To Add As Your Description?
  12. 12. Cut n Paste A Paragraph From the Site You’re Bookmarking
  13. 13. Text Is What Google Spiders, the graphic isn’t going to paste anyway so don’t worry about it
  14. 14. Copy A Portion From the Bookmarked Site
  15. 15. Paste it into StumbleUpon
  16. 16. Add the site to your Stumbles
  17. 17. Now Add YOUR Description
  18. 18. Finished Project, Now Get Some StumbleUpon Friends
  19. 19. Contact Frederick Web Promotions• Hopefully this will get you started, at a minimum you’ll have populated your StumbleUpon with your blog posts and profile pages and so the rest of our Facebook for Business Cooperative Group can vote you up.• Next installment: How to vote for other group members and how to use the AddThis Toolbar to automate this.• Thanks• David Bruce Jr Frederick Web Promotions | Local SEO & Social Media Marketing Consultant••• 240 397-9804••• (personal FB profile)••