Tunisia a highly successful offshoring industry 2013


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Tunisia a highly successful offshoring industry 2013

  1. 1. | The Global Information Technology Report /April 2012 – P. 26 - Networked Readiness Index ‘NRI’- Tunisia, ranked in 50th place, leads the New -Tunisia, New OpportunitiesBy Neziha BERZOUGA / Lamia BOUFAIED –FIPA - TUNISIATunis ia , A Highly S ucces s f ulOf f s hor ing Indus t r ySustained Growth and Significant Investments in Offshoring recorded in Post-Revolution TunisiaTunisia is among the emerging offshoring locations that has in recent years significantly invested in boosting its IT-BPO induTunisia has successfully managed to attract big names in this field, namely SUNGARD, Teleperformance, Kromberg&SchubSourcing services from Tunisia fulfills various needs, such as language skills, cost savings, geographic proximity as well as cuTunis ia ’s Ma j or As s et s :A Compet it ive Pool at Eur opea n Level Ta lent :With smaller price differences, all the other benefits start to work in favour of Tunisia. Tunisians are technologically-mindeA positive Ranking of the Education SystemTunisia provides World-Class Mathematical and Scientific Education –« The Global Information Technology Report » - April 2012Top level ICT trainingOver 50 000 students on ICT courses at university, i.e. about 14%of all university studentsOver 13 000 new ICT graduates a yearOver 200 university ICT coursesA Wor ld Cla s s Inf r a s t r uct ur eTunisia is already hosting offshore centers of major companies while offering very favorable implantation conditions, namely completStatement: ARDIA / ACTIA Group«ARDIA in Tunisia represents one of the main R & D centers of our ACTIA group. It is a center where our new products will be deCyril ROCHARD, General Manager ARDIAThe S ect or ’s Achievement in 2 0 1 2FIPA-Tunisia ‘The foreign Investment Promotion Agency’ through its ‘Offshoring Promotion Department’ recorded consistent and sigMost investors mentioned that the ‘Revolution’ sustained the country’s position as an IT destination.Indeed, the tendency recorded through the last year did confirm the strategic orientation chosen by Tunisia and which consists in becSource: U.P.O –Offshoring Promotion Department – FIPA-TunisiaKey Ta keawaysTunisia is one of the most competitive destinations for companies looking to:Offshore up to a few thousand jobs at very competitive costs while retaining quality/productivity levelsOffshore small R&D or IT units at the lowest cost in the Euro-med zone in various languages (English, German, French, Italian etc)Access a pool of talents with European-style qualifications (engineers / scientists/technicians)Rely on solid local companies who are prepared to build up various types of partnership: outsourcing, build operate transfer, joint venExploit cultural and geographic ties New –Tunisia / New Opportunities – February 2013