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Cebit jacek czech chamber of commerce_poland

  1. 1. About us:Polish Chamber of Commerce „Role of Chambers of Commerce in Poland” CeBIT 2013 Hanover, 6th March 2013
  2. 2. Poland - BigPicture
  3. 3. Poland – Before transformationIn 1988, he worked in Poland 572 000 smallprivate companies, including: 388 000 - craft, 123 000 - taxi drivers and other private carriers 53 000 - traders and restaurants, 7000 - service companies Only in Hungary at the end of the 80 years functioned like a group of private companies (about 300 000 subjects). Czech Republic-10, 000, Slovakia - 2 000 private entrepreneurs. The German Democratic Republic - private companies were not entitled to freely operate in the market, their activities are centrally managed. In the countries of the former USSR private enterprise had no legal basis, to work in the "gray zone".
  4. 4. Poland - Key Facts (2012)Area: 312 700 sq km – 6th in European UnionPopulation: 38,54 million – 6th in European UnionCurrency: Polish Zloty (1 EUR ~ 4.1 PLN)GDP: + 2,0%Nominal wage: ~ 909 EUR (3728 PLN)Inflation 3,7%Membership: EU, NATO, OECD, WTO, Schengen Zone
  5. 5. Competitive Advantages 1000 km radiusLocation & economic fundamentals 250 mn people strategic location in continental Europe part of trans-European transportation corridor country with positive GDP growth in 2012 38 million consumersLabor force young, well-educated work force ca 11% of university students in the EU 455 universities & high education schools language proficiency 2000 km radius increasing labour productivity 550 mn people
  6. 6. Poland – 38 million people Population per 1 sq km by districts Gdansk Poznan Warszawa Lodz Wroclaw Katowice Krakow0 50 100 150 200 250 500 1000 3000 5000
  7. 7. Academic centers Tri-City 400 students graduates 93 000 300 200 Poznan Bydgoszcz-Torun 100 77 000 141 000 Warsaw 0 Wroclaw Tri-city Poznan Lodz Krakow Warsaw Lodz 285 000 Wroclaw 127 000144 000 Students of: Katowice ICT Krakow 138 000 Finances, B&A 184 000 Science Engineering Apart from large cities such as Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and Tri-city Poland offers a pool of smaller cities.
  8. 8. Special Economic Zones Designated area in which manufacturing or distribution activities can be conducted on preferential terms Total area of all SEZ – 20 000 hectares SEZ will operate until 2020 (possibility till 2030) Minimum investment: EUR 100,000 Realized in 146 cities 1242 companies Over 250 000 employees 85 bln PLN of investmentsBenefits from obtaining a permit to conduct activities in SEZ : eligibility for income tax exemption – a form of regional aid plot of land prepared for an investment project, available at a competitive price free assistance in dealing with formalities relating to the investment project
  9. 9. SSC and IT centres in Poland (examples) Thomson-Reuters TRI-CITY Zensar, Acxiom Kainos, IBM, Fineos, Geoban, SONY UniCredit TietoEnator SZCZECIN JP Morgan Chase Franklin Templeton BYDGOSZCZ Lucent Technologies ABN AMRO SAP Atos Origin Accenture Thomson Arvato Services AVON TNT Express GlaxoSmithKline POZNAN Citi Group Transcom Microsoft Innovation WARSZAWA Dimar MAN Accounting Center Accenture Euroconex / NOVA Carlsberg Citi Group Hewlett-Packard Roche General Electric Sitel Ciber Transition Technologies Page Computers Infosys TchiboHP LODZ Crisil South Western Company CTMVolvo McKinsey SAP TeleperformanceGoogleCredit Suisse Fujitsu NokiaUPS SiemensGE/Genpact WROCLAWKPIT Cummins Wipro KATOWICE ACS Philip Morris CapgeminiQAD Bayer Motorola Geoban KrollTietoEnator Electrolux Shell Capgemini SteriaIBM Hewitt Google PwC HCL Tech State Street Bank KRAKOW IBM Amway Lufthansa Accounting Plaza Capgemini Communication UBS Factory Intelenet
  10. 10. R&D Centres in Poland (examples) Intel Compuware TRI-CITY Humax SZCZECIN BYDGOSZCZ GE Engineering Design Center GSK Humax Microsoft POZNAN WARSZAWA Oracle Roche Samsung Electronics SAS Institute TopGaN Bosch – Siemens Cederroth Ericpol 3M Microsoft Transition LODZ FaureciaSiemens Pratt&WhitneyAlstom Technologies GE EnergyVolvo Bank HandlowyCapgeminiRemy Int. WROCLAWTietoEnator KATOWICE ABB AprisoOpera Software Ontrack Mentor Graphics CH2m Hill Delphi Bombardier Google IBM Rockwell Autom. Lurgi Motorola Pliva Sabre KRAKOW Woodward
  11. 11. Success stories Sector: SSC Employment: 450 TRI-CITY Sector: KPO BYDGOSZCZ Sector: BPO (SSC) Employment: 100 Employment: 150 WARSZAWA LODZSector: BPOEmployment: 1000 WROCLAW Sector: BPO Employment: 1400 KATOWICE KRAKOWSector: KPOEmployment: 100 Sector: BPO/ITO Employment : 2100/1400Sector: BPO (IT center)Employment: 2000 Sector: BPO (SSC) Employment: 250 Sector: BPO Secotr: BPO (SSC) Employment : 1400 Employment : 200
  12. 12. Polish Chamber of Commerce
  13. 13. Polish Chamber of Commerce Polish Chamber of Commerce (PCC) founded in 1990 is thelargest economic self-government institution in Poland. Group above 160 business organizations Regional Chambers Bilateral Chambers Sector Chambers Operating activities is divided between areas (dedicated departments): Office of Communications and State Affairs Office of International Relations Office of Economic Innovation Secretariat of the Committee Legalisation Office, Certification and ATA Carnets Office of Finance Quality Awards Office, Counseling and Training Centre for Information and Legal Services Arbitration Court
  14. 14. PCC Committees Expert activities Chamber of Commerce is focused in 20committees. Chairmen and members of committees areoutstanding practitioners of economic life, academics, socialactivists and local government.Civil engineering CommitteeEthics and Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeTrade CommitteeReal Estate CommitteeEducation and vocational education CommitteeEnergy and climate policy CommitteeCommittee for Cooperation with the Arab countriesSecurity, enterprise solutions and negotiations Committeee-economy CommitteeMunicipal CommitteeEconomic infrastructure CommitteeQuality and standardization CommitteeSmall and medium-sized enterprises CommitteeEnvironmental CommitteeAgriculture and the agricultural marketing CommitteeUrban Transport CommitteeTourism CommitteeCooperation between science and business CommitteeHealth CommitteePolish-Turkish Business Council
  15. 15. International activities Member of EUROCHAMBRES, Association of the EuropeanChambers of Industry and Commerce Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) inParis. Co-operate with DIHK (EU Service Directive) Organizes national exhibitions (EXPO – Hannover, Aichi), Organizes for polish entrepreneurs international trade, fairs,trade missions, economic forums, multi and bilateral businessmeetings and other forms of foreign trade promotion. Help foreign companies with finding business partners on thePolish market.
  16. 16. PCC – main activities
  17. 17. Innovative Economy CongressOne of the most important events in Poland devoted toinnovation.It is a Platform of exchanging ideas associated with thedevelopment of innovative economy, involving leadingrepresentatives of science, politics, business and media fromPoland and abroad.Key speekers – are TOP worldwide innovation scientists,businessmen and politician
  18. 18. Young Innovators Forumforum where young entrepreneurs will have the constantopportunity to express their opinion on the legal, financial,economic and social, in which they operate
  19. 19. Other PCC events "Polish Quality Award” – aims to show businessbased on the EFQM Model Celebrities (EuropeanFoundation for Quality Management). This meets criteriaof modern, global enterprise management concept -Total Quality Managament (TQM). ”Teraz Polska” – promoting, products and services,characterized by the highest quality and strengtheningconfidence in Polish as an economic partner and shapinga positive image of Polish in the world. ”Fair Play” - promoting ethics in business,understood as a set of standards of conduct in theirrelations with business partners, customers, employees,partners and local communities, local authorities and thestate.
  20. 20. PCC projects "IP Hermes” – aims to showentrepreneurs and business managersthe benefits of proper management of the intellectualproperty protection. "A friendly e-Administration” – implementing theServices Directive - EU legal act, establishes a generallegal framework, which aims to facilitate the provision ofservices and the use of services in the European Unionby business companies. PCC provides Help Desk forentrepreneurs, that want to provide services in Poland "KIGMED” - incubator of innovative technologies fore-medicine. It aims to create new, innovative companies,providing them with consulting, infrastructure andfinancial sources.
  21. 21. PCC portals and applications ”e-Chamber” – aims to openChambers in Poland to startproviding services on Internet. – applicationplatform for SME. On-line services:invoices, projects, e-registrationetc. – Internetplatform connecting investors withcompanies, includes e-books, videoe-learning, bilangual (USA-PL) etc.
  22. 22. PL – USA cooperation Creating a bridge between investors from the United States of Polish companies looking for funding and expansion Provide comprehensive support to carry out the investment process for investors and companies Implementation of an effective process of investing in Polish companies Maximizing the effects of actions by combining the potential USPTC (Polish American Chamber of Commerce) and PCC Investment Servicess and services support - Legal services in - Consulting (business, capital input law, etc.) process - Training and - Supervision (legal, workshops financial) - Support Book Acquisition of Polish companies USA Attracting investors - Tax services - Support IT, PR, Polish interested in entering the U.S.investors interested in - Financial services administrative capital markets and the companies investing in Poland - Legal support of - Insurance global output ongoing cooperation - Support for HR - Services in capital - Banking services exit process - Networking
  23. 23. Innovation manualDedicated, innovative educational program for SMEs based on: Abductive and deductive thinking Innovation process Strategy maps Business modelOpens new way of thinking and managing business, two main courses: entrepreneurship engineering inventive engineering
  24. 24. Open Innovation Co-operation with E&Y in order to promote companies opening to NGO,Chambers of Commerce, Universities Building new model of companies business-eco-systems consisting of:clusters, techno parks, innovation centres, investment hubs
  25. 25. E-inclusion Carried out by the Chamber of Commerce Foundation (LEM Foundation)together with local government units The purpose of action is to increase opportunities for access to theInternet, in particular local communities As part of the project is provided for families at risk of digital exclusion:access to the Internet, computers, training, customer support, service
  26. 26. Polish Chamber of Digital Economy 8’th of November 2012 a new Chamber was set up– Polish Chamber of Digital Economy It is dedicated to companies involved in the digitalmarket and prosumer economy It’s main target is specified as: e-health e-commerce Start Up Prosumers e-finance e-administration Gaming, gamification e-education
  27. 27. PCC–DigiCom projects ”Trovarit co-operation” – aims to implement onPolish market idea (IT-matchmaking) developed inTrovarit – German company, spin-off of of the ResearchInstitute for Operations Management at RWTH AachenUniversity. ”Financed in Poland” – initiative promoting productsand services that were financed in Poland (by banks,investors etc.). ”Built in Poland” – initiative promoting companiesthat were established and grew up in Poland
  28. 28. PCC–Ministry of Administration and Digitization co-operation plans Cloud Computing – aims to implement cloudcomputing solutions for companies, that will helpcompanies to use e-administration services. IT cost calculation – aims to provide calculationsand stardardization of IT labor costs and ways ofvaluation it. Wokulski - knowledge building program forentrepreneurs - creating a new approach to e-administration services.
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention Jacek Czech Deputy Secretary General