Ce bit2013 serbia smart solution


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Ce bit2013 serbia smart solution

  1. 1. SIEPA
  2. 2. 2D Soft is a software development company from Novi Sad, with a branch office in Belgrade. Since its establishment in 2002, it has been focused ondelivering business IT solutions to the end users as well as providing product engineering and development services to its clients.The company’s product line includes award-winning enterprise solutions for hotel and restaurant management (Hotelier, Garson POS, Garson Mobile Suite),healthcare management systems (Asistent, Helix EMR) and wellness&spa cashless solutions (Helix Wellness), actively used by more than 1,000 clients.Offered IT services include all steps of software development process: planning, implementation, testing, documenting, deployment and maintenance. 2DSoft’s areas of expertise are software product engineering and custom application development for Microsoft, NET, Mono, Android and iOS platforms. Pastsoftware development projects include development of core banking applications, funds of hedge funds software solutions, data quality management, mobilegaming solutions, SMS billing software, custom component design, data mining, data warehousing, e-learning solutions and various desktop solutions. 2D Soft Cara Dusana 7 ▪ 21000 Novi Sad ▪ Serbia T: +381 21 456 100 ▪ F: +381 21 423 002 office@2dsoft.com www.2dsoft.com
  3. 3. ASW Engineering LLC represents one of the leading software solutions developers in Serbia utilizing up-to-date technologies to provide sophisticated softwaresolutions in telecommunications, FMCG retail and wholesale, food production, electronic equipment production and distribution, apparel production andtrade, and medical services.Founded in 1992 in Belgrade, ASW positioned itself as the highest sales and profit growth, as well as the highest company value among its direct competitors,according to the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. Its 58 employees are high skilled software specialists with extensive experience in IT thus enabling thecompany to offer services covering the entire life cycle of its software solutions. The services portfolio includes a complete IS lifecycle offer, ranging fromconsulting to systems integration and maintenance services.ASW managed to expand continuously by establishing market presence in the neighboring countries including Slovenia, Bosnia andHerzegovina, FYR Macedonia, and Montenegro. ASW Takovska 45a ▪ 11000 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 2071 400 ▪ F: +381 11 2071 409 sales@asw.eu ▪ nemanja.avlijas@asw.eu www.asw.eu
  4. 4. Belit Obilicev venac 18-20 ▪ 11000 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 2030 403 ▪ F: +381 11 2030 402 office@belit.co.rs ▪ nemanja.rakocevic@belit.co.rs www.belit.co.rsBelit evolved from a small team of financial and trade experts into one of the leaders on the domestic IT services market. The company embraces up-to-datetechnologies implementing international ISO and IT Mark standards.Belit’s dynamic team of professionals uses the latest development tools, both in Microsoft and open-source technologies and it also designs and supportsleading types of databases such as Oracle, MSSQL and db2.Belit is focused on developing tailor made solutions, design and engineering of complex information systems, system integration, outsourcing of IT servicesand risk management solutions, offering expertise for the banking and financial sector, public and government institutions, energy and education sectors,EU founded projects in Serbia and the region, etc.The company’s products include:▪ Credit Bureau – Centralized national register of credit history for companies and citizens▪ sRisks - NPL Report non-performing loans and collaterals management system▪ Bank Report - Application for creating banking financial reports its submission to National Bank▪ BSS - Reporting system for bankruptcy administrators▪ E-Sport Registry - National sport facilities registry▪ E-procurement - Public Procurement Portal▪ MARIS - System integration for Music Authors Association based on CISAC standards▪ E-Testing – Web solutions for continuous education and testing▪ Energy Manager – System for managing energy balance sheets for towns and settlements
  5. 5. ComData Milovana Glisica 7/8 ▪ 21000 Novi Sad ▪ Serbia T: +381 21 4720 496 ▪ F: + 381 21 6622 146 office@comdata.rs ▪ dragan@comdata.rs www.comdata.rsComData is a software company from Novi Sad engaged in custom software development. The company’s portfolio of services includes development andimplementation of complete mid-size to large scale IT solutions. These services include database design, development, testing and maintenance coveringthe entire life cycle and applying Agile and Scrum development methodologies.Due to more than twenty years of experience, ComData offers a Nearshore development Approach:▪ Dedicated team with strong technical background▪ Concept for technology and know-how transfer▪ Transparency and project governance▪ Adapting to Clients requirements and operational methods▪ Work side-by-side with our Client during the entire project▪ Daily operational monitoring, establishing stages and milestones▪ Testing the application and meeting quality requirements▪ Compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act and customer safety guidelines▪ Fixed price projectThe company’s industry sector expertise covers production, finance, trading, health care, e-government, e-commerce, accounting, payroll, fixed assets,quality control and human resources.ComData implements .NET, C#, ASP, Web Services, Web applications specialized in Web Shops, PHP/MySQL, LAMP, Android, MS Visual Basic, MS SQL Server technologies.
  6. 6. Essential Dots is a software development company specialised in creating complex web sites and web applications based on the TYPO3 CMS. Since itsestablishment in 2007, the company’s basic activity is development of the competitive advantage by employing innovative and efficient, custom tailored,open source software.Essential Dots provides powerful cutting edge TYPO3 extensions and templates, placing this open source CMS amongst leaders on the market. Over theyears, their custom TYPO3 extension stack has proven as a rock-stable solution on more than a 100 TYPO3 projects. The company employs skilledindividuals dedicated to finding the best solutions for clients through the use of agile Scrum methodology and continuous deployment technique.The company dedicates full attention to browser compatibility, SEO, intuitive UI, speed optimization and system architecture which providesan excellent base for ensuring outstanding relationship with foreign clients and partners, such as the world’s premium TYPO3 agencies fromGermany, Belgium, and Netherlands. Essential Dots Bitoljska 16/15 ▪ 11136 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 2396 939 ▪ F: +381 11 2396 616 nikola.stojiljkovic@essentialdots.com office@essentialdots.com ▪ www.essentialdots.com
  7. 7. High Tech Engineering Center (HTEC) is specialized for embedded systems and software development. Since its founding in 2008, HTEC experienced fastgrowth in terms of engineering resources and “know-how” diversification, and became an acknowledged and reliable technology development partner forinternational companies from EU and US looking for high quality vs. cost trade-off.With headquarters in Belgrade and development offices in Belgrade and Nis, HTEC is Central Europe’s high quality, offshore / nearshore IT servicesdevelopment company. Close cooperation with two Faculties of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Belgrade and Nis gives HTEC the possibilityto attract the best young talented engineers and continue its team expansion. Areas of expertise of the company’s teams cover a full spectrum of IT services,from web and mobile applications to development of sophisticated signal processing algorithms with DSP and/or FPGA implementation.Whether it is hardware or software development, HTEC provides its customers with top-class solutions within specified time frames and dedicated budget.We are helping our clients stay competitive on the market by applying new standards and cutting edge technologies into development of “from the draft”prototypes, systems and system components, as well as redesign of existing products. HTEC Ruzveltova 1a ▪ 11000 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 3370 951 ▪ F: +381 11 3370 952 office@htec.rs ▪ aleksandar.cabrilo@htec.rs www.htec.rs
  8. 8. Omnicom Solutions Ljubostinjska 2 ▪ 11000 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 3443 880 ▪ F: +381 11 3443 889 info@omnicom.rs ▪ milosevic@omnicom.rs www.omnicom.rsOmnicom Solutions is one of the market leaders in custom software development in Western Balkans. The company offers a wide range of custom softwaredevelopment services with a focus on web and mobile software development. The company’s services include:▪ Web development Web portals, web applications optimized for mobile channels, e-commerce applications, data and content management systems integration▪ Mobile application development Android, iPhone, iPad applications and games, PhoneGap and Adobe Air cross platform mobile applications▪ Social Networks API based development Facebook applications and games, Twitter, YouTube, eBay API based development▪ Managed dedicated teams based on agile methodologies Dedicated PHP, Java, .Net, Flash/Flex professional developers, QA and testing specialistsThe list of Omnicom’s clients includes Beiersdorf, Raiffeisen Bank Serbia, Nestle Adriatic, Coca-Cola, MTV Adria, and many others.
  9. 9. SIEPA SIEPA Vlajkoviceva 3, 5th floor ▪ 11000 Belgrade ▪ Serbia T: +381 11 3398 550 ▪ F: +381 11 3398 814 office@siepa.gov.rs www.siepa.gov.rsSerbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) was established more than a decade ago and entrusted with the mission to support foreigncompanies seeking to set up or expand their presence in Serbia and Serbian companies doing business abroad. Today, a staff of nearly 50 multilingualemployees handles projects from and to all over the world. We are able to provide you with up-to-date information on business opportunities in the SerbianICT industry and liaise you with companies that best suit your needs.In the past, Serbia’s ICT sector has partnered with the leading technological companies across the world in order to provide first class solutions to domesticand international clients. Nowadays, Serbian ICT companies range from software engineering businesses and telecommunications providers to world-classsystem integrators and fast-growing social application developers.The number of local software companies has been booming steadily over the past decade and they have been experiencing rapid growth. ComTrade Group,for example, is one of the leading IT companies in the region of Southeastern Europe, with more than 1,600 employees and over €300 million in revenues.On the other hand, Nordeus, a young developer of social-networking applications from Belgrade has developed one of the top 10 Facebook games, played bymore than 3.7 million users on daily basis. Serbian IT industry has also witnessed several big specialized acquisitions, such as Asseco’s takeover of the localbanking software company and Schneider Electric acquiring an IT company that has developed a state-of-the-art electrical power distribution managementsystem. Moreover, some of the biggest names of the global ICT industry have started and expanded their businesses in Serbia, such as Cisco Systems,Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Telenor, Siemens and many others. They have all been driven by the outstanding pool ofintellectual capital, excellent skills, good communications network, foreign languages proficiency and many other advantages of doing business in Serbia.We invite you to contact our expert staff which is ready to assist you in developing your business in Serbia. Working with us is simple, easy, and still costs nothing.