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Published on - LocalBlox is an online Community Networking site that brings Neighborhoods together; From Lists of Your Local Neighbors and neighborhood job Boards, to neighborhood Restaurants and Shopping,
Localblox is your online neighborhood portal. Localblox provides everything a Neighborhood could need!

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  1. 1.<br />Your Neighborhood Online!<br />
  2. 2. Why use LocalBlox?<br />Connect with your neighbors online<br />Discover your neighbors who have joined and invite others<br />Connect & share with your neighbors (Neighborhood Wall, Neighborhood Ambassador)<br />Find out what’s going on around you (events & announcements, neighborhood watch)<br />Know your neighbors from their social media profiles<br />+<br />
  3. 3. Why use LocalBlox?<br />Neighborhood watch & alert<br />Is your Cat missing? Ask your Neighbors<br />Nearby amenities and services <br />Find out your neighbors recommendation<br />Local Events, News<br />Check nearby public transportation stops <br />
  4. 4. Why Join LocalBlox?<br />Grow your local community and your local network <br />Meet new people and make new friends in your neighborhood<br />Improve communication in your neighborhood<br />Invite neighbors to join and encourage online discussion<br /><ul><li>A healthy, vibrant neighborhood is a happier place to live</li></ul>Help your local community local nonprofit groups<br /><ul><li>Promote local non profit organizations that make your communities better. LocalBlox will donate up to 1% of every dollar spend by local business on localblox ads to local nonprofits.</li></ul>Earn respect and gratitude for helping your neighbors. Get Rewards redeemable by local merchants.<br />Help improve home values in your neighborhood<br />