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The Loyalty Easy Button, Loyalty Programs for Small Business provided by LocalBizConnex

  1. The LOYALTY “Easy Button” for Small Business
  2. What do these businesses have in common? Page 2
  3. Page 3 They want customers to visit often and buy more products.
  4. How can they do this? Page 4 Loyalty Programs for Small Business
  5. Loyalty Programs for Small Business Page 5 Increase Sales Build Customer Base Deliver Daily Promotions Target VIP customers Encourage repeat customers
  6. Win-Win Strategies for Business Design custom campaigns Target discounts Collect customer data Inbound Marketing Page 6
  7. Win-Win Strategies for Customers Page 7 Instant Rewards Savings on future Purchases Bonuses for Sharing Pre-view of special offers
  8. What are our Programs about? Complete end-to-end Internet Solutions Flexible fulfillment options Data analytics Accessible Marketing Programs Page 8
  9. Page 9 Yes, if the Program is flexible enough, it works for all types of businesses Can any type of business implement a Loyalty Program?
  10. Page 10 You can have a Program that does not use traditional points Suppose I do not want to manage points?
  11. Page 11 How easy is it to put in Place? “Cloud Based” programs only need Internet Connectivity
  12. Page 12 Use Customer database for Email Campaigns, Newsletters and Special Promotions Inbound Marketing Strategies
  13. Types of Programs Page 13 Mobile Loyalty Promotions delivered to customers on their Smartphone Traditional Loyalty Points collected using Loyalty Cards
  14. Putting a Program in Place Create strategy Select Program Software installation and training Program marketing and deployment Page 14 The Loyalty “Easy Buttons”
  15. Social Media Features Bonus points for Sharing Special deals when groups sign up Build audience and community Customer feed-back Page 15
  16. What we Do Page 16 Supply software and Training Program Management Data Analytics and Strategy Marketing Programs
  17. Page 17 “How to” Loyalty eBooks GET YOUR FREE COPY AT WWW.LOCALBIZCONNEX.CA “Like us” on
  18. LocalBizConnex Loyalty Solutions Easy to implement Loyalty Programs Designed for Small Business Solutions geared for different types of Business Competitive Solutions Page 18