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  1. 1. [Automated Foundation Engineering System] One-Stop Solution for Foundation Design Civil & Architecture Team 2006.11.02
  2. 2. (Automated Foundation Engineering System) Contents 1. General 2. Troubling of Foundation Design 3. How to Automation 4. Key Features 5. Benefits of Automation 6. Demo : AFES – STAAD.Pro 7. Future Development
  3. 3. 1. General Foundations
  4. 4. GS Group & GS Engineering & Construction • GS Group, a conglomerate spun off from the Korea’s largest LG Group. • Business area of GS E&C is plant, civil, architecture, environment, and housing. • GS E&C is one of the world-class of EPC contractors (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) specializing, in the field of plant industry. • Area of its experts cover oil refineries, gas processing, petrochemical, power, and environ plant facilities.
  5. 5. Our Vision Our vision is to be the global leader in Automated Foundation Design and Engineering Solutions by providing a comprehensive, integrated, highly productive and cost effective design environment for all foundation design needs.
  6. 6. About AFES One-Stop Solution for Foundation Design AFES is a comprehensive one-stop solutions for all your foundation engineering and design needs. Due to AFES’s capability to make structural calculation report, construction drawing, bill of material and 3D CAD modeling data, it is very powerful solution for the design of equipment and steel structure foundations
  7. 7. 2. Troubling of Foundation Design » Parameters of Foundation Design » Foundation Design work Flow » Complex Design Work Process » Several Program Use for One Products » Need to Increase Productivity
  8. 8. Parameters of Foundation Design Design Parameters 1 .Complex design work process 2. Cooperation achievement essential in design work 3. Recursive verification process necessary 4. Human error as a result of repetitive work Design Quality Design Schedule Human Resource Work Process Work Process Design Tools 1. Several program uses for one product 2. Absence of program for general commercial aspect 3. Many concrete design codes 4. Technological problem for development and maintenance of PG Design Tools
  9. 9. Foundation Design Work Flow Process Piping Absolute pressing design time schedule Mechanical Elec./Instru. Civil/Architecture Design Require civil design change due to upstream change Construction Civil Work Piping Mechanical Elec./Instrument Commission
  10. 10. Complex Design Work Process Construction Drawing Drafter Design inform Review Design Data Structural Analysis /Design Drafter Making Sketch Sheet Modeler Structural Calculation Report Material Quantity Review and Squad Check Engineer Modeler 3D Modeling Engineer Take Off Check BOM Completed Products
  11. 11. Several Program Uses for One Product Upstream Parts Construction Drawing Design inform Material Quantity Spread Spread Sheets Sheets Modeler Engineer Completed Products 3D Modeling 3D CAD 3D CAD (PDMS/PDS) (PDMS/PDS) Staad.Pro, GT & SAP Staad.Pro, GT & SAP Compress, PVElite Compress, PVElite Engineer Structural Calculation Report Drafter Hand Calc. Hand Calc. Spread Sheets Spread Sheets In-House PG In-House PG MicroStation MicroStation AutoCAD AutoCAD
  12. 12. The Need to Increase Productivity Productivity is very low . . . But, Design time is so short Require many empower Improvement of engineers and foundation design work designer is a pressing need !!low design quality Burden of design cost through tight Client’s require design completion on or before time (Time is Cost) competition bid Delay design schedule Increase project cost The engineering companies are finding about increase productivity The answer is automation
  13. 13. 3. How to Automation ?
  14. 14. What is Automation ? What is foundation design automation ? Process that emulates an engineer’s foundation design work from planning to construction seamlessly
  15. 15. How to Automation ? How to Automation ? » Understanding the current foundation work process going from planning to construction drawing » Use tools that closely adhere to the work process components as seamlessly as possible » Automate every phase of the foundation work
  16. 16. Simplifying of Foundation Design Work The more we automate the foundation design work process, the more we can gain in productivity. Before Development Construction Drawing After Development Material Quantity Drafter Engineer Engineer Drafter Drafter Review Structural Review Design Structural Making Design Design Analysis inform Design Sketch Analysis Data inform /Design Sheet Data/Design Review and Squad Check Engineer Take Off Check BOM Modeler Modeler Structural Calculation Report 3D Modeling Completion Products
  17. 17. 4. Key Features
  18. 18. Foundation Design Modules AFES supports the Conventional Rigid and Finite Element Method (FEM). AFES supports a various types of foundation structure and equipment (Soil & Pile). ISO OCT HEX LARGE TANK BALL TANK COMB. MAT IR-REGULAR
  19. 19. Integration Features Today, Interface between applications is still a challenging problem. Updates the changes from the upstream output data into the downstream application software Analysis Program (Upstream) ** ** ** • Save design time • Reduce input Error • Reduce data validation time 2D CAD • Generate Construction Drawing (Including BarSchedules) 3D CAD •Generate 3D Modeling Data (Vice Versa) Note * : In the future
  20. 20. User Friendly Graphic Interface Various features to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum efforts are included as follows; Anchor Rebar Set Bolt/Box Load Case/Comb. Supper Str. Ana. Data Pile Array Geometry One-Stop Solutions Rebar Anchor Bolts and Box Load Case and Combination Pile Array From of-the-Art 1. State-STAAD.Pro Rendering features Geometry 2. Templates for quick creation of foundation modulesFdn. Module 3. Powerful copy and save options 4. Can set various design and material Parameters 5. Can be used to design eccentric piers and piles
  21. 21. Foundation Design Procedures Upstream Data Foundation Design Products Automatic Design Process Super Structure Design in Staad.Pro Foundation Geometry, Loads Auto Foundation Design using AFES Complete Foundation Design in Minutes
  22. 22. Foundation Design Products Products Auto & Detail Foundation Design Summary Report Detail Report Cont. Drawing BOM 3D Modeling Data
  23. 23. Project Applications AFES is field proven software and has been developed since 1990. AFES is multi-purpose foundation design and engineering tool that will greatly aid in the successful execution of any oversee & domestic project.
  24. 24. 5. Benefits of Automation
  25. 25. Productivity Improvement 1) Reduce Foundation Design Schedule remarkably 2) Possible to revise design immediately 3) Effective manpower operation and improvement in productivity 4) Can collaborate with subcontractor and partner 5) Can automatically produce economic foundation designs 6) Standardization of product quality 7) To minimize Human error due to direct data transfer 8) Possible to get high quality estimation Finally … Increase Productivity significantly
  26. 26. Reduction of Foundation Design Time Comparison of Total Design Time for Regular Shaped Foundation Design (Min.) 600 600 Before 500 1410 Min After 65% 400 300 200 100 65% ex) It takes one week 300 design a single pile large storage tank to → AFES produces the results in two hour. 2004 YR 200 180 180 150 60 500 Min 120 60 60 30% Steel Structure FDN Vessel FDN Heater Tank FDN Exchanger FDN Mat FDN Before After
  27. 27. Reduction of Foundation Design Time Comparison of Total Design Time for IR-Regular Shaped Foundation Design Add 20% 85% 2005YR 65% 2004YR 30% Before After
  28. 28. 6. Demo : AFES-STAAD.Pro
  29. 29. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Steel Structure is designed in STAAD.PRO. AFES automatically imports geometry, load case & combination from STAAD.Pro using the Open STAAD and Results functions. is one of the most widely used Structural design & analysis software programs for architectural , engineering, construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works.
  30. 30. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Above Structure is designed in STAAD.PRO
  31. 31. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 AFES automatically imports geometry, load case & combination from STAAD.Pro using the OpenSTAAD and Results functions. Import Open Set FDN. Module Geometry Load Case Load Comb.
  32. 32. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Foundation Design in AFES with OPENGL for a realistic rendered view Auto Design Functions Main Window
  33. 33. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Foundation Design in AFES : Structural Calculation Sheets (Rigid Method) AFES not only analyzes and designs a variety of foundations, but will also produce high quality reports, construction drawing, BOM, 3D modeling data of your foundation structures.
  34. 34. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Foundation Design in AFES : Structural Calculation Sheets (FEM Method : STAAD.Pro) AFES 3D ModelingAuto Mesh Generation of Contour of Stress Reports
  35. 35. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Foundation Design in AFES : Take Off Bill of Materials BOM Take Spec. FoundationSummation Table Data
  36. 36. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Foundation Design in AFES : Structural Calculation Sheets (FEM Method : AFES) AFES Mesh Generation Cut Section Diagrams Modeling Stress Contouor Strip
  37. 37. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 AFES interfaces directly with MicroStation to generate a construction drawing including Bar-Schedule. Setting Plot Preferences Drawing Criteria Tie-Gider Drawing Layout Drawing Detailed Drawing
  38. 38. DEMO : AFES – STAAD.Pro 2005 Generate 3D Modeling Data from the AFES and vice versa 3D CAD : PDMS/PDS AFES Main
  39. 39. 7. Future Development
  40. 40. Future Development (1/2) 1. Equipment Analysis/ Design Program, Compress (CodeWare) 2. Soil Analysis Program (Plaxis 3D Foundation)
  41. 41. Future Development (2/2) 1. Vibrating Block Type Foundation 2. Underground Pit 3. Baseplate (AISC) 4. JIS, GB, Euro-2 Building Code
  43. 43. Thank you !! Leaping forward to become No.1 Foundation Design Solution