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BookOurRooms Hotels

  1. 1. A Product of
  2. 2. A Complete Marketing Solution for your Hotel With our head office based in Calangute Goa, we offer a Comprehensive solution for your Hotel that is linked to Our network of travel agencies and sub agencies Across the country and abroad. We understand you have your own marketing team And an online presence with your own website. That brings us to our next question ….. A Product of
  3. 3. What Makes BookOurRooms Unique ?The only GOA based platform where the consumer gets real time informationand transaction capability online.BookOurRooms uses the best and latest technology platform in the Indian travelindustry.The portal offers a real time web based booking engine which is seamlesslyintegrated to the mid and back office.Reservation system that offers a dynamic packaging of all services with real-timeinventory with instant pricing, booking status & confirmation via SMS and Email.
  4. 4. What Makes BookOurRooms Unique ? Sub-Agents / Home Based AgentsAgents can create Sub Agents and thus we have a wide networkacross the country..Catering to masses who wish to work out of home at their own pace and earnattractive commissions while booking holidays for relatives and friends.
  5. 5. Benefits to AgentsUserfriendly interface with latest Ajax technology
  6. 6. Benefits to AgentsUserfriendly interface with latest Ajax technology
  7. 7. Benefits to AgentsBenefits to Agents Dynamic Packaging ensures a comprehensive choice ofsuppliers and products in India & Worldwide. Multiple payment options –Online & Offline Credit facility is also being offered against guarantee or deposit.User friendly BookOurRooms system- saves staff training cost and time.Benefits to Agents 24x7 call center skilled and trained to answer and addressall queries. Competitive pricing. BookOurRooms – A buying musclei.e. a chance to pass on the best rates, offer better service and ensure thatyour client is treated like a priority customer.Earnings in the form of attractive commissions
  8. 8. Benefits to SuppliersUser friendly interface with web 2.0 features.
  9. 9. Benefits to SuppliersSummary at one glance of all your Rooms and Hotels.
  10. 10. Benefits to SuppliersUser friendly interface for information management.
  11. 11. Benefits to SuppliersUser friendly interface with web 2.0 features for Room management.
  12. 12. Benefits to SuppliersControl seasonal rates easily.
  13. 13. Benefits to SuppliersSuppliers with single or multiple Hotels have an opportunity to sell allproducts on one site. Suppliers have an opportunity to control their pricing asper the market trends and fulfill last minute supply and demand consideringpresence of multiple competition.Supplier module enables control over the inventoryand price. Inventory management is instant as services can be updated atthe click of a button. Opportunity of distribution to big, medium and smallagencies both IATA and non IATA throughout India.Marketing by BookOurRooms which will promote the site alongwith your products.
  14. 14. Benefit of your account with BookOur Rooms.ComImmediate Global Presence .Your own Inventory/Rate Management ConsolePayment Gateway to secure your bookingsAvailability & Reservation CalendarUser Reviews & Google MapsFree Photography/VideoEmail & SMS notificationsPromotions managerConnection to hundreds of Travel Agents And much much more…
  15. 15. At , all our marketing services are free of cost ifwe do not give you business.We believe in the simple principle that We do not make money unless YOU do. So what are you waiting for ? Call 9822147148 And one of our Sales Executives will get in touch with you to take it forward or Email: