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Mẫu báo cáo phân tích SEO gồm các bước phân tích SEO cho một website. Báo cáo chủ yếu tập trung vào các vấn đề on-page và off-page. Thông tin chi tiết vui lòng xem tại http://www.hoapham8x.com/2013/07/mau-bao-cao-phan-tich-seo.html

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Mẫu báo cáo phân tích SEO

  1. 1. GreenChoice Company – SEO Analysis Website: www.greenchoice.com.vn Summary: The purpose of this analysis: • To determine the current situation of Greenchoice website, especially search engine optimization (SEO). • To compare Greenchoice.com.vn with its competitors • To propose solutions to improve Greenchoice website ranking on Google. Used Tools: Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEOMoz, Market Samurai, Google keyword Tool. Analysis: Ι. On-Page Analysis: 1. URL Redirects: • A preferred domain has not been set for the website, www or non www. The purpose of setting a preferred domain: • To avoid Google treat greenchoice.com.vn and www.greenchoice.com.vn as two different websites. • To prevent hurting the website’s page rank. • The domain’s authority will not suffer. 2. Title Tags: • 226 titles that are duplicated, 225 titles that are too short and 3 that are the same as H1 tag. • The home page title does not contain the keyword. 3. Metadata: a. Meta Description: • The website has 7 pages that missing Meta description tag, 252 pages have duplicated descriptions and the others have 2 Meta Description tag. • There are 251 descriptions that are too short, below 70 characters. The importance of Meta description: Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  2. 2. Meta description tags are not a factor in the ranking algorithm; they are used as the description which searchers will see in the search engine results. Having the keyword used properly in the Meta description tags can increase the likelihood that users will click on the link to the page if the keyword usage matches their search query. b. Meta Keywords: • 251 pages that have the same Meta keyword tags while one is missing. Note: All major search engines have clearly stated that Meta Keywords tags no longer have any SEO value. The best practice is to simply not use this tag at all. Misuse of this tag, such as keyword stuffing, could potentially have a negative impact on a site's ability to rank. Or right click on every page of Greenchoice.com.vn and choose “view page source” we will see this: 4. URL: • There are 249 dynamic URLs • 250 that are uppercase and 249 that are underscores. • 174 URLs that have over 100 characters. Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  3. 3. A site’s URL structure is extremely important to both users and search engines. Poor URL structure can hurt ranking, prevent pages from being indexed and lower your click-through-rate (CTR). 5. Heading Tags: • 11 pages are missing H1 tag, 241 that are duplicated and multiple. • There are 164 pages that are missing H2 tag, 72 are duplicated and 18 are multiple. In some cases, I don’t think we need the H2 tag. Every page should have an H1 tag which contains the keyword, as search engines look to the H1 to help determine the topic of a page. It should be the first thing in the body text of the page, and should appear prominently. 6. Image Names and ALT Tags: While many of the main images throughout the site had ALT tags, my crawl of the site found 67 images that were missing ALT tags, and 8 of them are exceed 100kb. Also, relatively few of the images found on the site had descriptive, keyword rich image names. 7. Content: • There is a “News” navigation on the website, but the new content is not regularly added, about once a month. Most of the contents are not unique. They are copied from the other websites while there are some unique content but they are too short (below 300 words). • The website seems to not focus on any main keywords and the keywords don’t appear much on the content as the website does not have much content, some categories don’t Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  4. 4. even have. Update: After making a crawl with Screaming Frog SEO Spider, I also started with SEOmoz which is now known as Moz. Though the full result will be updated within 7 days, but it’s useful to take a look at the summary report from Moz. Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  5. 5. 8. Sitemap: No sitemap was found on the site. A XML sitemap should be created for every website, and should be updated and re-submitted whenever changes are made to the site. 9. Code Validation: I ran the home page through the W3C Validation Tool, and this was what I saw: Errors are fairly common when we make a check with this tool and the photo shows that there is no critical issue with the website. However, If you website has over one hundred errors and warnings, it means your site could potentially have trouble on certain browsers, and may potentially pose a problem to search engine spiders. ΙΙ. Off-Page Analysis: 1. Inbound Followed Links: There are only 11 external links pointing in to the site (All of them are images without anchor text). This is a very little number of links, and to compete with the other websites Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  6. 6. Greenchoice.com.vn should implement the link building campaign immediately. (Analyzed by SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer) 2. Linking Root Domains: A quick scan with Open Site Explorer and found only 2 linking root domains pointing in which is too low to compare to the other sites and should be increased. 3.Authority and Trust: • Currently, the best metrics available to measure Authority and Trust are from SEOmoz, and are known as Domain Authority, MozRank and MozTrust. When I scanned Greenchoice.com.vn, I found: • The Domain Authority is on a 100 point scale, with any site above 40 being considered a fairly good quality site. MozRank and MozTrust are very similar to Google’s PageRank, and serve to measure the distance of your site from trusted and authoritative websites. As we can see Greenchoice.com.vn got 18 only. It shows that the site has a very low trust rank. Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  7. 7. 4. Competitive Link Comparison: I took 3 websites that appeared on the first page of Google with the following keywords: “rau s ch”, “Trái cây s ch” and compare with greenchoice.com.vnạ ạ Note: with these keywords, greenchoice.com.vn is not in top 50. I also checked with Market Samurai with the keyword “trái cây s ch”:ạ ΙΙΙ. My Recommendation: • Set up a 301 redirect for the website. • Fix the duplicated, short page titles that we found in the analysis progress. • Add Meta description for 7 pages that are missing and fixing the duplicated page titles. Please note that the Meta description should contain the keyword but do not Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com
  8. 8. stuff many keywords into the description. • It’s better to remove Meta keyword, as most of search engines do not use it any more. • Change dynamic URLs to static urls, fix the URLs with underscores and limit the URL characters < 100 • Add H1 tag which contains the keyword to the pages that are missing. Remember, every page should have 1 H1 tag only. At the same time, fix the duplicated and multiple H1 tag. • Add ALT text to those images that are missing and resize some images under 100kb • Fix the pages with too many on-page links. We should limit the on-page links for each page under 100 links. • Make a keyword research to choose the right ones for the website. • Update the content frequently. Avoid copying content from the other websites. • Create a sitemap for the website. • Upgrade the version of Joomla to the latest version. The website is currently running on Joomla 1.5. In my opinion, Greenchoice should design a new website. • Start building link campaign immediately. The links should be do-follow links with a diversity of anchor text. Ις. Keyword Suggestion: • rau an toan tphcm • rau an toan sai gon • ban rau sach sai gon • ban rau sach tphcm • cua hang rau sach sai gon • cua hang rau sach tp hcm • dia diem ban rau sach sai gon • dia diem ban rau sach tphcm • cua hang hoa qua sach • cua hang trai cay tuoi tai • cua hang trai cay sach sai gon Made by Hoa Pham - Blog: www.hoapham8x.com