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We Lobel solar power system is engage in products and turnkey projects of solar power related products like solar power plant, solar water heater, solar street lights, solar cooker etc..

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Presentation Lobel Solar Water Heater

  1. 1. Presentation by Lobel Solar on Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) & Solar Water Heating (SWH) Solutions
  2. 2. Why Solar? Why Lobel? Benefits of Solar How Solar Works Application Areas Solar Devices and Systems Solar Water Heating Systems Central Financial Assistance (MNRE) Savings and Payback
  3. 3. WHY SOLAR? We are in an Energy Crises: 1. A rapidly growing economy, 2. Increasing household incomes, 3. Limited domestic reserves of fossil fuels 4. Adverse impact on the environment due to rapid development across India.
  4. 4. WHY SOLAR?  PV systems are very safe and highly reliable  Huge source of renewable energy  240 to 320 days of full sunshine in a year with daily radiation 4 - 7 kWh per sq. m  It produces no harmful emissions or polluting gases.  It brings electricity to remote areas
  5. 5. POWER OF SUN The amount of energy in the sunlight reaching the Earth's surface is equivalent to around 10,000 times the world's energy requirements. Consequently, only 0.01 per cent of the energy in sunlight would need to be harnessed to cover mankind's total energy needs.
  6. 6. Why Lobel?  Manufracturer of Solar System  Provides complete Solar EPC solutions  Energetic & Dynamic approach for Providing extraordinary benefits to our Clients.  Strong Dealer Network across North India.
  7. 7. BENEFITS OF SOLAR ENERGY Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Solar 1 Reduced carbon footprint & zero emissions — Be part of the solution! 2 Eliminate or significantly reduce your electricity bills 3 Hedge against rising and volatile electricity prices 4 Flexible financing options 5 Over 30 years, a 5kW system will benefit the environment equivalent to planting 30 acres of trees or not driving 379,000 kilometers
  8. 8. HOW SOLAR WORKS Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity. Inverter converts DC power from the solar panels to AC power The meter displays several different aspects of your solar-electric system’s performance and status Remote monitoring
  9. 9. APPLICATION AREAS Solar Energy can be utilised anywhere:  To run medical equipment  To provide electricity in rooms, cabins, common areas, etc.  Sanitation and Laundry - Washing Machines, Rest rooms, etc  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner (HVAC)  Doctors and Nurses quarters
  10. 10. SOLAR DEVICES AND SYSTEMS Street Lights and Garden Lights
  11. 11. SOLAR DEVICES AND SYSTEMS Solar Signage
  12. 12. SOLAR DEVICES AND SYSTEMS Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV)
  13. 13. SOLAR DEVICES AND SYSTEMS Solar Rooftop
  14. 14. Lobel Solar Industrial Plant Solar power plant Solar smart string inverters
  15. 15. SOLAR WATER HEATING  The solar thermal technology, commercialized worldwide  Vast potential in homes, hotels, hospitals, hostels, dairies, industries, institutions, buildings etc.
  16. 16. FEATURES  Provides hot water at 60-80 degrees C . .  Pays back cost in 2-4 yrs on electricity replacement & 4 yrs on furnace oil replacement  Life : 15-20 Yrs.  Negligible maintenance. Works automatically without any attention  Not to worry of power cuts / increase in electricity tariff / LPG prices
  17. 17. SAVINGS  100 LPD system in a home can save upto 1500 units of electricity in a year  In industrial sector, the saving is around 70 liters of diesel per sq. m. collector area in a year  Hot water is needed round the clock for Hospital sterilization, Boiler Pre Heated hot water for steam boilers, cleaning and personal use.
  18. 18. CENTRAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Solar PV Systems System Type Max. cost Max. subsidy (per watt in INR) (per watt in INR) With Battery 180.00 50.00 Without Battery 105.00 27.00 Note: The Subsidy is available on complete SPV system
  19. 19. SAVINGS AND PAYBACK Solar Vs Diesel Generators Diesel pumps are typically characterized by a lower first cost but a very high operation and maintenance cost. Solar is the opposite, with a higher initial cost but negligible ongoing operation and maintenance costs.
  20. 20. SAVINGS AND PAYBACK Solar vs. Diesel Generators System Capacity Power Generated per Year Initial Cost Solar PV 20KW 29 MWh (Under per STC) Rs. 15 Lacs Diesel Gen-set 20KW 29 MWh @ Rs. 5 4 hrs daily Lacs Recurring Cost/Year Total Cost in 5 Years System Life 0.2 lacs Rs. 16 Lacs 25 years 4 Hours X 6 litres X Rs. 50 X 365 Days = Rs. 4.3 Lacs + Operator & Maintenance & Storage @ 1.5 lacs = 5.0 lacs Rs. 30 Lacs 12 Years
  21. 21. OUR OFFICES Lobel Solar Power System Head Office:Lobel House” 65 Mihir Park, O P Road, Vadodara-20 Email: Web:
  22. 22. Lobel Solar Power System Thanks…… 22