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    Your presentation is very useful because you mention the reasons to use present perfect tence. I was impressed in a way to link images of proverbs this was a very wonderful
    Thanks very much *_*
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  • Hi Layla,
    You did a good job. I will mention the things that I liked in your PPT, as well as that I did not like.
    I liked the way of explaining the grammar rule because it has too many examples that simplify the lesson.
    Also, I liked the way you connected the pictures with the sentences. There is one thing that I disliked which is using a long exercise which needs reading. For me, I don't care if there is too much exercises ,but they have to be short in order to get the students' motivation to complete the task. The PPT over all is very good.
    Nouf al-Harbi
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Present perfect

  1. 1. Present Perfect
  2. 2. Present Perfect TenseThere are 2 primary reasons to use the Present Perfect Tense.Reason # To talk about a completed pastaction at a non-specific time. The action isfinished. You don’t know, careor remember when it happened. For example: I’ve read that book before. She’s already done her homework.
  3. 3. Reason #2With the words “for” and “since” to talk about something thatbegan in the past and continues to now. For example: I’ve studied at this school since last June. She’s lived in West Palm Beach for six months.
  4. 4. When we use the Present Perfect with “for” or“since” it gives the idea that something began inthe past and continues into the present(and may continue into the future.) SINCE + POINT IN TIME Use the present perfect with “since” + point in time (since Sunday, since 4:00, since 1996) to show when something started I’ve studied at this school since last year
  5. 5. For + LENGTH OF TIME Use the Present perfect with “for” + length of timeten minutes, for two weeks, for years, for a long time)to show how long a present condition has lasted. They’ve been married for a long time. He’s lived in Yanbu for 8 months.
  6. 6. Here is a brief review of the form and function of the present perfect tense. The present perfect is used when the time period has not finished: I have seen three movies this week. (This week has not finished yet.) The present perfect is often used when the time is not mentioned: Gerry has failed his exam again. The present perfect is often used when the time is recent: Ahmad has just arrived in Victoria .
  7. 7. Making the correct form. Jack (be)……… my friend for over 20 years. We (know) ………. each has been have knownother since we were children. Recently, he and his family (move)…….. tomoved have ahouse on the same street as me, and now our children play togetheralmost every day. For the last ten years, Jack and I (play)… have played the same hockey ……..forteam every Saturday. Jack is a better player than I am, but in the last fewmonths he (have) ………some trouble with his left knee, and he (find) has had……….. it hard to play a full game. He (see) ………..the doctor several has found has seentimes about his knee, but the doctor doesnt know what is causing his pain.Jack (decide)………….. to take a break from hockey for a while, so that his has decidedknee can recover. Its going to be lonely on the team without him!
  8. 8. 1.Which is correct?a) for a long periodb) since a long period 2.Which is correct? a) for 6 years b) since 6 years 3.Which is correct? a) for 6 weeks b) since 6 weeks
  9. 9. Choose the correct answer: I’ve….my car keys. I can’t find them any where.a) Loosed b) lose c) lost d) loose I’ve…….Peter since we were kids. a) Knew b) knowed c) known d) know Ahmad has……a lovely little house in the south of France. a) Buyed b)bought c)buy d)boughted
  10. 10. Have you ……..that new film yet? a) saw b) seen c) seed d) sawen Jane has……a long letter to her Spanish penfriend a) Wrote b)wrotten c)writted d)writtenHave you …….Time’s good news ?He’s getting married a) Heared b)heard c) hear d) hearn