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Digital supply chain


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Digital supply chain, the change for the future

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Digital supply chain

  1. 1. BDO Services overview DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN CHUỖI CUNG ỨNG SỐ Bạn bắt đầu từ đâu? Le Ngoc Quang 08/2018 Where should begin?
  2. 2. BDO Services overview Page 2 BUSINESS IN DIGITAL ERA Digital supply chain Next generation Digital transformation CONTENT
  3. 3. BDO Services overview Page 3 BUSINESS IS CHANGING Buying behaviour Sales action Marketing objective Management system People skills New vision
  4. 4. BDO Services overview AROUND US Page 4 BDO: Key slides 2017 CONFIDENTIAL E-government E-commerce E-tax E-bank E- invoice E- documents Smart business Smart contracts Smart chain
  5. 5. BDO Services overview Page 5 SERVICES SUPPLY
  6. 6. BDO Services overview Page 6 DIGITAL ERA
  7. 7. BDO Services overview Page 7 Business in digital era DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN Next generation Digital transformation
  8. 8. BDO Services overview Page 8 STANDARD SUPPLY CHAIN Supplier • PO • Logistic • Inventory Company • Orders balance • Logistic • Inventory • Cash balance Customer • Sales order • Delivery • Payment
  9. 9. BDO Services overview Supplier • PO • Logistics • Cash flow Company • Supply balance • Logistic balance • Inventory balance Distributor • Sales order • Logistics • Inventory Reseller • PO to distributor • Sales management • Inventory Retailer • PO to uppers • Retail management • Inventory Page 9 DISTRIBUTION CHAIN ASM Sales sup Salesman DMS
  10. 10. BDO Services overview Page 10 ECOSYSTEM OF SUPPLY CHAIN Supplier • PO • Logistics • Inventory Company • Orders balance • Logistic balance • Inventory balance Distributor • Sales order • Logistics • Inventory & forecast Reseller • PO to uppers • Sales management • Inventory & forecast Retailer • PO to uppers • Retail management • Inventory & forecast Consumer •Know products •Search for •Feed back Auto- submit Auto- submit Auto- submit Auto- submit Auto- submit CRM Social CRM Automatic e-documents Mobile apps ASM Sales sup Salesman
  11. 11. BDO Services overview Page 11 DISTRIBUTION MAP Realtime collection data Centralized information Shortest time Shortest distance Correct measurement Maximize benefits
  12. 12. BDO Services overview Page 12 GOALS OF EACH MATURITY Processes Distribution system & ERP application DMS + Social CRM + BI… integration with ERP Online map of supply products Interaction with consumers
  13. 13. BDO Services overview Page 13 Business in digital era Digital era supply chain NEXT GENERATION Digital transformation
  14. 14. BDO Services overview Page 14 SOCIAL SUPPLY CHAIN Connection (collaboration) Location (community) Management (intelligence) Information (communication) CRM Social CRM Mobile apps ERP Sales outsource DMS Social Sales Shipment share Sales share
  15. 15. BDO Services overview Page 15 SUPPLY CHAIN EVOLUTION Social SCM **** SCM ecosystem *** Mobile apps Synchronization Collaboration ERP Social CRM Forecast Nearest demanding Enduser feedback Management Distribution chain ** Mobile apps Synchronization ERP Forecast Auto demanding Management Standard SCM * Mobile apps ERP Forecast Management Forecast Management Forecast = 30% Sales up * Forecast = 50% Sales up ** Forecast = 70% Sales up *** Forecast = 90% Sales up ****
  16. 16. BDO Services overview Page 16 HOW TO GET THERE?
  17. 17. BDO Services overview Page 17 Business in digital era Digital era supply chain Next generation DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  18. 18. BDO Services overview Page 18 WHERE SHOULD BEGIN? WILLS ARCHITECTURE
  19. 19. BDO Services overview Page 19 ARCHITECTURE FOR TRANSFORMATION ENTERPRISE 4.0 People competency & skills Process logical business process Solution intellect & technology Governance organization system COMPANY FOUNDATION & CULTURE Data = Automation + Analytics + Security
  20. 20. BDO Services overview Page 20 RESULTS OF “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION” Activities innovation Manufacturing & business efficiency Business breakout Response speed for changes Synchronous human resource Competitiveness increase
  21. 21. BDO Services overview Page 21 “DIGITAL ENTERPRISE” MATURITY Where are you now and going to? Expert Advanced Overall IT application. Performance measurement and strict quality control Intermediate Main IT application. Central management processes Elementary Some IT application and respect processes somehow Base Knowing about management process IT Sporadic applications ECM, ERP. CRM… Integration & connection Big data & interactive
  22. 22. BDO Services overview ARE YOU READY FOR SUCCESS?
  23. 23. BDO Services overview THANK YOU AND WISH YOU SUCCESS! Contact BDO Audit Co Ltd. 20th, ICON4 Tower, 243A Đê La Thành, Đống Đa, Hà Nội Phone: +84 (024) 37833911 Hotline Director of Advisor: Lê Ngọc Quang – 0904344010 – General director: Mai Lan Phương – 0913236134 – Page 31