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50s presentation introductory pp


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8th grade Research

Published in: Education
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50s presentation introductory pp

  1. 1. The Outsiders
  2. 2.  Develop a research based presentation on a popular topic from the 50’s. This presentation will include a presentation and a visual component.
  3. 3.  The visual component should be developed using appropriate technology (Microsoft Power Point or Prezi). An outline will need to be developed and turned in. The presentation must follow the outline. The presentation must contain a minimum of the following nine slides. Each defining moment slide must discuss a different piece of information.
  4. 4.  Presentations should be based on the information found in their research. They need to be written and transferred to note cards. Presenters will use notecards to deliver information if necessary. The written speech will be turned in at the time of presentation.
  5. 5.  Students will be graded on the following: Outline of speech: Homework completion grade Typed copy of speech: Homework completion grade Visual component: Overall test grade based on the following rubric criteria: • Voice: Professional • Conventions: Free of grammatical errors • Ideas: Includes all components • Research: Accurate research with sources cited Speech component: Overall test grade based on the following rubric criteria: • Voice: Professional • Ideas: Logical • Presentation: Well-rehearsed, confident, notecards used as an aid
  6. 6. Please write down your top two topics: African American Struggle Women’s Rights Vietnam War in America Teen Rebellion The Fall of the Nuclear Family
  7. 7.  Where are places that you can find research? What are the pros and cons of each source?
  8. 8.  Databases will be the only form of accepted research in eighth grade. These can be accessed through the PSMS Library website. Passwords for at-home access may be found in your planner.
  9. 9.  How can you organize your research and sources? What are the pros and cons of each method?
  10. 10.  Noodlebib is one option. You MAY use this tool if you choose. You may also choose to organize your research materials in another way. • Examples from Microsoft Word UsersCHome$Courtney_Christina_L_02Readi ngOutsiders50s ProjectOrganizing research example.docx