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What do you know about library research


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Used at beginning of class to determine areas for review.

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What do you know about library research

  1. 1. A. Popular sources  B. Scholarly sources  C. Newspaper articles
  2. 2. A. TrueB. False
  3. 3. A. The information in library databases isfree. No one has to pay for subscriptions.B. All the information in library databasescan be found using Google.C. The information in library databases hasbeen reviewed by subject experts orprofessional editors.D. I must be in the library to access them.
  4. 4. A. web pagesB. authorsC. articles/reportsD. titles
  5. 5. A. TrueB. False
  6. 6. A. In the body of your textB. In the header of each pageC. At the end of your document in a ‘References’, ‘Works Cited’, or ‘Bibliography’ section.D. Both A and C
  7. 7.  Differences between scholarly vs. popular literature? Between primary vs. secondary research? Strategies for searching & using library databases? APA style information? Other questions?