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Creating Your Professional Story With LinkedIn

I delivered this presentation in Spring and Fall 2012 to an average of 50 students. Focused on helping students establish a presence on LinkedIn, and improve an existing presence for current users.

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Creating Your Professional Story With LinkedIn

  1. 1. CREATING YOUR PROFESSIONAL STORY WITH LINKEDIN Laura Neidert, University Career Services
  2. 2. Why should I join?  What does LinkedIn say?  What does UCS say?
  3. 3. Who Uses LinkedIn? • • • • 120 million+ professionals Over 150 industries Executives from every Fortune 500 firm 6.5 million+ students • 9 million+ recent college grads (The FASTEST growing group!) • 37,000 college and university alumni groups • People are joining LinkedIn at a rate faster than 2 new members per second! Europe 24% Latin America 3% Asia 8% Africa 1% Middle East 1% Oceania 2% Other 0% North America 61%
  4. 4. 1st stop: LinkedIn Learning Center
  5. 5. Start with this…
  6. 6. End Up with This!
  7. 7. How to take a good profile photo Same person, improved, still room to tweak. Fun, but the sock monkey is bigger than she is… A clearly professional photo
  8. 8. Building quality connections  LinkedIn Alumni  Email importing  Search strategies  As a follow up strategy
  9. 9. Getting IN the right professional groups  Which groups to join?  How to find more groups?  Benefits of group membership
  10. 10. Staying on top of it  Devoting time to cultivating your network  Making it easy to manage via your phone or tablet  Making it a regular habit during your job search
  11. 11. Making your profile even stronger    Using additional sections to tell your story Managing group interactions Displaying samples of your work
  12. 12. Add Sections to Enhance Your Profile
  13. 13. Skills, Skills, Skills
  14. 14. Keeping an eye on the competition
  15. 15. Becoming a networking pro  Managing group interactions effectively  Exhibit professional etiquette
  16. 16. Show off professionally  In-site applications: share presentations, written, and creative work, as well as your intellectual interests.
  17. 17. Linking to Your Future  Research companies  Research people  Apply to jobs focused on students
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Becoming known  Create a custom URL for personal branding  Share it far and wide!
  20. 20. Questions and Discussion Time
  21. 21. Next steps   If you have a LinkedIn profile, review and update it. If you don’t have a profile, consider starting one before classes end, and making it a summer project.