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BY:	  Oliver	  Barakat	  
Once	  on	  a	  cliff	  in	  Virginia	  lived	  a	  li5le	  red	  hen.	  	  She	  had	  four	  friends.	  	  The	  friends	...
She	  immediately	  zoomed	  home	  to	  her	  farm	  on	  the	  cliff	  and	  said,	  “Who	  would	  like	  to	  help	  me...
“then	  I	  will,	  murmured	  the	  li5le	  red	  red	  hen.	  	  So	  she	  pecked	  the	  seeds	  into	  the	  ground.	...
The	  next	  thing	  the	  li5le	  red	  hen	  had	  to	  do	  was	  to	  to	  make	  a	  loaf	  of	  bread	  is	  pound	 ...
ASer	  that	  she	  excitedly	  ran	  home	  with	  her	  prize.	  Now	  she	  could	  make	  bread.	  
When	  she	  got	  home	  she	  was	  ready	  to	  make	  a	  loaf	  of	  bread.	  She	  had	  all	  the	  ingredients	  s...
“I	  would	  love	  to”!	  squawked	  feathers	  the	  goose.	  “Nope”,	  said	  the	  li5le	  red	  hen	  I	  will!	  Clu...
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Ob the little red hen


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Ob the little red hen

  1. 1. BY:  Oliver  Barakat  
  2. 2. Once  on  a  cliff  in  Virginia  lived  a  li5le  red  hen.    She  had  four  friends.    The  friends  names  were  Ralph  the  dog,  fur  ball  the  cat  bahh  the  goat  and  squawk  the  goose.    One  day  the  li5le  red  hen  found    wheat  seeds.    The  li5le  Red  hen  was  very  excited,  She  could  make  a  loaf  of  bread!    
  3. 3. She  immediately  zoomed  home  to  her  farm  on  the  cliff  and  said,  “Who  would  like  to  help  me  plant  this  seed?                                                                                          “Not  I!  boomed  Ralph  the  dog  “Not  I!  barked    Fur  ball  the  cat  “Not  I!  bahhed  bahh  the  goat  “Not  I!  squawked  feathers  the  goose  
  4. 4. “then  I  will,  murmured  the  li5le  red  red  hen.    So  she  pecked  the  seeds  into  the  ground.  Every  day  the  li5le  red  hen  would  go  outside  and  water  the  wheat  seeds.    Then  finally  they  grew.    The  li5le  Red  hen  was  so  excited.    
  5. 5. The  next  thing  the  li5le  red  hen  had  to  do  was  to  to  make  a  loaf  of  bread  is  pound  it  at  the  mill  to  make  flour.  So  the  li5le  red  hen  asked,”  who  would  like  to  help  me  pound  this  wheat  at  the  mill?  “not  I!  boomed  Ralph  the  dog  “not  I!  barked  fur  ball  the  cat  “not  I!  bahhed  bahh  the  goat  “not  I!  squawked  feathers  the  goose  “Then  I  will”,  murmured  the  li5le  red  hen.  So  the  li5le  red  hen  went  to  the  mill  to  pound  the  wheat  into  flower.    
  6. 6. ASer  that  she  excitedly  ran  home  with  her  prize.  Now  she  could  make  bread.  
  7. 7. When  she  got  home  she  was  ready  to  make  a  loaf  of  bread.  She  had  all  the  ingredients  such  as  flower,  milk,  egg  and  oil.  She  put  all  the  ingredients  in  a  pan  and  put  it  in  the  oven.  Suddenly  a  wonderful  smell  went  through  the  farm  on  that  cliff  in  Virginia.  Then  the  li5le  red  hen  called  out,  who  would  like  to  help  me  eat  this  bread?  “Why  I  would  love  to”!  Boomed  Ralph  the  dog.  “’I  would  to”!  Barked  fur  ball  the  cat.  “Why  me  too!”  bahhed  bahh  the  goat.  
  8. 8. “I  would  love  to”!  squawked  feathers  the  goose.  “Nope”,  said  the  li5le  red  hen  I  will!  Cluck  cluck  cluck.