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J.w.the littleredhen


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J.w.the littleredhen

  1. 1. The  Lile  Red  Hen   Jack   Wulbern  
  2. 2. Once  there  was  a  hen.  She  had  found  a  seed.    She  didn’t  know  What  kind.    She  asked  some  of  Her  Friends  to  help  her  plant  it.  But  when  she  asked,  all  her  Friends  said,  ‘’I  won’t.  ‘’Then  I  will  ’’  remarked  the  Lile  red  hen.    So  She  did.    Years  later,  She  came  back  to  that  very  spot.  In  its  place  Was  an  orange  tree.  Who  will  help  me  pick  these  oranges?  ‘’Not  I’’.      Said  the  Dog.      ‘’Not  I’’.    Said  the  Cat.  ‘’Then  I  will’’.    She  said.              
  3. 3. Once  she  did  that,  she  decided    that  she  wanted  to  juice  them  so  she  did.                            ‘’  Who  will  help  me  drink  this  juice’’?  ‘’We  will’’!  ‘’NO!’’  ‘’You  guys  Did  not  help  me!’’  ‘’I  am  going  to  drink  it  my  self!