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D mjennytheredhen

  1. 1. Janny  the  Red  Hen   By:  Diane  Milne  
  2. 2.  There  once  was  a  li8le  red  hen  named  Janny.  One  day  she  found  an  apple  seed.  She  thought  about  planBng  the  seed  so  that  she  could  have  her  very  own  apple  tree!  So  she  asked  her  friends,  a  bossy  cat,  scoundrel  dog,  a  mean  turkey,  and  an  unfriendly  pig.  
  3. 3.  “I  will  most  certainly  not,”  replied  Dog.    “No  way!  I  am  doing  that!”  Cat  said  meanly.    “Nuh-­‐  uh,  that’s  way  too  dirty  for  me,”  menBoned  Turkey.    “You  can’t  count  on  me,”  Pig  said  unfriendly-­‐  like.    “Fine,”  replied  Hen.  “  I  will  do    
  4. 4. it  myself!  Wow!  “ These  apples  look  great!  Who  would  like  to  help  me  cut  the  apples?”    “Not  me,”  Dog  said  rudely.    “Not  me,”  announced  Cat.    “Don’t  even  ask  me,”  gobbled  Turkey.    “Don’t  even  think  about  it,”   snorted  Pig.    “Ok  I  will  do  it  myself,”   said  Jenny.    “Mmm…..  These   apples  smell  great!  Who   wants  to  help  me  turn   them  into  apple  pie?”   Hen  said  excitedly.  
  5. 5.  “Not  I,”  announced  Dog    “Not  I,”  Cat  said  meanly.     “Not  I,”  snorted  Pig.    “Not  I,”  gobbled  Turkey.    “Okay,  Hen  said  annoyed.  Okay,  I   will  put  the  pie  in  for  an  hour.”    Once  Dog,  Pig,  Cat,  and  Turkey   smelled  the  pie  they  all  laid  down   next  to  the  oven.  DING!!!!!!!  The   buzzer  went.  “Oh  my  goodness,”   Hen  said.  You  guys  sure  look   hungry!  “  Would  any  of  you  like  to   help  me  eat  this  pie?”  “Oh  yes,”   Dog  answered  quickly!    Count  me  in,”  Cat  said  excitedly!    “Of  course,”  said  Pig!  “Yes,  yes,   yes,”  said  Turkey.  “Sorry,’  Hen  said.    
  6. 6. “You    guys  didn’t  help  me  make      the  pie,  so  I  guess  you  guys  can’t  help  me  eat  the  pie!”