Ipad use testing - Sustainable mobile learning


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Presentation at Sustainable Mobile learning conference around the research and work being done at Catholic Education Diocese to support quality learning outcomes from the use of iPads in teaching and learning.

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  • PL - Formal workshops, also school based designed to suit needs of school staff across Secondary and Primary.\n
  • Apple TV, teachers untethered, easier sharing of student work\nQR codes\n
  • Licensing - Story before bed, 1 App per iPad,\nVolume Licensing for education Purchase 20 - half price.\nCopyright in user created iBooks\nOHAS\n
  • Collaborate with students to create dynamic magazines, drawing in input from a range of sources and also from their own twitter feed discussion\nStudents use flipboard to research and communicate shared knowledge\n\n
  • create iBooks with iBooks author or Apps like Scribble Press/Creative Book Builder\nIn ibooks author incorporate quizzes, interact ive components etc.\n
  • Blog, App toolkits, research, lesson ideas, schools author on the blog\n
  • 71 iPads, loan them in sets to schools for two weeks at a time. Load up a range of selected evaluated free Apps for the use they require (Primary, Secondary, special needs etc.\n
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  • Puppet Pals, Sock puppets, Garage Band, other music apps\nAugmented reality - connect the real with the virtual, explore how NASA discovery spacecraft Curiosity rover works by manipulating the object virtually on your desk via an App - make your won via aurasma\n\n\n
  • Apple TV to share work, contribute to projects across teams etc\nApps like Antartica where you can see in real time video cam of what is happening and communciate with scientists\nAccessibility to allow communciation and collaboration\nEducreations to publish and communicate their learning\n\n
  • Flipboard - locate, organize, analyze and evaluate from variety of sources\nQwiki - \nEvernote\n
  • Popplet, Vernier Video Physics\n\n
  • Camera, privacy, appropriate behaviour\nIn app purchases, Ads, requests for information\nTwitter\n
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  • Ipad use testing - Sustainable mobile learning

    1. 1. iPads in SchoolsUse Testing Sustaining Mobile Learning Workshop UNSW 5-6 November 2012
    2. 2. Sustainability• Australian Curriculum - Cross Curriculum Priority• “Sustainability is...meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs”• Actions...are both individual and collective.
    3. 3. Method
    4. 4. ISTE Student NETS• Creativity & Innovation• Communication & Collaboration• Research & Information Fluency• Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making• Digital Citizenship• Technology Operations & Concepts
    5. 5. ATC21sAssessment & Teaching of 21st century skills Ways of thinking Creativity & Innovation Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making Learning to learn Ways of working Communication Collaboration Tools for working http://atc21s.org/ Information literacy ICT literacy Living in the World Citizenship - local and global Life and career Personal and social responsibility
    6. 6. Focus Areas
    7. 7. Typical Major Activities
    8. 8. iPad Usage
    9. 9. eg. Use testing• “...while they (iPads) are excellent for reading and engaging children with games and puzzles...we used it for recording music for videos...(and)...writing scripts for our school TV station...” (Year 3 teacher)
    10. 10. Conclusion• “... iPad is a significant tool to support and enhance student learning...depending on the *people, processes and relationships in play”• *Rowan & Bigum (2004).
    11. 11. Sustainable mobile learning Digital ProfessionalCitizenship TS4 Learning TS5 PedagogyFacilitate and Design/Develop/ inspire TS1 Modeling TS3 Evaluate TS2 Resources
    12. 12. What isEffective iPad use for Learning? Sustaining Mobile Learning Workshop UNSW 5-6 November 2012
    13. 13. Supporting teachers tointegrate the technology
    14. 14. ProfessionalLearning
    15. 15. Facilitate and Inspire
    16. 16. Digital Citizenship
    17. 17. Modelling
    18. 18. Design/Develop/Evaluate
    19. 19. Online information
    20. 20. Resources
    21. 21. For students
    22. 22. Creativity andInnovation
    23. 23. Communicationand Collaboration
    24. 24. Research andInformationFluency
    25. 25. Critical thinking, problemsolving and decision making
    26. 26. Digital Citizenship
    27. 27. Patrick Barrettpatrick.barrett@parra.catholic.edu.auLisa Nashlisa.nash@parra.catholic.edu.auLearning and Teaching with iPads bloghttp://learningwithipads.blogspot.com.au/Learning Exchangehttp://www.learningexchange.nsw.edu.au/ Sustaining Mobile Learning Workshop UNSW 5-6 November 2012