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Use this presentation to gain some insight on how to design your information presentation in such a way that it can't possibly succeed!

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  • For my presentation, I decided to give a tutorial on organizing information in a way that is a sure-fire failure.
  • In this class, we’ve learned about so many different ways to organize or repackage information to really reach our audiences and spread ideas that stick, and we’ve also learned about things to avoid in order to keep our presentations successful. I’m going to focus on what to do if you DON’T want a successful presentation. If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to create a simply terrible information resource.
  • First, it’s very important to make sure you do not plan ahead before creating your presentation or information source. If you plan ahead, you run the risk of actually choosing a useful or engaging method by which to send out your information.
  • It’s important to pay no mind to the type of information you are hoping to share. There are a number of ways by which you can be sure to choose a format that clashes terribly with your information type.
  • One of these ways is to simply do what’s easiest! If it’s going to require any kind of work or innovation, it’s probably too good. The lazier you are, the better.
  • Similarly, be sure to choose something in your comfort zone. No one likes to let go of their security blanket, like that same old infographic template you’ve been using for every presentation for the last 3 years. So why do it? Go with what’s most comfortable for you.
  • You can also choose a format based on what everyone else has done. Innovation is overrated. Focus on using everyone else’s ideas, especially if they don’t mesh well with your information.
  • Better yet, don’t think about it at all! Just close your eyes and pick one. Chances are, you’ll pick something really awful!
  • Another big way to make your presentation crash and burn is to entirely disregard your audience. Here are a few great ways to make your audience hate your presentation.
  • Don’t make any effort to learn anything about your audience. Demographic, interests, goals: ignore it all. If you don’t, your presentation might be too interesting.
  • Also, it’s really great to just load your audience with information. That way, you can ensure that they will tune you out or forget everything you share.
  • On the other hand, you could also remove so much information that there’s no way any meaning could be discerned from your presentation. Have a confusing image or a puzzling quote? Remove as much context as possible to keep your audience guessing.
  • Try to find the most complicated way to express ideas. Overblown complexity will give mystique to your presentation and headaches to your audience.
  • Finally, you can ensure that your audience will not listen by making your presentation as boring as possible. Be certain to remove all hints of innovation, humor, or storyline.
  • And there you have it! If you follow these steps, there is no way your information resource could possibly succeed. I hope this was helpful! Thanks, and take care!
  • LI819 How NOT To Presentation

    1. 1. How [NOT] to design yourinformationThe art of designing a sure-to-failinformation presentation.By Leslie Naden
    2. 2. So you need to present someinformation…There areplenty of goodways toorganize andpresentinformation.But thereare alsoa lot ofBADways…
    3. 3. NeverplanaheadYou think betteron the fly, right?I’m sure it’ll allwork itself out…
    4. 4. Ignore your informationtypeChoose the wrong format!There are lots of ways to choose the wrongformat…Image courtesy of imagerymajestic. On
    5. 5. Do what’s easy…Don’t strainyourself tocome upwithsomethingdifferent oruseful.That’s notyour job!
    6. 6. Do what’s comfortableJust pickyour favoriteformat andgo with that.It’ll work outfor sure.
    7. 7. Do what everyone else is doingIt worked forthem, so it’llwork for you,right?(Even if itdidn’t reallywork forthem.)
    8. 8. Don’t think,just pick oneIt’s not reallythat important.Anything will do.
    9. 9. Ignore youraudienceIt’s not like thispresentation is forthem anyways,right?So many ways toignore them, too…Image courtesy of imagerymajestic. On
    10. 10. Don’t get to know themNobodyreally wantsapresentationthat istailored totheirinterests.
    11. 11. T.M.I.So muchinformation…Why not justgive them allof it?
    12. 12. Leave them wanting (too much)moreKeep thatinformationambiguous andconfusing.Surely they canfigure it out.
    13. 13. Make a mountain out of a molehillWho doesn’tlove a goodold un-simplified andcomplicatedpresentation?
    14. 14. Make it boring!If it’s toointeresting, theymight actuallylisten and learnsomething.
    15. 15. Congrats!No way yourpresentation isgoing tosucceed!All images, unless otherwise indicated, are credited to