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Final project.docx.

  2. 2. STRATEGY  STATEMENT   Advertising will inspire average athletic customers to do extraordinary things by introducing the Nike Livestrong product line. Support will be that your hard workouts can help those in need. Tone will be the gratifying feeling you get from both your work out and your assistance with the Livestrong Cancer Foundation.  HEADLINE  Saving lives step by step.   BODY  COPY   We give back what you put into it. Be an unstoppable force and buy Nike Livestrong Running shoes and we will donate to the Livestrong Cancer Foundation. MAGAZINE:   CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT   NIKE  LIVESTRONG  PRODUCT   Your dedication is what can help the Livestrong Cancer Foundation in their fight against cancer. Contact a sporting LINE   goods store or go online to The ads will target to the sentiment of helping out with the fight against cancer. With a dark background like Nike frequently does, the ad will use a pop of yellow on a black background to MANDATORIES   aesthetically contrast dark and light. One ad will be simple with the 15% of the proceeds of each pair image of running shoes and a yellow ribbon next to it with a bold bought will go towards the Livestrong headline. Another ad will show the image of a person running with Cancer Foundation. the headline big and a body copy blurb to explain the proceeds benefitting Livestrong Cancer Foundation.
  3. 3. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising will expand RE/Max’s businessefforts by highlighting their helpful serviceand widespread locations to futurehomebuyers. Support will be guaranteeingto help make a family’s dream a realitythrough friendly and caring agents. The tonewill explain that buying a home can be lessstressful with supportive assistance from areal estate agent.HEADLINE  We can make your dreams a reality. BODY  COPY   Whether it’s buying or selling a home, choosing the right real estate agent will be the most important decision you make. At RE/MAX our goal is to offer supportive assistance to the stressful undertaking of buying and selling homes. Let us help you embrace the next phase life has to offer by connecting you with one of our knowledgeable agents today. We are a rapidly growing network of franchised real estate offices located NEWSPAPER:   across North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Southern Africa, Central America, South America, Australia, New RE/MAX  REAL  ESTATE   Zealand, and Asia.CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT   AGENTS  Get connected with an agent today by The advertisement will have a picture of a suburban householdcalling 555-555-5555 or visit us online with a sold sign in the front year that clearly displays the RE/MAXat logo and contact information within the sign. In the corner will be the body copy with an opaque box behind the text to distinguishMANDATORIES   the text from the image. Another advertisement will have aEach office is independently owned and cardboard box hinting towards a family having their dreams comeoperated. true by buying their home and now moving their belongings.    
  4. 4. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising will promote MAC Cosmeticsto African American women by providing afoundation that matches and enhances skintones from light amber to dark ebony.Support will be that it is the only mineral-enriched formula made to fit your true skinhue and is used by professional makeupartists. Tone will exude the confidence,power, and beauty that all women posses.  HEADLINE  Beauty is striking.  BODY  COPY  With MAC Cosmetics your beauty onthe outside matches the inside. It’s timeto flaunt it.CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT  Discover the unique colors of our MINORITY:  mineral-enriched formula used byprofessional makeup artist all over. Goonline to andunleash your true beauty today. MAC  COSMESTICS  FOR  MANDATORIES    Caution: This product contains AFRICAN  AMERICANS  ingredients that may cause skin Edgy vibe, featuring a close up shot of an African Americanirritation on certain individuals. The woman with copy spaced around. The use of bold fonts and artisticcontents are for external use and are not images will capture the professional makeup side of the be consumed.  
  5. 5. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising will connect the adult consumermarket to invest in smart phones byproposing a voice-activated software for theiPhone 4S. Support will be that they don’thave to learn how to text message when theycan press a button and the softwareautomatically does their command for them.Tone will be that they can now engage in theadvancements of technology used by theyoung the adult consumer market througheasier application.HEADLINE  You say it. Siri does it.BODY  COPY  We made it possible. Getrecommendations for nearbyrestaurants, find directions, or evenconvert your words into text through theeasy to use Siri for iPhone 4S. Let Sirihelp you; all you have to do is use yourvoice. SHIFTS  IN  CULTURE:   VOICE  ACTIVATED  CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT  Throw out the old and let us help youupdate to the new. Go to a local Appleretail store or order online . You’re one button MESSAGING  ON  SMART   PHONES  away from a world of possibilities.MANDATORIES  Siri is only available on iPhone 4S and   The advertisement will be a sleek and simple layout that comparesrequires Internet access. Siri may not be BlackBerrys to the iPhone 4s. The two phones will be placed sideavailable in all languages or in all areas. by side. Overtop of the blackberry will hover a magnifying glassFeatures may also vary depending on expanded the small buttons which are hard to use and see withlocation. Cellular date charges may older adults . Next to it will be the iPhone 4S with Siri pulled up onapply. the screen showing that you don’t need to use buttons.
  6. 6. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  (Used the teams and location from 2011 World Series)Advertising will promote attendance of both adult and childrenaudiences for the 2012 World Series. Support will be the once ina lifetime experience of the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals’ lineup, theinfamous Busch Stadium atmosphere, and the rival competitionof the Texas Rangers. Tone will be the unforgettable connectionshared between a Father and Son through a memorable event.HEADLINE  It’s America’s favorite pastime for a reason.BODY  COPY  Stop  and  think  for  just  a  moment.  Reminisce  on  your  childhood,  on  your  pop.    From  late  night  batting  lessons  to  simply  playing  catch  in  the  backyard,  your  dad  was  there  coaching  you  the  whole  way.  Baseball  became  a  common  bond,  a  shared  interest  between  the  two  of  you.  Nothing  compared  to  that  feeling  of  accomplishment  when  you  made  your  dad  proud.    It  was  the  cheering  of  your  biggest  sideline-­‐fan  after  hitting  a  home  run.  It  was  that  celebratory  hug  given  when  making  the  last  out  in  the  bottom  of  the  9th.  It  was  the  collecting  and  trading  of  baseball  cards  over  the  years.  It  was  the  endless  conversations  of  admired   DIFFERENT  GENERATION:  players  and  team  stats.  It  was  the  triumphant  feeling  you  got  after  watching  your  team  win.  Most  of  the  significant  memories  from  your  childhood  revolved  around  baseball.  It’s  time  to  pass  the  tradition  down.    CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT   MLB  WORLD  SERIES  2012  Come experience an unforgettable game between the St. Louis One advertisement will be a single shot of a baseball field with aCardinals and the Texas Rangers at the historic Busch Stadium on close up on the baseball. It will have a simply and bold headlineOctober 28, 2012. Tickets are sold at Busch Stadium or online at with the copy underneath. Another ad will have a father and walking into Busch Stadium together with the headline up top and the body copy on the side. Both will feature the St. Louis CardinalsMANDATORIES   logo.See  the  full  Ticketmaster  Fan  Guarantee  for  details  and  exceptions    regarding  canceled  or  rescheduled  events,  lost  or  damaged  tickets,  or  on  refunds  and  exchanges.  
  7. 7. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising for the Crisis Pregnancy Centerwill resonate with parents, and pro-lifeaudiences while challenging the ideals ofpro-choice idealists. Support will be thesimply stated headline, which captures theegocentric philosophy of our own personalselves and lives that we all have rootedwithin. The tone will be thought provokingand hard to contend due the bold, pointblank statement of the ad.HEADLINE  What if it had been you?   BODY  COPY   No body copy is needed so that the emphasis focuses on the one-liner and the power of image. POLITICAL:   CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT   We are here to let you know that you have ABORTION   options. If you are pregnant and would like to talk to someone, go online to The advertisements will use the power of image to grab the or call us at 555- attention of the viewer through a photograph in a baby hospital 555-5555. Here at the Crisis Pregnancy room. A row of bassinets will be lined as the photograph is taken Center we care about your future, as well as through the window view. Each basket will have a baby sleeping in your baby’s. it while one of the bassinets is empty. The headline will be clear and bold at the very top and the call to action will be found at theMANDATORIES   bottom.All services are FREE and confidential.  
  8. 8. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising will target female customers byhumorously marketing Venus DisposableRazors through an amusing example ofrelationships. Support will be that it is thefirst ever 5-blade disposable razor and isalso effortless to replace. The tone will becomical as it relates an old and dullrelationship to an old and dull razor.  HEADLINE  If only relationships were like razors.Just use and toss.  BODY  COPY  Are your razors becoming old like yourrelationship? We believe it’s time for anew one. Venus proudly introduces ournewest disposable razor with 5 blades.No more dull razors, no more dullboyfriends. CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT   HUMOR:   Toss out your old razors and buy Venus Disposable Razors today. All Gillette products can be purchased at VENUS  GILLETTE  DISPOSABLE   RAZORS   convenience stores nearby. MANDATORIES   The advertisements will define the relationship of a couple by Keep out of reach of small children and portraying a bored female alongside a male who is staring at the infants. television. It will also feature an enlarged image of the razor to   incorporate the product to the copy of the ad.  
  9. 9. STRATEGY  STATEMENT  Advertising will introduce Bud LightLime-A-Rita to the adult consumermarket. Support will be the guaranteedgreat taste due to the combination of twoclassics (Bud Light Lime and margaritas.)Tone will be a message of extremeconfidence that entices consumers to trysuch a bold addition to the Bud LightFamily.HEADLINE  Life gave us limes, so we mademargaritas. BODY  COPY   Life throws you curve balls. We thought we’d throw one back. We introduce to you our new Bud Light Lime-A-Rita. If two is better than one, there’s no way we could go wrong with these classics. BRAND  EXTENSION:   CALL  TO  ACTION/CONTACT  Go ahead and try it for yourself. Weguarantee it will be a hit. Sold in local BUD  LIGHT  LIME-­‐A-­‐RITA   Advertisement will use the bright green color of limes to catch theconvenience/liquor stores.   attention of the viewer. An image will show a bud light lime bottle, a margarita glass, and a half cut lime sitting next to each other on a MANDATORIES   table outside by the pool. The beer bottle will be sweating from the Enjoy responsibly. All consumers must heat and the background will be slightly blurred with a sharp focus be 21 years of age or older. 4.2% on the objects on the table. Around it will be the headline and body ALC/Vol. copy. Another ad could play off the vibrancy of the green color and have a textured effect like water droplets in the background with a picture of the can expanded with text around it.  
  10. 10.