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Curing Fake News Phobia - Editable Slides


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Slides can be downloaded in ppt and edited.

Published in: Education
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Curing Fake News Phobia - Editable Slides

  1. 1. CuringFakeNewsPhobia: Lauren Wallis First Year Experience and Student Success Librarian BecomingaSavvyInterpreterofOnlineNews
  2. 2. The Plan: o How do you currently interact with news? o Play News Sleuths! o Make recommendations to readers
  3. 3. Go to this link: What is fake news? o Discuss with your group o Write your ideas (big!) o Put your sticky note on the chalkboard
  4. 4. o Openyourgroup’ o Chooseyourgameboard: author,publication,orotherviewpoints o Useyourstickpersonavatartofollowthepath. Tallynewsypointsasyougo! o Sharewithyourgroup(andaddupyourgroup’spoints) Let’s Play News Sleuths!
  5. 5. Share Your Findings o Top three things readers should know about your group’s publication o You article’s grade o Go to: