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GWWO, Inc./Architects Firm Overview


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Published in: Design, Business
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GWWO, Inc./Architects Firm Overview

  1. 1. Design For Life Long Learning.
  2. 2. We are... A Design Firm. GWWO, Inc./Architects is an award-winning architectural practice focused on design excellence. We specialize in providing services for cultural and educational facilities with an emphasis on design that is both evocative and inspirational. Our experience spans more than forty years and includes projects throughout the United States and its territories. Mid-Sized By Intention Our size supports a hands-on approach in which senior staff members are deeply involved in client service and project management. There is no “B” team at GWWO. All projects—large and small—are afforded the same level of attention and creativity. Driven By Client Satisfaction Our approach enables us to cultivate and maintain enduring relationships; we have worked with many of the institutions and organizations that we serve for a decade or more. We partner with our clients to achieve personalized, responsive results.
  3. 3. Philosophy. GWWO Believes... Our philosophy of design is rooted in the quote on the left. We believe that historical experience provides the rational basis for design decisions. This experience has two components: aesthetic and functional. Aesthetic principles, such as proportion, massing, rhythm and balance, have evolved from ancient times. To be successful, architecture must integrate both realms. Aesthetics and function must unite, each informing and celebrating the other, to create structures that work for the users—in form and function. While these principles are founded in history, they can be projected forward as well. Contextual Design Approach To implement this philosophy, GWWO believes in and fosters “contextual” design. To us, successful architecture is a response to the Program, the specific site Place and the users of the facility People . We believe that the best design solutions emerge from the context and that using the clues held within the specific site and program associated with any building will lead to the most appropriate and satisfying solution. Our buildings are therefore designed to be responsive to the site and respectful of the land. Furthermore, we believe that our buildings must integrate our client’s mission and goals into their expression. Thus, as no two clients, no two sites and no two programs are identical; no two buildings designed by GWWO are alike.
  4. 4. Team. Alan E. Reed Terry SquyresPaul L. Hume David G. WrightMark A. LaPointe Overview. GWWO recognizes that our people are our best assets. We are privileged to have an exceptional staff of intelligent, curious, imaginative, and hard-working individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  5. 5. What We Do... Museums Interpretive Arts & Theater K-12 Higher Education Comprehensive Approach. GWWO offers services to assist clients from the first conceptual stages of development through final design and construction. Our services, which are tailored to the individual needs of each client, include: • New Construction, Addition, Renovation & Adaptive Reuse Design • Space Planning and Programming • Master Planning • Interior Design • Site Selection Studies • Facility Assessments • Feasibility Studies • Sustainable Design • Historic Preservation • Preparation of Fundraising Materials • Construction Administration • Post-Construction Services
  6. 6. Museums. From design for grand public spaces to the equally important “back scenes” and support areas, GWWO understands the challenges facing museum facilities today. Our projects engage visitors and enhance their experience of the art and artifacts, while providing improved working environments for curators, registrars, administrators and support staff. We design to AAM standards for all types of collections, audiences and experiences.
  7. 7. Interpretive Centers. GWWO’s interpretive facilities unite form and function, structure and site, to embody each client’s message. Our architectural response grows from the site’s context and the story being told, and our work fully integrates with the efforts of the exhibit planners and landscape designers to create a seamless visitor experience. Our experience focuses on facilities within sensitive contexts—natural, historical, cultural—and our design solutions are responsive, inspirational and sustainable.
  8. 8. Nature Centers. GWWO’s nature centers keep the focus on nature. We design to minimize impact on the building site and to maximize each visitor’s experience of the natural environment. Our work fully integrates with the efforts of exhibit planners and landscape designers to create an immersive visitor experience, while our integration of sustainable features that also serve as learning tools maximizes the effects of our green design efforts.
  9. 9. Arts & Theater. GWWO’s designs for art and theater spaces focus on the creative experience and embracing and expressing that experience through architecture. From large performance venues, to intimate recital halls, to studios and classrooms, we put the arts center stage. Our facilities support the creative process without overpowering what should truly be the focus—the work created within.
  10. 10. K-12 Education. Ongoing research in educational approaches indicates how integral the learning environment is to the learning process. GWWO designs to be part of that learning process. Our educational projects—for primary and secondary level facilities, as well as special education centers—focus on serving the academic, cultural and social needs of students, while satisfying the financial and scheduling requirements of the client.
  11. 11. Higher Education. GWWO understands that quality facilities greatly influence an institution’s ability to attract and retain students and high caliber faculty. Through design, we strive to enhance the campus environment and overall educational experience for students, faculty and administrators alike. Our work focuses on the campus context, contributing to a unified environment, and our projects blend traditional academic elements with advanced technologies in facilities that stand the test of time.
  12. 12. Design For Life Long Learning. 800 Wyman Park Drive ste. 300 Baltimore MD, 21211 410.332.1009