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2012 women making a difference

  1. 1. 2012 Women Making a Difference Pennsylvania Business Central is proud to present our second annual Women Making a Difference. Nominations were sent in from all over our 20-county coverage area. Our 20 finalists were selected by a six-person committee from St. Francis University. Congratulations to all the hard-working women who made our list!
  2. 2. Kelly L. Blake Kelly L. Blake Cambria County Select Specialty Hospital Chief Executive Officer Kelly Blake is the CEO of Select Specialty Hospital of Johnstown. She began her career as a nurse and made her way to the top of the administrative side of the business. Although she said she misses working one on one with patients, she is motivated by the thought that the work she is doing as CEO is helping thousands of patients at aDelete text and place time.photo here. “The patients are the best part of my job. When the patients have wonderful outcomes, I know I’ve helped make a difference in their lives,” she said. Blake is always thinking about the next step, how to drive forward and how to achieve the next goal. Blake is constantly looking for new ways to improve the hospital, her community and herself. She is currently enrolled in the Pittsburgh School of Nursing DPN Program. “It is great that I am able to apply what I am learning in class directly to the work that I do every day,” she said. Besides working fulltime and going to school, Blake is has a passion for volunteering and is very active in her community. She volunteers her time teaching CPR, running with two ambulance services, is an instructor of ACLS & PALS, guest lectures at different colleges, assists at her church and most importantly, is a dedicated wife and proud mother of two. A humble Blake attributes much of her success to a special doctor and mentor that has been an inspiration to her throughout her career, and to her family and to the staff at Select Medical.
  3. 3. Pamela Brennan Burns Pamela Brennan Burns Northumberland County First National Bank of Pennsylvania Branch Manager For Pamela Brennan Burns, her father’s advice to “always give 110 percent to everything you do,” has been the driving force behind her success. As branch manager for the Shamokin branch of First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Burns carries out her duties with the customer always first in mind. “I love my job because I learn something new every day and I love working with and helping people,” she said.Delete text and place A newspaper editor and reporter for nearly 18 years, Burns describes herself as aphoto here. very persistent and determined person who works best under pressure. Part of Burns’ drive comes from her husband’s ongoing battle with Leukemia. “Knowing that I am the only member of the household bringing in money makes it that much more important to work hard and be successful,” she said. Besides fulfilling her duties as branch manager and loyal wife, Burns is extremely active in her community. She serves as secretary of the Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce and was Member of the Year for 2011-12. She is also a committee member of the Brush Valley Membership Committee and co-chair and committee member of the Junior Achievement’s Young Women’s Futures Symposium. She has also been heavily involved in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Rotary Club and the Downtown Lewisburg Club. Most recently, Burns has been helping to organize a bone marrow drive for the Be The Match registry and several fundraisers to benefit her husband’s Bone Marrow Transplant Fund. Burns’ passion for volunteering and her expertise in marketing and public relations has helped many non-profits in her community.
  4. 4. Janet ChambersJanet ChambersHuntingdon CountyBeacon Marketing SolutionsPresident, OwnerAs president and owner of Beacon Marketing Solutions, a full-service marketing andcommunications firm, Janet Chambers has been instrumental in helping otherbusinesses learn how to market more effectively.When she first moved to Huntingdon County, she immediately got involved in theChamber of Commerce, sharing her ideas on how to be more profitable and how toextend more benefits to members. And for the past five years, she has been a keyplayer in the development and marketing of the extremely successful HuntingdonCounty Home and Outdoor Show.Chambers remains active in her community, serving as secretary and member of theHuntingdon County Chamber of Commerce, member of the Chamber of Business &Industry of Centre County and secretary and treasurer of the Huntingdon AreaSchool District Educational Foundation.About three years ago, the HASDEF was a dormant organization but withChambers’ help, the foundation has been revitalized and recently raised $23,000,through the EITC program, for the school district in three months.But what Chamber’s is most proud of is her work mentoring college students andrecent graduates with marketing-related degrees to land their first jobs.“I was lucky enough to have great mentors when I started my career and this is myway to give back,” she said.Chambers has seen her mentees go on to work for local Huntingdon companies, aswell as for international organizations.
  5. 5. Chris Gildea Chris Gildea Huntingdon County J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Director of Marketing and Public Relations In a rural community, access to affordable healthcare is a critical component for the economic health of the community. Chris Gildea, director of marketing and public relations for J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, works hard to communicate the programs and offerings available through the hospital to the general public. Gildea was born in J.C. Blair Hospital and raised in Huntingdon. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Penn State and a master’s degree from Syracuse, GildeaDelete text and place and her husband returned to the area, where she has been committed to making it aphoto here. better place for her family, the community and for the hospital where she works. Going above and beyond her job description, Gildea serves on numerous boards and committees. She serves as chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee and is a member of the Partnership for Economic Progress Marketing Committee. Her marketing and public relations talents have helped various businesses within the community. Gildea was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Huntingdon County Healthy Communities PartnerSHIP. The PartnerSHIP began in 1999 with the purpose of bringing different people together to talk about health issues in Huntingdon County. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the organization has taken on new meaning as all hospitals are now required to complete an assessment every three years. “This kicked up opportunities for us,” she said. “Our goal is to identify the most important community health needs so that we can focus on fixing them.” The progress that has been made by this organization is what Gildea is most proud of.
  6. 6. Kelley KroeckerKelley KroeckerHuntingdon CountyHuntingdon County Historical SocietyExecutive DirectorAfter graduating from Penn State Altoona in 2008 with a Master of Liberal Artsdegree in history and a minor in women’s studies, Kelley Kroecker proved thenaysayers wrong and got a job doing exactly what she wanted to be doing, workingfor a historical society.Kroecker moved quickly up the ladder, being promoted from intern directly toexecutive director of the Huntingdon County Historical Society. She is the youngestdirector in the history of the organization.Her passion and love for history and for her community are very evident as sheworks hard to move the society forward, increasing collaboration between theindividual historical societies and increasing outreach to all communities withinHuntingdon County.Much of Kroecker’s efforts are geared toward developing curriculum for local schoolson various aspects of the area’s history and delivering guest speeches and lectures.“If we don’t know where we came from, how do we know where we’re going?”Kroecker asked.She believes that knowing where you came from makes a community stronger.“I love my small, tight-knit community where everybody is like family. I want to takethat example of how a community should be and transcend it across the county,”she said.Kroecker said that the secret to her success is simply her love for her job. She alsocredits her success to her volunteers, the other historical society directors, her familyand her sons.
  7. 7. Kellie Goodman ShafferKellie Goodman ShafferBedford CountyBedford County Chamber of CommerceExecutive DirectorAs executive director of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, KellieGoodman Shaffer strives every day to make the region be the best it can be.“A strong and healthy business community breeds a strong and healthy communityat large,” Goodman Shaffer said.Since she joined the Bedford Chamber of Commerce in 2010, Goodman Shaffer hassignificantly increased the visibility of the organization while increasing membership.She has a knack for recognizing needs in the community that the Chamber ofCommerce can fill and her creative vision has brought to the county the likes of“Ladies Only Monday Night Football,” and “Tech the Halls Technology Show andSeminars.”Goodman Shaffer is most proud of her efforts to restart the county’s Agri-BusinessCommittee, which works year-around to promote the importance of agriculture inBedford County’s history, economy and future. Through her marketing and eventplanning expertise, Goodman Shaffer has been able to reach out to farmers and tobusinesses that work with farmers to increase their connectivity and visibility in thecommunity.“Businesses do not exist in a vacuum,” she said. “Businesses benefit from thecommunity and the community benefits from the businesses.”Goodman Shaffer believes it is important to empower young people and to helpthem become leaders in the community. She is proud of the Chamber’s efforts tooffer 501(c)(3) scholarships for Youth Leadership Bedford County and for BASICS,to help to create future leaders who are not just managers but servant leaders.“I truly believe in Bedford County and I want our region to be the best it can be,” shesaid. “I want our people to be successful, I want to be able to improve our parks androads and to make life the best it can be for the people who live here.”
  8. 8. Lynne FaintLynne FaintSomerset CountyPrinciple Diversified Business Group, Inc;Principle Court ReportingPresidentLynne Faint works fulltime as a business developer for USSCO Federal Credit Union, while owing twosuccessful businesses, Principle Diversified Business Group, Inc., and Principle Court Reporting, Inc.,and is a partner in Loving Perpetual Care.Faint grew up in Cambria County and has lived most of her life in the region.“I would have never accomplished what I have accomplished without our community,” she said. “I trulybelieve in empowering people and giving back.”To Faint, the work she does at the credit union is more than just a job. She works directly with new anddeveloping business owners to help them start or grow their business.“I know where these business owners are coming from because I was once in their shoes. I have aclear picture of what they need to do and where they need to go and I can really help them. I love it,”she said.“With my job at the credit union, I want to thank people for staying and doing business in the areabecause I want their business to expand and to grow because it gives our kids a choice to stay andwork locally.”Along with her friend, Faint co-founded the Women Business Owners Alliance, which serves as aresource for women business owners to better understand who they are, to connect with other businessowners and to spread awareness of their business.Faint is also a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, a prime contractor for the Department ofDefense and the Department of Justice, a Pennsylvania notary and a Reiki master. She employs andmanages more than 60 employees and independent contractors. Faint also provides medical and legalconsulting.In addition to being a busy entrepreneur, Faint is also a very active volunteer and is involved in manycommunity organizations, including Windber Hospice and the Goodwill Mentoring Program. She serveson the Hiram G. Andrews Advisory Board, the Beginnings Board of Directors and the Mount AloysiusPresidential Advisory Board. Faint is a member of the Johnstown Garden Club and the Organization ofProfessional Referrals, is an active member in her church and a dedicated wife and mother.
  9. 9. Maria PettingerMaria PettingerHuntingdon CountyJ.C. Blair Memorial HospitalMedical Director, Department of RadiologyDr. Maria Pettinger is president of Raystown Imaging, Inc. and has served as themedical director of the Department of Radiology at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital since2005. Pettinger also serves on the Board of Directors for the hospital.In her role as medical director, Pettinger interprets imaging studies and oversees thequality and the safety of the department for patents and employees. As part of herduties, Pettinger serves as the radiation safety officer of hospital.Pettinger was instrumental in the development and implementation of the HuntingdonCounty Healthy Communities PartnerSHIP. The program addresses health prioritiesincluding the Women’s Heart Health Initiative and the Alliance for Breast Care, both ofwhich provide free or low cost screening and detection services for hundreds of womenin the community.Over the past several years, Pettinger has devoted her time and resources to help offerscreening and preventive services for under- and uninsured members of the Huntingdoncommunity. She has strong connections to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and hasbeen instrumental in helping the hospital win grants to provide breast cancer screeningservices. She has voluntarily offered mammography and prostrate screenings. Pettingeralso dedicates her time to delivering lectures on wellness, cancer and heart healthawareness to different groups across the community.“For somebody like Dr. Pettinger, who holds a high, responsible position in the medicalfield, to provide her services freely and to commit so much time to the community, isreally exceptional,” said Joseph Peluso, former president/CEO of J.C. Blair HealthSystem.An active member in her community, Pettinger also works with a cancer survivors groupand serves on the boards of the United Way and the Huntingdon County Arts Council.
  10. 10. TyJuan HartmanTyJuan HartmanHuntingdon CountyHuntingdon County Career & Technology CenterNurse Aide CoordinatorTyJuan Hartman is a devoted teacher and HCCTC Nurse AideCoordinator who helps provide student nurses with the educationthey need to achieve jobs within the nursing community. What setsHartman apart is her ability to remain accessible to her colleaguesand her willingness to share her expertise and to help othersdevelop their full potential in advancing their nursing careers.Hartman also serves as a patient advocate for those who aredisenfranchised, caught-in-the-system, or who feel invisible.Hartman possesses a knack to see beyond one’s outer surface toestablish a level of trust and cooperation that facilitates improvedoutcomes.Hartman’s dedication and commitment to patient advocacy servesas reminder that patient care is truly about the patient and theirfamily. In her 36 years as an LPN, Hartman has been a role modelnot only for her students but also for experienced nurses.In addition, Hartman serves on the Occupational AdvisoryCommittee, volunteers in her community and oversees the PAAnnual Review for the Nurse Aid course.
  11. 11. Georgia AbbeyGeorgia AbbeyCentre CountyLeadership Centre CountyExecutive DirectorFor over a decade, Georgia Abbey has been instrumental in developing communityleaders in Centre County. Over those 10 years, the active involvement of the alumnibase has increased from 135 to well over 600.Her dedication and commitment to her job as executive director of Leadership CentreCounty produces 30-40 enthusiastic and well-educated leaders for nonprofits,government agencies, churches and other community organizations, each year.With the help of volunteers, Abbey develops the nine-month LCC program, identifyclass members, implement programs and prepare leaders to take on new roles.Thanks to her work, these new leaders are brought together for networking, receiveexposure to community issues, opportunities and needs, and are encouraged to lead incivic service.In her role as executive director, Abbey has developed new program initiatives, suchas the Youth Program, Meet Centre County and the Transformational Leaders Series.Abbey also works with others to plan ongoing educational programs for LCC alumniand other nonprofit organizations to provide information that enables nonprofit boardmembers and others to serve their constituents in new and enhanced ways.She attributes her success to the hard work of the leaders in the program but there isno doubt that Abbey’s commitment to the program has helped to make the CentreCounty community better and stronger.Abbey is also a principal of Abbey Associates, a marketing and consulting practice thatfocuses on strategic planning and organizational interventions for a variety ofbusinesses, nonprofit organizations and higher education.
  12. 12. Tamar LondonTamar LondonCentre CountyLondon Wolfe PhotographyOwnerLeading her business to being named Kodak’s 2010 Photographers to Watch,Tamar London not only has the skills to successfully run London WolfePhotography, but she does all she can to give back to her community.This past April, London played a large role in bringing a film featured by the2011 Sundance Film Festival to the State Theatre. She was the predominantsponsor and facilitator that brought “Miss Representation” to State College,which turned out to be a huge success for the community.London is also actively involved in WiNGs, a Women’s Networking Group thatcelebrates women entrepreneurs in all phases of their work. London hasbeen involved with the group since 2006 and in 2011 she volunteered to bepresident during a very challenging time for WiNGs.A fellow businesswoman who nominated London for this award said thatLondon is a woman she’s “always admired and looked up to.” In regards toLondon’s involvement with WiNGs, she said, “she handles each [challenge]with compassion, a sense of humor and a get it done attitude. We need morelike her.”
  13. 13. Amanda MisnerAmanda MisnerBlair CountySheetzAssistant Store ManagerAmanda Misner has two full time jobs: Sheetz assistant store manager and singlemother of three children at home.In March 2012, Misner was honored with the Patriot Award from the U.S.Department of Defense because of her support of her National Guard or Reserveemployees. The support she gives her service men and women can add a great dealof stress to Misner’s work load and sometimes takes her away from her family, butshe puts in the extra hours regardless, even on short notice.“They do a great service for our country and have my upmost respect for what theydo,” said Misner. “If I can help them figure out a schedule that works for them orsomehow make their transition in coming back or being deployed easier… It makesme happy to have given them some kind of peace of mind.”Misner said the key to dealing with two full time jobs is being able to separate herwork life from her home life, although it’s not always that easy. She focuses on whatmeans the most to her, and that’s her family. The support she receives from herchildren and boyfriend allow her to have the strength and determination to succeed. “I love just being able to spend time with my family and just seeing the expressionand reactions the kids have to different things. It completely makes you melt andyour heart smile,” she said.
  14. 14. Maureen MulvihillMaureen MulvihillCentre CountyActuated Medical, Inc.President & CEOMaureen Mulvihill has been recognized time and time again for her entrepreneurialskills and is once again being honored for making a difference in her community.In 2006, Mulvihill co-founded Actuated Medical, Inc., a company dedicated to bothdesigning new medical equipment and finding ways to improve already existingdevices. Recently, Actuated Medical has received clearance for a new product thatclears nasogastric feeding and decompression tubes. The product is to be bothnationally and international distributed, creating jobs locally and uplifting theeconomy.According to her nominator, Mulvihill believes that the real impact is on patientsand healthcare facilities. Not only do her company’s products simplify processes,they save facilities money and put more focus on patient care.“Her mission is to support both our community and the healthcare arena,” hernominator said.Not only does Mulvihill make a difference in the world of healthcare, she is alsoactive politically, constantly advocating science funding.Mulvihill has been recognized in the past for her efforts by being a 2010 and 2011Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in three differentregions, and was named one of the top 100 business people by PennsylvaniaBusiness Central in the years 2008 through 2011.
  15. 15. Esther MyersEsther MyersBlair CountyChris’s HallmarkManagerWith over 43 years experience in the retail industry, Esther Myers excels in herposition as manager of Chris’s Hallmark in Altoona. With previous experience innumerous other gift and card shops, Myers has held a position with Hallmark for thepast 32 years.According to her nominators, Myers is a friendly woman by nature who is energeticand enthusiastic about everything she does. She is a great leader who is able toencourage her staff to develop the skills to successfully aide customers in finding theperfect gifts.“My favorite part of all my jobs has been the satisfaction of hiring, training andpromoting promising individuals in our corporation and meeting our customers everyday,” said Myers.Myers has had the privilege to work with numerous charities throughout her careerbut her relationship with the American Cancer Society has given her the mostsatisfaction. She works with the society as a volunteer, fundraiser and boardmember.Myers also is active in her local church, which has been able to teach her thingsrelating to her work.“It has taught me to value all co-workers at every level of employment, encouragingrespect and understanding among fellow workers and our valued customers,” shesaid.Not only does Myers manage the Altoona Hallmark store, she also oversees thestore in Chambersburg by ordering merchandise and setting up products.
  16. 16. Andrée P. PhillipsAndrée P. PhillipsLycoming CountyRadiant Steel Products CompanyPresident/CEOPresident and CEO of Radiant Steel Products Co. Andrée Phillips isn’t simply astrong business executive, but she also plays a large role in education and theatre inthe Williamsport area.Phillips was once a chair of the board of Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber ofCommerce and still serves as a member of the board and executive committee. Sheshows her love of young people by being the chamber’s expert in education, leadingto strong relationships with every school district in the county where she has aided inthe establishment of curriculum standards.Every year, Phillips organizes the Chamber’s Education Celebration, where theschool districts, two colleges and the Chamber of Commerce come together torecognize the accomplishments of students, alumni, faculty and businesses.Phillips is also a co-founder of the Community Theatre League where she hasserved as president for most of its 35 years. She is extremely dedicated to theorganization and has dipped her toes into every aspect of the theatre ranging fromushering and handing out programs to acting as the lead role on stage.Establishing the Ray of Light Awards, named after Phillips’ late husband Dr.Raymond Phillips, is one of her greatest legacies. The awards combine theCommunity Theatre League’s mission with Phillips’ education and entertainmentpassions by honoring area high schools for excellence in the theatre.
  17. 17. Helen PyzowskiHelen PyzowskiHuntingdon CountyHuntingdon County Career LinkBusiness Services CoordinatorCreativity, innovation and motivation are three words used to describe HelenPyzowski’s leadership skills as her primary job as well as in many other localorganizations.The business service coordinator at the Huntingdon County Career Link, Pyzowskiis a woman who leads with professionalism and expertise. According to hernominators, she doesn’t simply speak of leading; her actions mirror the things shesays.Pyzowski’s emphasis on employee training has and continues to make profounddifferences on local businesses. Her job is to develop and deliver services to localemployers by improving the skills of current and future employees.Other organizations that have benefitted from Pyzowski’s leadership include theHuntingdon County Chamber of Commerce, the Huntingdon County BusinessIndustry Board of Directors, where she serves as secretary and the HuntingdonCounty Foundation Board of Trustees.Pyzowski is a member of the Rapid Response Team, an advocate for EmployerSupport of the Guard and Reserves and is a part of the Business Services TechnicalWorkgroup is Harrisburg.Pyzowski has also presented at the National Workforce Development Conference inReno, Nev., on business services and building sustainable partnerships.
  18. 18. Sandy SpencerSandy SpencerLycoming CountyPatterson & Wilder Construction Co., Inc.Business Development SpecialistSince being hired in March 2011 at Patterson & Wilder Construction Co., Inc., SandySpencer has helped the company become recognized in the Marcellus Shale natural gaspipeline area.Up until Spencer was hired, Patterson & Wilder had never recognized Pennsylvania as agood place for work. Thanks to contacts Spencer has made, the company has completedand is still bidding work for several companies in the area. Today, Spencer can be seenrepresenting Patterson & Wilder at industry related events and public outreach.Having a strong passion for children, Spencer has gotten involved in severalorganizations that help her reach her goal of “helping [children] to be safe, loved andhappy.” She serves on the PA CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Board and hasrepresented several children since 2004. Spencer is also a member of the Rotary Club ofMontoursville and serves as the event chair for the club’s annual “Balloonfest, Air Showand So Much More.” This exciting event includes exactly what the name entails as well asBMX and ATV drag races.Additionally, Spencer is co-chair of the Membership Development and RetentionCommittee with the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce and is a graduate ofLeadership Lycoming, a training program to help people understand the needs of thecommunities they serve.Spencer also is involved in her local church and volunteers with Lycoming County UnitedWay, an organization focused on mobilizing communities to build a better region andimprove lives.“I feel I am so blessed,” said Spencer. “I am thankful to work for a company that allowsme freedom to also do so many things that are an important part of me. I value that.”
  19. 19. Jeanne ShafferJeanne ShafferNorthumberland CountyNorthumberland County Council for the Arts &HumanitiesDirectorAs director of the Northumberland County Council for the Arts & Humanities, JeanneShaffer has committed herself to creating programs that involve local people in thecommunity.Shaffer has developed numerous programs such as a Children’s Theatre and aKid’s Summer Educational Program, which runs six weeks long in the summer. Shealso played a major role in bringing “The Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts” toShamokin, which is currently planning its 8th year program.Along with “The Anthracite Heritage Festival,” Shaffer has been instrumental inbringing an annual fall festival as well as a festive “Downtown Christmas” festival tothe community.According to her nominators, Shaffer is “really passionate and has a burden for thetwin communities of Shamokin & Coal Township, and is willing to step up to theplate to motivate the community to involvement for the future well being of bothareas.”Shaffer also serves as the coordinator of the Shamokin Area Meals on WheelsProgram, and has been for the past 30 years. She is responsible for the distributionof meals to the area’s elderly population.Shaffer has also been chosen to have a position in a locally published book thatincludes many “achievers” from the area.
  20. 20. Sherri StayerSherri StayerBlair CountyLung Disease Center of Central PennsylvaniaPractice ManagerAs practice manager at the Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania, SherriStayer has spent a lot of the last 13 years making a difference in her work place aswell as many organizations outside of the medical field.At work, Stayer’s obligations include general business operations, human resources,financial reporting and HIPAA Policy and Procedure overview. She is the executivedirector of the Lung Disease Foundation of Central Pa, Inc.In 2012, Stayer was voted into a five-year term with the Blair County RespiratorySociety Board of Directors. She is currently a member of Medical GroupManagement and the American College of Medical Practice Executives, and serveson the Program Advisory Board of YTI Career Institute.Outside of the medical world, Stayer volunteers with the Hollidaysburg Area YouthFootball Association as Cheerleading Coach and has for the past four years. Shewas secretary of the Hollidaysburg Cheerleader Parents’ Organization for two yearsand received the HAYFA Volunteer Award in 2001.Stayer is active with the American Cancer Society Relay of Life Advocacy Team byserving as the public relations chair from 2008 to 2011 and also served as the 2010event chair.Stayer also received the 2012 Joseph P. Rosenhammer Blair County ChamberSpirit Award due to her involvement with the Blair County Chamber of Commerceand various other committees.
  21. 21. Erin ThreetErin Threet, P.E.Union CountyHerbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.Office Manager & Project ManagerHaving previously worked for the company for six years, Erin Threet waspromoted to office manager of Herbert, Roland & Grubic, Inc.’s Lewisburg officein March 2012.According to her nominators, Threet’s “exemplary client, community service andstrong technical skills” are what took her to a top leadership position within thecompany. She has overseen high-profile projects and has gathered lots ofknowledge in the civil engineering field.In addition to her promotion, Threet is continuing her role as project manager ofHRG’s Water & Energy Service Group.Threet is an active member of several industry related organizations. Theseorganizations include the Central Pennsylvania Water Quality Association, thePennsylvania Water Environment Association, the Society of WomenEnvironmental Professionals and the Water Environment Federation.“What I find fascinating is that [Threet] is younger than me and possesses anuncanny ability to juggle a plethora of tasks, issues and projects all at once,” saidThreet’s nominator.She said that during a previous event, a Liverpool Municipal Authorityrepresentative approached her to express how impressed he was with Threet’s“detail, knowledge and service.”Threet is expected to continue HRG’s tradition of putting the client’s needs first.Her ability to constantly perform above expectations will aide the company in itscontinued growth.