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How teacher can add any user in his course


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How teacher can add any user in his course

  1. 1. Adding a TA in yourcourseUser Manual
  2. 2. Adding a TA inyour courseUser ManualIntroductionYou can add a TA in your course by following the steps below: Adding a TAStep 1:Open the course on LMS in which you would like to add theuser as a TA. In the Settings block on the left side of your LMScourse page, click on “Users” to expand the node. 1
  3. 3. Step 2 In the expanded list click on “Enrollment methods” as shown in the screen shot below:Adding a TA Step 3 In the “Enrollment methods” select “Enroll users” button as shown in the screenshot below:2
  4. 4. Step 4Now you can select the user by typing his name or email address in the “search”field below the “Not enrolled users” box. A list of users would appear from whichyou should carefully choose the user by confirming his registration no. ( whichappears in front of their names) or through their email ids. The role of the user canbe selected by selecting “Teacher Assistant” from the “assign role” drop down. Thenpress the “Add” button to complete the process of adding a TA. Adding a TA 3