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Lyrics breakdown


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Lyrics breakdown

  1. 1. Introduction 0.00-0.23<br />I come home in the morning light, 0.23-0.26My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?" 0.26-0.30Oh,mother,dear, 0.30-0.32We're not the fortunate ones,0.32-0.34And girls, 0.34-0.35They wanna have fu-un.0.35-0.37Oh,girls, 0.37-0.39Just wanna have fun. 0.39-0.42instrumental – 0.42-0.48The phone rings in the middle of the night, 0.48-0.52My father yells "What you gonna do with your life?" 0.52- 0.56Oh,daddy,dear, 0.56-0.57You know you're still number one, 0.57-1.00But girls, 1.00-1.01They wanna have fu-un, 1.01-1.04Oh,girls,just wanna have 1.04-1.07That's all they really want..... 1.07-1.11Some fun.... 1.11-1.14When the working day is done, 1.14-1.18Oh,girls, 1.18-1.20They wanna have fu-un, 1.20-1.22Oh,girls, 1.22-1.23Just wanna have fun.... 1.23-1.25Girls, 1.25-They want,Wanna have fun.Girls,Wanna have 1.33 <br />Instrumental 1.33 -1.48 Some boys take a beautiful girl, 1.48-1.52 And hide her away from the rest of the world. 1.52-1.56I wanna be the one to walk in the sun. 1.56-2.00Oh,girls, 2.00-2.01They wanna have fu-un. 2.01-2.03Oh,girls, 2.03-2.04Just wanna have 2.04-2.06That's all they really want.....2.06-2.11Some fun.... 2.11-2.14When the working day is done, 2.14-2.18Oh,girls, 2.18-2.19They wanna have fu-un. 2.19-2.22Oh,girls, 2.22-2.23Just wanna have fun... 2.23-2.25Girls, 2.25-2.26They want, 2.26-2.27Wanna have fun. 2.27-2.29Girls, 2.29-2.30Wanna have. 2.30-2.33They just wanna, 2.33-2.34They just wanna.....2.34-2.37They just wanna, 2.37-2.38(Oh....) They just wanna..... 2.38-2.41(Girls just wanna have fun...) 2.41-2.46Oh...Girls just wanna have fu-un... 2.46-2.47They just wanna, 2.47-2.49They just wanna.... 2.49-2.51They just wanna, 2.51-2.53They just wanna.... 2.53-2.56(Oh...)They just wanna...2.56-2.58(They just wanna have fun...) 2.58-3.00Girls just wanna have fu-un... 3.00-3.04When the workin', 3.04-3.06When the working day is done. 3.06-3.08Oh,when the working day is done, 3.08-3.11Oh,girls...3.11-3.13Girls, 3.13-3.15Just wanna have fu-un... 3.15-3.18They just wanna, 3.18-3.22They just wanna.... 3.22-3.24They just wanna, 3.24-3.26They just wanna have fun... 3.26-3.28Girls just wanna have fu-un.. 3.28-3.33They just wanna, 3.33-3.36They just wanna.... 3.36-3.38They just wanna, 3.38-3.40They just wanna.... 3.40-3.42(Have fun..) 3.42-3.43They just wanna, 3.43-3.45(Girls wanna have fun) 3.45-3.46They just wanna.... 3.46-3.47Oh,girls... 3.47-3.48(Wanna have fun....)3.48-3.50Girls just wanna have fu-un. 3.50-3.55When the workin', 3.55-3.56When the working day is done. 3.56-3.58Oh,when the working day is done, 3.58-4.00Oh,girls, 4.00-4.01Girls just wanna have fu-un. 4.01-4.06They just wanna, 4.06-4.10They just wanna.... 4.10-4.12(Oh,girls...) 4.12-4.14They just wanna, 4.14-4.16(Have fun....) 4.16-4.17Oh,girls.. 4.17-4.18Girls just wanna have fu-un 4.18-4.21They just wanna, 4.21-4.22They just wanna...4.22-4.23When the working day is done... 4.23-4.24(fades) 4.24-4.28<br />