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Comm201 slidesharepresentation shanesy


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Comm 201 Slideshow presentation Lauren Shanesy

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Comm201 slidesharepresentation shanesy

  1. 1. In Electronic MediaLauren Shanesy Comm 201
  2. 2. CensorshipThe American Library Association sayscensorship is “a change in the access status ofmaterial, made by a governing authority”Censorship includes Removal Restriction Exclusion Of specific words, phrases, or ideas
  3. 3. Censorship in Electronic Media is the regulation andcensoring of media sources such as... Videos Radio Online Media Audio Recordings Slideshow Presentations (like this one!)Digital Media
  4. 4. Censorship is used in the Electronic Media field Websites Online publications Television Podcasts Radio Record Companies (Music)
  5. 5. So What??Important in Communication Studies because... If you are outputting media to the public, you must learn to decide what is appropriate to release and what needs to be censored How will you censor your information? Will people be offended by what you release?
  6. 6. Criticized for...Confliction with1 st Amendment
  7. 7. Censorship infringes uponRight to FreeSpeech
  8. 8. Criticized for...Disagreements arise over how muchcensorship is too much censorshipWhere do we draw the line?
  9. 9. Fun Fact Media coverage (or lack thereof) effects public perception of a topic and/or issue. The public bases their opinions mostly on what media coverage they are shown (or sometimes not shown)(Antilla, Flemming &Zhang)
  10. 10. What Does This Mean?Censorship can sometimes be used tomanipulate public opinion