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Sacrament of marriage


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Sacrament of marriage

  2. 2. • Second to Fifth Centuries –Marriage is viewed more and more as the justification of the use of sex which has been infected by sin. –The purpose of marriage is none other than the begetting of children. –Indeed, our sexual desires are nothing more than the unfortunate effects of Original Sin. –Marriage is a sacrament signifying on earth the future unity of God’s people in heaven.
  3. 3. • Middle Ages to Vatican II –In 1208, in the Profession of Faith prescribed by Pope Innocent III, marriage was accounted a true sacrament. –According to the Council of Trent, it required that Catholic marriages takes place in the presence of a priest, especially to limit the widespread practice of clandestine marriages.
  4. 4. • The word marriage may be taken to denote the action, contract, formality, or cer emony by which the conjugal union is formed or the union itself as an enduring condition.• It is usually defined as the legitimate union between husband and wife.
  5. 5. Love is the human vocation (and our first vocation) Only a human can love; other animals can respond instinctively or characteristically, but humans love. This reflects a special gift given to us for a reason. Vocation (from Ln voco, vocare: to hear)means our response to an invitation to enterinto a way of living. Vocation to love ismanifest and lived out as:married, single, vowed religious, or celibate.But these are not ends in themselves, butparticular manifestations of the generalvocation to love.First vocation from the standpoint of power:love and the actions of love and compassioncan do so much to change hearts and reformpeople. (Eg story from newspaper clipping)
  6. 6. Note: #1 & 2 are me centered, #3 is is the symbol of Gods love in our Marriagedirected to the other person. worldGods love is faithful: Gods love abides even Scripture 1 John 4:16. This sentiment of God haswhen we turn from God, and forgiving:ready to start over again been poetically expressed describing God asThis is the model for Christian Marriage. This life: Good analogy. Gods love love generatingis seen in Eph 5:25, the comparison of generation of creation and life. is behind theMarriage with love of Christ for the Church. to generate life. Three types of Nature of love isMarriage, in its best, seeks to live out the love as defined by the ancient philosopherlove of God, bearing witness to the love of Aristotle:God through the faithful abiding love of thespouses for each other. 1. Pleasure: humor, or some other endearing quality 2. Usefulness: You have a nice car; common interest, common purpose 3. Good: based on the good in the other person.
  7. 7. Marriage reflects a covenant (not acontract)Sacrament of Marriage reflects this love ofGod, and involves inviting God into therelationship; to support/strengthen/protect thebond and the commitment.Reflects covenant between God and PeopleFaithful and forgivingContract spells out responsibilities andobligationsCovenant is built on love, commitment andservice; hence the pledge good times andin bad...
  8. 8. Catholic marriage demands thatwe accept the challenge to bereal.Catholic marriage is a sacrament; done on your Not something that is it imagesGods love, which invites and includes God (and own but is faithful, forgiving, and I the community of believers tomight add, forever.Not just a show: no place to try to outdo a support you).friend or relatives ceremony or give yourself If you are not ready: flowerarrangements time this is a big serious commitmentNot a celebration that lasts 45 minutes thenis over, If not sincere and real: dont make a but the beginning of a new life (and anew way of living)of the Sacrament. Make mockery other arrangements.
  9. 9. When God first created man andwoman, he also established marriage andthe family relationship on which everysociety is built through the ages. Genesis2:18-25 provides the blueprint for a Biblicalmarriage relationship. It gives us clearguidelines to have fulfilling marriagerelationships as God originally intended.
  10. 10. The first gift God gave manwas the relationship withHimself. He created manwith the ability and need tolove someone. God is to bethat first lovegift to man was The second and to fulfillthe need. the creation of a woman. This was very different from the first gift, but just as precious for him. Why did God give man this second gift? How was it special?
  11. 11. •Do not be yoked together withunbelievers. For what dorighteousness and wickednesshave in common? Or whatfellowship can light have withdarkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14) Ephesians 5:28 says: So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself. • Exclusivity in marriage relationship • Permanence of the marriage relationship - "They will become one flesh."
  12. 12. Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as tothe Lord. For the husband is the head of thewife, as Christ also is the head of thechurch, He Himself being the Savior of thebody. But as the church is subject to Christ, soalso the wives ought to be to their husbands ineverything. Husbands, love your wives, just asChrist also loved the church and gave Himselfup for her; that He might sanctify her, havingcleansed her by the washing of water with theword, that He might present to Himself thechurch in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkleor any such thing; but that she should be holyand blameless. So husbands ought also to lovetheir own wives as their own bodies. He wholoves his own wife loves himself; (Ephesians5:22-28, NASB).
  13. 13. Marriage is a commitment to love! Love does not deal treacherously with others....especially not ones on wife or husband.Romans 13:10 states Gods first principle of love. "Loveworked no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfillingof the law." Verse 9 says "Thy shall love thy neighbor asthyself."Galatians 5:14 "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, evenin this; Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself."
  14. 14. Through HIS love
  15. 15. Two became
  16. 16. Marriage Ceremony
  17. 17. T he Rite of the MarriageC onfirmation of the Marriage bondB lessing of the Arrhae and the RingsG iving of the Rings and the ArrhaeT he OffertoryT he Eucharistic PrayerC ommunion riteC oncluding rites
  18. 18. The Rite of Marriage- The priest addresses thecouple and the congregation.• Allocution• Scrutiny• Exchange of Consent
  19. 19. Allocution and Scrutiny of the Bride and Groom
  20. 20. The Bride and Groom join their right handsExchange of Consents
  21. 21. Confirmation of the Marriage Bond
  22. 22. Blessing of the Arrhae and the Rings- Ring, Coin and Bible bearers will come forward assisted by the Best Man and Matron of Honor and will stand at the right side of the priest- The priest sprinkles the arrhae and the rings with holy water
  23. 23. Giving of the Rings and the Arrhae- The priest takes the ring and gives it to the Bride and Groom.- The Groom takes the arrhae in both hands. The Bride places her cupped hands under those of the Groom. He lets the arrhae fall into the hands of the Bride.- The Bride places the arrhae on the tray
  24. 24. The Offertory- The male sponsor takes the cruets and gives them to theGroom. Likewise, the lady sponsor gives the chalice and theciborium to the Bride. Then the Bride and Groom present themto the priest.
  25. 25. Eucharistic Prayer- The couple kneels.- Two candles are lit, one at the right and the other at the left side of the couple. A white veil is laid over the head of the Bride and the shoulders of the Groom. Then, the cord in form of 8 is placed over the shoulders of the Bride and Groom
  26. 26. Communion Rite * Our Lord’s Prayer * The Nuptial Blessing * The Sign of Peace * The Breaking of the Bread * Communion- While the Choir sings the communion hymns, the priest gives communion to the newlyweds and then gives communion to everyone.
  27. 27. Concluding rites - The Bride, the Groom, the Priest and the Sponsors sign the Marriage Contract. - The Bride, the Bridegroom and their entourage march in procession out of the Church.
  28. 28. TheGospel Mt. 25: 1-13 speaks out of theThe bride walks down the aislewith her father on the as some kind ofbridesmaids, who served right and hercourt to the bride, keeping herreachingmother on the left. Before companywhile altar, father groom.the waiting for the kisses the brideand gives her hand that the groom In Jn 3: 22-30 mentions to Best Man inthe person of the Groom’s friend, whosewhowas to protect the bride end she wasduty is waiting at the until of theaisle. to her husband. due respect tounited After payingthe bride’s parents, the couple willproceed to their special seatsplaced before the altar. Thisgesture signifies the handing overof the bride to the groom for thepurpose of forming a new family.
  29. 29. This symbolize purity and innocence.The trend of a long white gown wasinitiated by Queen Victoria in herwedding with Albert in 1840.Traditionally, the veil was introduced toprotect the bride from evil spirits, andto hide her face from the groom untilafter the ceremony.
  30. 30. This symbolizes fertility and the start of anew life. During medieval times, bouquetswere used as a protection from evil spirits.After the wedding, the bouquet wasburned inside the house to chase awaythe evil spirits, and the ashes tossed tothe wind.Nowadays, after the weddingreception, the bouquet is tossed to themaids to wish good luck for their futuremarriages.
  31. 31. During the exchange of themarriage consent, the couple jointheir hands, to say: “Grant us, OLord, to be one heart and one soulfrom this day forward, for better, forworse, for richer, for poorer, insickness and in health, until deathdo us part”This signifies their totalcommitment to one another. Thehusband and wife belong to eachother. They do become one inbody, heart and purpose.
  32. 32. This rings are placed on theThe symbolizes the everlastinglove and fidelity of the couple.wasring-finger because it Thecircular shape represents theirbelieved that a vein runscircle of love that has nodirectly from finger love thebeginning or end. These to andheart. are proclaimed by marriedfidelitypeople who proudly wear theirwedding rings all throughout theirlives. It is in this spirit that theChurch, when blessing therings, pray that those “who wearthem may ever live in mutual loveand unbroken loyalty.”
  33. 33. The Arrhae gives thethat the Goom or coins arrhaegroom Bride, saying: “I giveto the place on the handsyouof thethese arrhae as the bride symbolize apledge ofsufficiency my of dedication to materialyour welfare.” thatpossessions thehusband should provide forThis means that it isthe material needs of thefamily. the man’s duty toprimarilybe the provider and thebreadwinner of the family.
  34. 34. The candles to be lighted onboth sides of the couplesymbolize the presence ofChrist in their marriedlife, as well as the union oftheir two families.
  35. 35. The veil placed on the bride’shead and extended to thegroom’s shoulder symbolizesthat as Christ is the head ofthe Church so the husband isthe head of the wife. It alsoemphasizes their union andmutual self-surrender.By covering the bride’shead, it means that the bridereserves her beautyexclusively for her husband.
  36. 36. The cord which is placed inan 8-shaped around thecouple’s shoulderssymbolizes that theresponsibilities of marriedlife should be carriedtogether. It signifies theunity of marriage.
  37. 37. The garters were introduced as asymbol of modesty. Usually, therewere of color blue in association tothe Virgin Mary, and also in referenceto an ancient nuptial rhyme, whichsaid that every bride should wear:“Something old, somethingnew, something borrowed, somethingblue with a sixpence in your shoe.”Nowadays, after the wedding, thebride will toss the garter to all thesingle men for good luck. The catcherthen places the garter on the leg ofthe maid who caught the bouquet.
  38. 38. The wedding cake is acustom inherited fromancient Romans andsymbolizes prosperity andfortune. Originally, it wasmade of seeds and grainsto signify fertility.
  39. 39. The white doves set freeduring the wedding aresymbols of purity andinnocence, as well as a sign ofpeace being announced to thewhole world.
  40. 40. Values
  41. 41. The teaching of the Church on individual moral norms can onlybe appreciated and followed if Christian Marriage is trulyunderstood for what it really is.Only if Christian Marriage is recognized as part of “a newcovenant, a covenant not of a written law, but of spirit.”The personal purpose of marriage is to express the mutuallove, support, and unity of the couple. * Christian marriage is the union of a man and a woman in Christ.This unity does not mean losing one’s own identity by mergingwith another into one personality, nor yielding to domination bythe other.
  42. 42. To “become” implies a life-long process. The essential conditionof this “becoming one body” is the basic equality of male andfemale, asserted in the creation.Sacraments are outward and visible signs or symbols throughwhich gods grace is given to us. The love of man and woman ismade holy in the Sacrament of Marriage, and becomes themirror of your everlasting love.