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  • Rosalies Story

    1. 1. Caution: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!
    2. 2. Lion and Lamb Production
    3. 3. *-Rosalie Hale-* My Unhappy Ending
    4. 4. *Rosalie Hale* The incarnation of pure beauty The tall, gorgeous vampire
    5. 6. But, was it always like that?
    6. 7. Rosalie Hale was always beautiful. People stared as she passed and praised her, which made her vain and conceited.
    7. 8. Her life was perfect…
    8. 9. But Rosalie was jealous of her average looking friend, a girl named Vera. Vera was married young and had a beautiful son, Henry.
    9. 10. She longed for someone to love her. She longed for a little boy of her own.
    10. 12. Then Royce King came along, promising to do just that….
    11. 14. Royce was a rich man who lived in town. He would watch Rosalie and soon started sending her flowers daily.
    12. 16. Royce eventually asked Rosalie to marry him. She accepted……
    13. 18. Rosalie was at Vera’s house… she was worrying about the weather for her wedding. When she walked home, she saw a bunch of drunken men under a broken street lamp. Royce was among them.
    14. 19. Trying to show off to his drunken friends, Royce brutally ripped out Rosalie’s hair pins and tore off her beautiful new jacket. Shortly after, they stumbled away laughing, leaving Rosalie to die alone in the street.
    15. 20. The blood from the violent encounter had attracted a vampire, Carlisle Cullen. He had come to investigate the scene with his son, Edward.
    16. 21. At first, Rosalie thought she was flying because of the speed and grace of Carlisle’s running. He was taking her to his house for the transformation. Edward did not approve of Rosalie, he thought she was too spoiled. But one thing did comfort Rosalie, even through the excruciating pain from Carlisle’s venom……
    17. 22. Edward and Carlisle Cullen both knew that Royce King was guilty of ending Rosalie Hale’s perfect life.
    18. 23. * * * When Rosalie’s painful change was finally over, she was surprisingly thrilled. She thought she was even more beautiful as a vampire than as a human, and she was…
    19. 24. The very first thing she did as a vampire was seek revenge on the men that cut her life short.
    20. 25. She went after Royce’s friends first, so he would know what was coming for him…to make the revenge sweeter for Rosalie…
    21. 26. “ I was overly theatrical. It was kind of childish, really. I wore a wedding dress that I stole for the occasion.” -Rosalie Hale-Eclipse-
    22. 27. “ He screamed when he saw me. He screamed a lot that night. Saving him for last was a good idea-it made it easier for me to control myself , to make it slower-” -Rosalie Hale-Eclipse-
    23. 28. “ It doesn’t have a happy ending-but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we’d all be under grave stones now” -Rosalie Hale-Eclipse-
    24. 29. *Thanks for watching* *Subscribe* *Comment*
    25. 30. Song: Claire de Lune By: Debussy Song: Everybody’s Fool By: Evanescence Made by: Jessica and Leighann  We take suggestions 
    26. 31. Our next projects: Jasper Hale’s Story and Alice Cullen’s Story What do you think?