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MasterClass on Winning the War for Talent


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MasterClass on Winning the War for Talent

  1. 1. MasterClass on “Winning the War for Talent” Strategic Talent Management in a Global Economy by trueventus22 - 23 January 2013 | Manila, PhilippinesINDUSTRY OVERVIEWMcKinsey Consulting report “The War for Talent” describes the challenge TESTIMONIALSfaced by companies today. They are engaged in an ongoing battle to attract “Prof Bawany is a knowledgeable and delivered an informativeand retain multi-talented people in an environment where the global and energetic presentation which has been a useful practicaleconomy is growing and the working population is on the decline. The war is session for our leaders”costly and requires a commitment and belief at leadership level. In today’s - Head of Talent Management, Asia Pacific of a Fortuneglobalized business environment organizations are cultivating and accumu- 500, Diversified Technology Companylating human, organizational, and social capital as a means of gaining “The session includes real life examples was contemporary,sustainable competitive advantages in order to respond to the critical practical and relevant as well as invigorating and thoughtbusiness challenges that they face. Many managers and organizations are provoking especially for our leaders”now coming to terms with the fact that human resources (HR) can play an - Head of Learning & Development, Singapore’s leadingimportant role in the company’s core and distinctive competencies. hospitalAlthough managers and organizations recognize the importance of theeffectiveness of managing human capital, firms are yet to understand the “He was very inspiring and engaging with the participants whoprocess that leads to the appropriate implementation of HR policies and enjoyed his workshop and obtained incredible insights”practices. - CEO, Professional Services Group, Jakarta, Indonesia “Prof Bawany delivered a presentation which was very wellTalent management has never been more of an immediate concern than it is received and relevant to the current workplace. He engaged theright now. But in the rush to fill a perceived talent management void, organi- audience and spoke with passion on the topic”zations must be careful not to rush into implementing initiatives or programs - Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS)that are more about taking action than about implementing a well-craftedsolution. Careful planning, culminating in a sound talent strategy that is “We were impressed by his deep knowledge, practicaltightly connected to the organization’s overall business strategies and approach and strong passion to talent management & leader-business needs, is required for talent management to become ingrained in ship development”an organization’s culture and practices. Only when this happens is it possible - Business Leader, Global Leading Automotive Manufac-for talent management to be both effective and sustainable. turerOrganizations know that they must have the best talent in order to succeedin the hypercompetitive and increasingly complex global economy. Along PRE COURSE QUESTIONNAIREwith the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talentedpeople, organizations are aware that they must manage talent as a critical In order to clarify your learning objectives and ensure youresource to achieve the best possible results. Few, if any, organizations today get the most out of this training, you will need to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire stating your knowledge of thehave an adequate supply of talent. Gaps exist at the top of the organization, subject, level of experience and other relevant issues. Thein the first to mid-level leadership ranks, and at the front lines. course leader will analyse your form to ensure that the course covers your needs accordingly.Today’s leaders have to look at Talent Management from a multigenerationalworkforce perspective. For leaders who have four generations of employeessitting in a meeting or working on a project, it can seem like each generationhas its own worldviews, priorities, career models, motives and values. The TRUEOFFER!leaders need to enhance their understanding of generational characteristics Book and pay by 12 October 2012- USD 1295,and the impact of their own talent management practices on each of these save USD 200 per delegategroups. They need to leverage on the strengths of each generation. Taking From 13 October 2012- USD 1495 per delegatefull advantage of the multi-generational workforce will enable employers to *Strictly limited to 25 delegates per session!effectively attract and retain employees, build teams, deal with change, andincrease employee engagement.Book and pay by 12 October 2012, USD 1295 per delegate , save USD 200 1
  2. 2. Register Now T: +603 2781 1501 F: +603 2781 1505 E: WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THE EVENT This workshop focuses on the attraction, acquisition, and ABOUT YOUR COURSE LEADER retention of multigenerational talent in organizations. In particular, the key focus will be on the alignment of the Professor Sattar Bawany is the Managing talent management process with business strategy, with Director as well as Master Executive Coach culture, and with people. It will focus on developing an & Facilitator with Executive Development integrated performance management and a leadership Associates (EDA) Asia Pacific. He is the talent pipeline through succession planning and effective Strategic Advisor of International Profes- leadership transitions framework. In addition, the sional Managers Association (IPMA). workshop will touch upon conflict resolution issues faced by HR leaders and business leaders in managing a multi- Prof Bawany is also the Co-Chair of the generational talent in today’s workplace. Human Capital Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham Singapore). He is also a member of Frontier This workshop will employ a combination of teaching Strategy Group’s Expert Advisory Network (EAN) for Human Capital methods to foster both critical thinking and cooperative and Talent Management issues in Asia Pacific advising CEOs, Business and active learning. This will include the use of video mate- Leaders and CHROs of global and regional organisations. rials, published articles, and case studies on talent He has over 25 years’ international business management experi- management which are contemporary, practical & relevant ence, including 15 years in executive coaching, group facilitation, to today’s organization. Participants will be required to and leadership development and training with global management apply the workshop materials to current issues within their consulting firms. In addition to his business and consulting career, organizations. Prof Bawany has over 10 years of concurrent academic experience as an Adjunct Professor teaching senior executives international business strategies and human resource courses at various leading WHO SHOULD ATTEND universities. He is currently the Adjunct Professor of Strategy with As we will be discussing the issues from two perspectives: the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM). managing talent in organizations as well as managing one’s own talents as an individual, it is suited for both Prof Bawany has assumed various senior management roles includ- Business & HR Leaders who needs to understand the ing Managing Director/Country Head and Talent Management & strategic roles of the talent management process within Executive Coaching Practice Leader for DBM Asia Pacific as well as their own organizations. Business Leader, Organisational Effectiveness & Leadership Develop- ment Consultant and Executive Coach with Mercer HR Consulting, The workshop is also designed for managers at levels who The Hay Group and The Forum Corporation. are responsible for people development, career manage- ment and succession planning in their organizations Prof Bawany’s passion for people and culture is about creating an including those assuming the following roles as: environment where employees are valued and emotionally engaged in the business. He has successfully worked with extensive number• CEOs/Managing Directors/Presidents of public and private organisations regionally and internationally• Business Unit Head/EVP/SVP/VP specialising in people and culture through transformational change,• Department & Functional Head at Global/Regional/National starting with the ‘end’ in mind! He is an experienced facilitator and level has spent many years developing leadership capability through the• Head of HR/HR Director/HR Business Partner delivery of structured talent management, leadership development• Head of Organisation Development/Talent Management/ programs including executive coaching. Talent Development• Head of Learning & Development/Training/Organisation He is a Key Note Speaker at international and regional Conferences, Effectiveness Workshops and Seminars on themes such as Talent Management & Succession Planning; Executive Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Managing across Generational Gap. He is an KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING accomplished Author with extensive articles published on Talent• Develop participants’ critical thinking skills to enable them to Management & Leadership Effectiveness. His Chapter on “Maximiz- strategically formulate talent management tools in order to ing the Potential of Future Leader” was published in the book, foster a cutting-edge approach to manage human capital in “Coaching in Asia: The First Decade” in September 2010. their organizations.• Deepen understanding of how to manage other people He holds an Executive MBA and a Bachelor in Business Administra- (i.e. their subordinates or peers) and themselves with tion (Marketing). He is currently pursuing his PhD in Business Admin- regard to career-related issues. istration and his Doctoral Research is on ‘The Impact of Executive• Sharpen their intellectual capital in order to enhance their Coaching on the Personal & Professional Development of Leaders”. talent management and leadership development capabil- ity. He is very well regarded by his clients for his practical "how to"• Align talent management programs to their organization approach and for his ability to communicate with his audiences and and business strategy so as to build competitive advan- to make workplace learning a fun and pleasurable experience. tage and organizational agility through maximization of Married with 2 children, he believes strongly in work-life balance and human capital. is highly dedicated and committed to achieving his goals.Book and pay by 12 October 2012, USD 1295 per delegate , save USD 200 2
  3. 3. Register Now T: +603 2781 1501 F: +603 2781 1505 E: MasterClass on “Winning the War for Talent” Strategic Talent Management in a Global Economy by trueventus DAY 1 DAY 2 Session One: Introduction Session One: Identifying Business Value in Workforce• Check-In & Workshop Objectives Planning• Experiential Learning: The ‘S.C.O.P.E.’ Approach • Checking-in and Recap of Day 1 Key Learning• What is Talent Management? • The Shifting Talent Landscape: Nine Changes that will impact Organiza-• The State of Talent Management: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportu- tional Performance nities • Articulating the Return on Strategic Workforce Planning• The Top 5 Workforce Challenges • Tool: Example of Strategic Workforce Planning Framework• Group Discussion: Reviewing current practices in five specific areas: • Barriers to Strategic Workforce Planning Talent Strategy; Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition; Capabil- • Group Discussion: Emerging Best Practices ity Development & Performance; Leadership and High Potential Development; and Talent Analytics. Session Two: From Talent Pipeline to Talent Productivity • Importance of Seamless On-Boarding Program • Case Study: Successful On-Boarding at Ford Motor Company Session Two: Demystifying Talent Management • Talent Management System Phases: Pre-employment; On-boarding;• The Four Stages of Talent Management: Assess; Recruit; Develop; Coordi- Re-recruiting nate • Talent Management Metrics: the measures used to determine how well• Types of Talent in Organisation: Innovator; Visionary; Practical; Relation- their system is working and what needs improvement. ship Expert• Individual Exercise: Defining Skills and Knowledge from a Talent Perspec- tive Session Three: Employee Engagement: Multigenerational• Making the Business Case for Talent Development Talent• Importance & Benefits of Developing a Talent Management System • Understand Generational Differences within the Organisation• Group Discussion: Challenges on Managing Talent in Today’s Economy • Tool: Framework for Sustaining the Engagement of Key Talent • Communication across a Multi-Generational Workforce • Case Study: Leading & Engaging a Multigenerational Talent • Individual Exercise: Motivating and Engaging Your Key Talent Session Three: Talent Leadership: Integrated Performance Management• Integrated Performance Management: Learn, Pay and Stay Session Four: Succession Planning & Leadership• Benefits of Effective Performance Management Transition• Case Study: Pay for Performance in a Financial Services Firm • What is Succession Planning?• Framework for Integrated Talent Development Strategy: Select/Assess; • Developing a Succession Plan Manage & Reward Performance; Build Capability; Develop Careers • Effective Leadership Transition Strategies • Tool: “A.R.T.” - Framework for Leadership Transitions • Overcoming Roadblocks in Developing Future Leaders • Case Study: Developing High Potentials for Succession Planning Session Four: Capability Development of Key Talent through Coaching• What is coaching? Context for Managerial Coaching Session Five: Conclusion• The GROW Model for Coaching your Key Talents • Self-Reflection and Summary• Coaching Essentials Skills • Individual Exercise: Development of Personal Action Plan• Skill Practice: Experiential Coaching Practice using pertinent case scenarios • Conclusion and Checking-Out• The Art of Giving Feedback PROGRAMME SCHEDULE Session Five: Warp Up Day 1 0830 Registration and coffee• Checking-out• Evening Assignment/Readings 0900 Morning session begins 1030 Morning networking break 1300 Networking luncheon 1400 Afternoon session begins 1530 Afternoon networking break 1730 Course concludesBook and pay by 12 October 2012, USD 1295 per delegate , save USD 200 3
  4. 4. MasterClass on “Winning the War for Talent” 22 - 23 January 2013 | Manila, Philippines - HR09 by trueventusCOMPANY DETAILS Name Industry REGISTER NOW Address John Karras T: +603 2781 1501 Postcode Country F: +603 2781 1505 Tel Fax E: johnk@trueventus.comATTENDEE DETAILS 1 Name Job Title Tel Email IN HOUSE TRAINING For further details and In House Training 2 Name Job Title needs, please contact Tel Email Aravind Menon +603 2781 1500 3 Name Job Title Tel Email 4 Name Job Title TERMS & CONDITIONS Tel Email 1. The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings, materials, refreshment and lunch. 5 Name Job Title 2. Upon receipt of the complete registration form, invoice will be issue. Trueventus request that all payments be Tel Email made within 5 working days of the invoice being issued. Full payment must be received prior to the event. Only delegates that have made full payment will be admitted to event.APPROVAL 3. Substitution & cancellations policy. Should the registered delegate is unable to attend, a substitute delegate is NB: Signatory must be authorised on behalf of contracting organisation. welcome at no extra charge. Written notifications of all substitutions is required 5 working days prior to the event. Trueventus contracts carry 100% full liability Name Job Title upon receipt of registration. Non payment does not constitute cancellation. A 100% of cancellation fee will be charged under the terms outlined below: Due to Email limited event seats, Trueventus agrees to reserve the seat for the client upon issuance of invoice. Upon signing of this contract, client agrees that in case of Tel Fax dispute or cancellation of this contract Trueventus will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If a client does not attend the Authorising Signature event without written notification at least 5 working days prior to the event date, he/she will deemed as no show. Trueventus does not provide refunds for cancellations. When any cancellations are notified in writing to Trueventus 5 working days prior to the event, a creditCOURSE FEES voucher will be issued for use in future Trueventus events. Book and pay by 12 October 2012, USD1295 per delegate, save USD200 4. Trueventus will at all times seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package, From 13 October 2012 USD1495 per delegate however we reserve the right to postpone, cancel or move a venue without penalty or refunds. Trueventus is not liable for any losses or damages as a result of □ Manila substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of □ Documentation Package USD 495 speakers and / or topics and / or venue and / or the event dates. If force majuere were to occur Trueventus accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss orAll options inclusive of course papers, luncheon, refreshments and service charge. damage caused by events beyond their control, including, but not restricted to strikes, war, civil unrest, flight delays, fire flood, or any adverse weather conditions.PAYMENT DETAILS 5. Upon receiving this signed booking form, you the client herby consent to Trueventus to keep your details for the Payment is due in 5 working days. By Signing and returning this form, you are accepting our terms and conditions. use of future marketing activities carried out by Trueventus and third party organisations & partners. Please debit my: □ VISA □ MasterCard 6. Copyright and Intellectual Property. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ in connection to this event is prohibited without prior written consent by Trueventus. Card Number 7. Client hereby agrees that he/she exclusively authorizes □□□ Trueventus charged the credit card with detials listed This three-digit CVC/CVV2 number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card above for the amount provided herein; this registration CVC/CVV2 immediately after the card’s account number. form serves as a contract that is valid, binding and enforceable. He/she at any time will have no basis to claim that the payments required under this Contract Card Issuing Bank: Card Issuing Country: are unauthorized, improper, disputed or in any way. Cardholders Name Expiry Date / / 8. Please note that payment with credit card will be done via trueventus online credit card merchant mobile88 which will appear in the cardholders statement. All Cardholders Signature Cardholder Email: credit card transaction will be charged in MYR. 4