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Symbolic interactionism


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Symbolic interactionism

  1. 1. Leslie MéndezIraida PenaJesus CheverezJacqueline PerezAida Vega
  2. 2.  In this presentation there will be discussed the topic of thesymbolic interaction, what its main postulates are, interactionism,ethnomethodology and dramaturgical analysis. As this theorycontributes in the deviant behavior in social construction, itsvisualization to the individuals, the community, to thegovernment, the sociological imagination and what itsimportance for the study of the individuals. We will speak aboutall this in order to that they understand a little on this topic.
  3. 3.  The symbolic interactionism, perspective, also called symbolic interactionis a major framework of sociological theory. This perspective relies on thesymbolic meaning that people develop and rely upon in the process ofsocial interaction. Symbolic interaction theory analyzes society by addressing the subjectivemeanings that people impose on objects, events, and behaviors.
  4. 4.  Its main postulate is based that the human beings we have thecapacity of thought, which is molded by the social interaction,which is learned of the meanings and symbols that allow us to actand interpret, modifying or altering the meanings basedinterpretation of the situation, to interact with itself and throughtheir actions and interactions to join between the groups andsociety.
  5. 5.  Symbolic interactionism considers the facts as the main interest of sociology and assumes theexistence of a symbolic system transituational.o Society is thought to be socially constructed through human interpretation. People interpret one another’s behaviorand it is these interpretations that form the social bond. These interpretations are called the “definition of thesituation.” Ethnomethodology focuses on the investigation of the actions of individuals, construction,recognition of the circumstances and events. This is instructed in the organization of daily lifeof an individual. Dramaturgical analysis is set in the actors, actions and interactions. According to ErvingGoffmans analysis of action dramaturgical approach is based on a framework that isconstituted by an interpretation scheme that enables individuals to order their experienceswithin their life space and the world in general. (Chihu, A & Lopez, A., p.247, pp.4)
  6. 6.  They build sociological theories (are explaining how they are and howsocial phenomena happen) from the individuals defined as subject oractor of social action. Max Weber believes that "comprehensive sociology" is the basis of thistheory, of this approach. Believes that human activity is different fromother natural phenomena contain a meaning that gives the actor and othersattributed to him. That is, for Weber, the understanding of those activities is analyzing thesubjective meanings that actors attribute to their own behavior and that ofothers. Any human activity has meaning to the person who performs it.
  7. 7.  According to Mead, self does not exist at birth but is developed throughinteraction with others. Emerges from the social interaction of humans in which the individualtakes on the role of the "other" and internalizes the attitudes andperceptions of others through those interactions.o Individuals are not born with a sense of self but develop self concepts throughsocial interactiono Self concept is developed through the process of interaction and communicationwith otherso Self concept is shaped by the reactions of significant others and by ourperceptions of their reactionso Since people are symbolic creatures, they can interpret and talk about their innerexperiences, such as their thoughts or desires, thus enhancing communication andinteractions with others.o To understand people’s social acts, we need to use methods that enable us todiscern the meanings they attribute to these acts.
  8. 8.  People are part of a community, where our generalized other is thesum total of responses and expectations that we pick up from thepeople around us.o Community development can use symbolic interactionism to help bring peopletogether to create a common understanding and shared goals.o The common approach of symbolic interactionism when analyzing communitiesbypasses two of its main contributing qualities, location and organization.
  9. 9.  Symbolic interactionism, as it pertains to government, focuses itsattention on figures, emblems, or individuals that represent powerand authority. Sociologists study government and power by relying on theframework of symbolic interactionism, which is grounded in theworks of Max Weber and George H. Mead. Images that represent the power and authority of the United Statesinclude the White House, the eagle, and the American flag.
  10. 10.  Symbolic interactionism relates to sociological imaginationbecause the individual must become aware of the societyaround him and his effect on it, as well as the effect thatsociety has on him. Sociological imagination helps us gather the information thatwe obtained from the interactions in our surroundings, andhelp us make sense of it.
  11. 11.  This theory itself Is the process where we humans interact withsymbols to build meaning, Mead theory’s that the individual is aproduct of interaction between individuals and society thiscombination developed the mind and out of the mind becomecommunication and social experiences between people. As we apply on today’s daily social interactions the main ideas ofMead *the priority of society Mitch is the experience that we haveupon the world. *The act *impulse *perception *manipulation*Consummation Gestures is the basic mechanism act of social in particular Significant symbols is the way we apply and give answers. Mental process and mind *intelligence *conscience *meaning*mind SELF is the way we see our self as and object and we can putourselves in someone’s position by behaving and talking like them.
  12. 12. This report explains how humans act towards things and meanings ofwhat surrounds us. We must also make it clear that people learn toperform through observations and interaction. Each person has theirown personality which can modify the meanings and symbols in asituation, because of their ability to think to make decisions.!The research itself is a symbolic interaction between the researcherand the research subjects¡
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