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  1. 1.  
  2. 2. At Home Depot there is a large staff management and leadership roles within the organization to satisfy its customers. The dedication to providing its customers the best shopping experience is their first priority. To help support this vision and responsibility exists a leadership team that believes in the virtues of the company. The association also believes in the responsibility for customer service to create value for all stakeholders.
  3. 3.  Home Depot is a company founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.  1979: Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank open the first three Home Depot stores in Atlanta, Georgia.  1981:Home Depot offers its stock to the public; opens stores in Florida.  1983:Stores open in Arizona and Louisiana.  1985:Company posts sales of $700 million; opens stores in California.  1988:Home Depot has ninety-six stores at year's end.
  4. 4.  1990:Annual sales reach $3.8 billion at 145 stores.  1991:Company opens first EXPO Design Center in San Diego, California.  1993:Home Depot expands into Pacific Northwest.  1994:Company opens stores in Canada; annual sales are $12.5 billion.  1997:Blank replaces Marcus as CEO.  1999:Built From Scratch by Marcus and Blank is published.  2001:Company acquires Total HOME, a four-store chain in Mexico; annual sales top $53 billion.  2002:Robert L Nardelli becomes CEO.
  5. 5. Home Depot has eight corporate values that are designed to guide the actions of its employees at all levels: 1. Taking care of our people 2. Giving back to our communities 3. Doing the right thing 4. Excellent customer service 5. Creating shareholder value 6. Building strong relationships 7. Entrepreneurial spirit 8. Respect for all people
  6. 6.  The founders of Home Depot had a vision to introduce a one-stop do-it-yourself warehouse.  To create a company that will conserve and develop their employees to their standard of values of their company.  They are committed to their clients, to offer products at competitive prices, recognized brands globally to meet the needs of the market.  More saving. More doing.
  7. 7.  At Home Depot is important to monitor short-term goals to ensure they are being met, and why not.  They have four different forms of planning: strategic, tactical, operational and contingency. • The strategic is the process of making decisions about the organization the long-term and the strategies that should come from the CEO’s of Home Depot, they are responsible for the growth of the company. • The tactic is the procedure of specific plans that are important for an effective organization in the marketing area. (corporate managers are involved with the group's leadership)
  8. 8. • Operational planning is the process and procedures required instructions to employees. Both employees and managers need to know the day to day operations. The level can be dynamic management for the company to notify management information related to employees and customers. • In contingency planning is when plans do not go as they expect it and it should have a plan b.
  9. 9.  The Home Depot SWOT analysis is a strategic planning effectively. It helps to the partners identify and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the company.  SWOT helps to Home Depot to focus on their strengths and diminish their weaknesses for the company to continue growing and increase their level of marketing safely and effectively.
  10. 10. Location of factor External Opportunities  International presence  Growing popularity of power tools  Increasing online sales Strengths  Strong market position  Higher returns than competitors  Balanced brand mix Favorable Threats  Intense competition  Slowdown in US housing market  Rising labor wages in the US TYPE OF FACTOR Unfavorable Weaknesses  Sub optimal capital structure  Product recall Internal
  11. 11.  The founder’s of Home Depot choose to delegate important roles through the company combining management and leadership skills. The most important role is to serve their customers and provide the best experience while shopping at Home Depot. Consequently, their main commitment is to make sure everyone in their management team believe and promote the company values. Also, having great customer service will maximize the company value to their shareholders.
  12. 12.  The Home Depot’s multidivisional organizational structure is collaborative with its current corporate structure. Advantages 1. Emphasis of rapid growth. 2. Augmented facilitates management development and training. 3. Utilization of decentralized decision making. 4. Enhancements towards profit and loss responsibility and overall accountability. 5. It uses a vertical and horizontal strategic.
  13. 13.  In March 18, 2009- present- "More saving. More doing."  "You can do it. We can help.”- used since 2003.  Used in the past 25 years include "The Home Depot, Low prices are just the beginning"  In the early 1990’s and "When you're at the Home Depot, You'll feel right at home"  “The Home Depot: First in Home Improvement!“- from 1999–2003.
  14. 14. CEO Frank Blake Director Duane Ackerman Director Ron Sargent Director Mark Vadon Director Air Bousbib Director Karen Katen Director Armando Codina Director Frank Brown Director Albert Carey Director Gregory Brenneman Lead Director Bonnie Hill Communications & External Af.. BS The Home Depot Canada Mexico RS Merchandising MC Human Resources Legal & Secretary TR US Stores ME CIO MC CFO Carol Tome Marketing TM Décor GE Merchandising Service KS Online HL Operation MP Western Division JM Southern Division AMC Northern AF IT Store, Field & Support CK Retail Finance TD Merchandising, Building Mate GB Merchandising, Hardlines BB Supply Chain MH Home Service KH Brand & Product Development JD
  15. 15.  Current members of the board of directors of the Home Depot are:  F. Duane Ackerman  David H. Batchelder  Frank Blake  Ari Bousbib  Gregory D. Brenneman  Albert P. Carey  Armando Codina  Bonnie G. Hill  Karen Katen  The Home Depot's board consists of 9 members, with 8 of them being independent directors.
  16. 16.  The Home Depot employs a corporate culture that supports its strategy. The firm uses a cluster strategy to allow for their rapid expansion. This strategy intentionally cannibalizes sales of existing stores in a single market area, but it erects entrance barriers and spreads advertising and distribution costs over a greater store base, thereby passing savings on to the consumer.
  17. 17.  If a region is unable to digest the cluster theory, The Home Depot will modify their culture to make it compatible with the new strategy.  For example, The Home Depot acquired Aikenhead’s Home Improvements Warehouse chain in Canada, and formed a joint venture to insure a smooth transition of corporate cultures in Canada.  The Home Depot’s growth strategy is complimented by the corporate belief that an individual can make a difference in the company.
  18. 18. Arlette Guthrie Vice President Talent Management & Diversity Alejandra Barron Senior Manager of Multicultural Marketing for the Home Depot
  19. 19.  Technology: Technology is highly integrated into Home Depots operational structure.  Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with its thousands of vendors Home Depot is able to keep a good window of communication open so they know when a store is low on inventory.  Usage of UPC codes and tracking each item sold allows Home Depot to keep an accurate inventory of items and see which items are selling better than others.
  20. 20.  The integration of technology gives Home Depot a distinct advantage in inventory management. Thus they are able to increase their inventory turnover through the use of these inventory management systems. By turning over inventory quicker, their capital isn’t tied up in a warehouse but able to be used for other projects.
  21. 21.  A shift in focus from new square footage growth to maximization of productivity through its existing store base.  Changes to its store operations to make them simpler and more customer-friendly, thereby inducing more customer traffic.  Self check out to stores.  Bring regular data analysis of products.  Strategic placement of stores near higher population density.
  22. 22.  Home Depot will give an extra discount if you can find an identical product at a lower price.  Delivery of product included in price.  Installation of products part of the price.  Creation of smaller stores geared toward specific needs of communities (urban, suburbs).  New warehouse and transportation systems.
  23. 23.  Do it yourself Diy 1. Installing a bathroom sink 2. Easy to use power tools demonstration
  24. 24. Management functions (planning, organizing, directing and controlling) are important in Home Depot. It's a little difficult to run the company without having this kind of direction to enable them to go every day without any problems. Home Depot is committed to its customers and employees not only offer a good service, but also provide the security they need. Good customer service is important to maintain their competitive advantage; it is in this way that provides other opportunities to its employees. One benefit that employees have is that Home Depot offered leadership to remain increasing their knowledge. Home Depot is a very large company with different divisions so they have more than one manager and leaders.
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