Henri Bendel: Digital Marketing Campaign


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My final presentation for ADV 420.

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Henri Bendel: Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Henri Bendel:Digital Marketing Campaign by: Lisa Powys
  2. 2. Henri Bendel: Background• Henri Bendel, an upscale jewelry and accessory boutique, was established in 1895 by Henri Willis Bendel in New York City.• In 1985, the company was purchased by Limited Brands, which owns stores such as Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc.• There are 16 Henri Bendel boutiques all over the United States, with new stores to open this year.• The target market for Bendel’s is women, ages 18-34.
  3. 3. Henri Bendel: Challenges• Sell accessories and handbags during non-peak seasons (Peak seasons include: holidays, fashion weeks and back-to-school)• Appeal to women who are modest shoppers and/or do not pamper themselves• Compete with other women’s specialty boutiques, such as: Tory Burch, Coach, and Barney’s.
  4. 4. Henri Bendel: Goals• Implement online marketing to gain awareness from new customers• Use many social medias to reach and engage target market• Improve customer service on website to understand the wants and needs of customers• Use mobile advertising for sales, coupons and events
  5. 5. Henri Bendel: Big Idea• Henri Bendel should focus on an online and mobile advertising campaign in order to capture their desired target market• The target market of women, ages 18-34, would be beneficial to Henri Bendel because of their increasing buying habits on the Internet.• These women are more likely to online shop for handbags and accessories not only for themselves, but for gifts for friends and family.
  6. 6. Henri Bendel: SOCIAL MEDIA• FACEBOOK: Henri Bendel will post pictures of new products, customers using their products and have contests on their Facebook page.• TWITTER: tweets about new updates about new store openings, fashion tips and reply to customers who have concerns or comments.• PINTEREST: boards and pins of what inspires the store, products the store has and customers’ pictures using their product.
  7. 7. Henri Bendel: GOOGLE ADWORDS• Henri Bendel will use Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing through Google AdWords• Henri Bendel will have beneficial keywords, such as high-fashion jewelry, designer jewelry, go-to gifts, fashion handbags, etc.• Google Search will provide Henri Bendel with fast, solid and reliable search engine results.• Using the internet marketing strategy will gain a measurable new audience for Henri Bendel that will drive them to the website to increase online purchases.
  8. 8. Henri Bendel: MOBILE MARKETING• Henri Bendel will have a mobile strategy to reach their new, younger target market.• With the use of foursquare and mobile ad texts, Henri Bendel will have on-going contests, events and sales to promote their mobile and internet strategy.• These strategies will help Henri Bendel reach their target market and gain sales from younger audiences.
  9. 9. Henri Bendel: Measures of Success• Henri Bendel will use Google Analytics, which can generate detailed statistics about website traffic, and can also track consumers and their information.• Bendel will measure reach through how many coupons are redeemed and the number of applicants in each contests.• Another way to measure the success of Bendel’s online marketing is the percent increase in online sales on the website.• Finally, the social media pages will measure awareness by how many likes the FB page has, the amount of followers on Twitter and likes/repins on the Pinterest page.
  10. 10. Henri Bendel: Budget & Timeline• The marketing budget will come from the parent company, Limited Brands, which is currently set at $200,000 for one year.• Their will be four different campaigns for the year, including the Spring, Summer, Fashion Week and Holiday seasons.