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Ao5 pdf

  1. 1. UNIT 01 AO5 Compare Distribution channels and ownership patterns within the media sector and explain your findings The three games I have chosen from my selected genre to compare are Runescape (2001), World of Warcraft (2004), Rift (2011) OWNERSHIP Runescape RuneScape was released in January 2001 by Andrew and Paul Gower, and developed and published by Jagex Games Studio. It is a graphical browser game implemented in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering. The game has over 200 million accounts, and is free to play. It’s distributed by playing online, or downloading the client program and playing off of there. Releasing a game on a Java format is relatively cheap in comparison to other games with similar revenue.
  2. 2. OWNERSHIP World of Warcraft It was released on the 23rd of November 2004, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It's played on Windows and OS X platforms. Windows is an operating system developed, and sold by Microsoft. OS X (Mac OS X), similar to Windows, was developed and sold by Apple Inc. WoW cost approximately $63 million to develop according to Vivendi Universal, but take into consideration the fact it was in development for five years.  World of Warcraft is based upon Blizzards other licensed product, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, released exactly 10 years before World of Warcraft. Warcraft is a real time strategy game (RTS), developed by Blizzard and published by Blizzard and Interplay Entertainment. The story of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans persists throughout all the games, giving old school fans a consistent narrative throughout the sequels of the games lore. OWNERSHIP Rift This game was developed and published by Trion Worlds in March 2011. It runs on Microsoft Windows with the Gamesbyro engine. Rift requires a first time payment for the game disc/digital download, but then is free to play. In game features and items can be bought through there payment system.
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTION & EXCHANGE The initial stage to getting a game product out to consumers is going through developing. The game is then published and promoted by the publishers who are in charge of all the marketing. It’s then distributed to online shops and retail outlets where it can be purchased from. DISTRIBUTION & EXCHANGE Runescape Runescape is completely free to play, and with over 200 million accounts created, its the largest MMORPG to date. The games popularity is to thank for its viral spread across the internet, as it’s free many people try it and get into it. You can pay a monthly fee of 00000000 for a wide variety of premium features, this is where Runescape make there money. There are other services Jagex offer to there consumers, including competitions, upgrades, membership and loyalty cards which all create revenue for Jagex. Runescape has many advantages over its rival games, its main ones being its free of charge content, many people, mostly young can’t afford to play games like World of Warcraft, instead they can play Runescape. Another advantage is its easy access, you don’t need an expensive gaming platform, or a modified PC, simply a computer with internet access. Like world of warcraft, the social aspect of runescape is superb, battling with friends has never been easier. Runescape does have several drawbacks, for example, the limitation of graphics and overall gameplay, because Jagex wish to keep runescape a Java browser game, they can only upgrade the game so much, unlike installed games, where the gameplay can improve according to the system requirements margin. Another disadvantage is that the game hasn't developed recently, where as many games have been revolutionized in the last 10 years.
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION & EXCHANGE World of Warcraft World of Warcraft is marketed with enormous support, it’s adverts thrive on television throughout numerous countries, and it’s internet banners show up on hundreds of websites, including Facebook. Blizzard have countless methods of reaching out to possible consumers, one example being that they do in-game deals which persuade you to recommend the game to friends at cheaper prices, and the player that suggests the game to friends receives in-game rewards, provided the friend sets up a new account and subscription. Little marketing tricks like that can make all the difference in boosting revenue on an extensive scale. There are several ways of getting hold of the game, the most common one, being you purchase the CD’s from a store, which you then install onto you PC, and enter a unique serial code into the installation program which authenticates your World of Warcraft account. You can also purchase the game online, digitally entering bank details, and downloading the game content off of a Blizzard game client, this requires no CD’s. World of Warcraft requires an upfront payment for the game content, and then monthly installments which pay for your membership. The game costs approximately £9.99, this also includes the first expansion; The Burning Crusade. and the monthly payments are £8.99, and from there you can choose to upgrade to game expansions for further content, these include, Wrath of the Lich King (£9.99), Cataclysm (£19.99), and Mists of Pandaria (£19.99*). Judging by the games successfulness, since it has been released it has resulted in monumental gamer attention. The game has some great advantages in comparison to others, them being that you can try a free trial of the game before you purchase, because it is a lot of money to commit to a game you may not enjoy. Also the content in the game is almost limitless, you cannot fault the game for its story lines and ability to keep consumers engaged for such a long time. The disadvantages, are clearly the price, paying a monthly subscription to a game is a big deal, and a commitment you have to keep so long as you wish to play the game. From my research, it’s clear to me Blizzard’s revenue is disgustingly substantial, and it’s evident players aren’t happy about the fee’s.
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION & EXCHANGE Rift Like World of Warcraft, Rift reached its consumers by selling a physical CD or a digital client download. As of June 13th 2013, Rift became free to play, and as a large, epic content filled MMORPG, it became very popular because of this. The game no longer requires a CD or a monthly subscription. Trion still make money through a variety of ways, a lot like Runescape. You can optionally pay a monthly subscription, this will open up numerous features like giving store discounts, daily boosts, queue priorities and other in-game abilities. Another way Trion make their money is via the Rift Store, items can be purchased with in-game gold, or Rift Store credits (real money).
  6. 6. DISTRIBUTION & EXCHANGE Conclusion of the three games I researched After researching into the development processes of the three MMORPG’s, I have discovered the advantages and disadvantages of each one. An example being that World of Warcraft have the widest variety of separate money making schemes that all contribute to their monumental net value, but they also have to input a lot into developing, promoting and distributing, where as Runescape don’t so much. The disadvantage Runescape and Rift have is that because their game can actually be played completely free by everybody, they’re making a risk of not actually making enough money from it. The advantage of Runescape is that practically any PC or laptop can play the game, as the performance demand from the game is fairly low, where as Rift and World of Warcraft do require high end computers to play their games to their advised high graphic standards. Because Rift and Runescape are free to play, they will attract lots of consumers, and regularly. Players love to try out new games, especially when they don’t have to buy the game CD or pay monthly. I think the negative issue all three of these games suffer from is the fact they cannot be played on gaming consoles like PS3 or Xbox. They are limiting and therefore miss out on a gigantic percentage of the possible target audience.