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Ao4 pdf


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ao4 pdf

  1. 1. UNIT 01 AO4 DISCUSS THE EFFECT OF REPRESENTATION IN MEDIA PRODUCTS ON TARGET AUDIENCES/CONSUMERS World of Warcraft is a perfect example of an MMORPG which represents characters with objectification, and stereotypes that are induced by the issues the storyline must undergo.  Female characters are seriously hypersexualized in this game, for example the wizards, demon hunters and monks all have large breasts, long legs, and a smell waist. Barbarians however are an exception and are well built, a similar shape to a large man. The female characters do not come with set names, instead they are chosen when you create your character.  Lady Jania Proudmoore - World of Warcraft Lady Jaina Proudmoore is a non-player character (NPC) who plays the role of a high ranked alliance leader. She is renowned for her classification as a mage, and one of the strongest of her faction. Throughout the game, you assist her with dozens of tasks, be them simple of dangerous. She is portrayed as an independent character whom is extremely self reliant, battling opposing warriors double her size.  Leah - Diablo 3 Leah is Deckard Cains assistant, and has grown up and learnt along side him. She questions her existence throughout the beginning of the game but comes to realize the importance Lewis Moran
  2. 2. and power bestowed upon her. She is initially portrayed as a 'damsel in distress', where you must help her with the task of finding Deckard Cain. Later on in the game, she learns to control her power and battles along side you with no problem what so ever. Her petite, and young appearance gives her an innocent look, but thats the  Thrall - WoW Male characters are portrayed as either large and powerful, or lean and agile, or brittle and wise.Thrall is a prime example of a large, alpha male character. He plays the role of an exiled king orc. Characters for our twine game. Morkim is the evil nemesis of the player. He is the final leg of the quest, for the player must kill him to reclaim the kingdom. The player will decide the name of their character when they begin the game. This player is the child of the great King Arthis who once rules over the city with peace and prosperity. There is no option to choose any other character because there is only one character throughout the game which you follow fully. Although you can choose what weapons and armor you have to protect and help you throughout your quest. Lewis Moran
  3. 3. Richard Bartle’s Test of Gamer Psychology Achievers : Fun comes from the hunt – driven by concrete measurements of success (points, stats etc) Explorer : Fun comes from discovery and gaining information – prove to experiment with the laws of the game. Socializers : Fun comes from interaction with people – what they have to say Interpersonal relationship – empathy shared experiences. Killers : Fun comes from the competitive game of dominance. Winning causing distress to other gamers. This is my gamer DNA Lewis Moran