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Aardman research Lewis

  1. 1. Brief HistoryAardman was founded by Peter Lord and David Sproxton in 1972 in Bristol. Theirinitial involvement was with the BBC, when they made a animated sequence aimedat deaf children called Vision On. The simple clay character Morph was their mostsuccessful animation until Creature Comforts won an Oscar. Three Wallace &Gromit films were released, A Grand Day Out (1989), The Wrong Trousers (1993), andA Close Shave (1995), The later two winning two academy awards.In 1997 Aardman teamed up with Dreamworks, where they formed Chicken Run(2000), Wa$ace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005), then Flushed Away in2006.Unfortunately in 2005 a serious fire burnt and destroyed 30 years worth of Aardmansprops, models, scenery, and awards within their storage warehouse.In 2011 they released Arthur Christmas, and this year they brought out Pirates! In anAdventure with Scientists.
  2. 2. MorphMorph was released in 1977 on UK TV.Morph appeared with Tony Hart in Hartbeat andTake Hart, a children’s TV presenter who based hisentertainment around art.Morph mainly appeared in short 1 minute cut sceneswithin Tony Hart’s program.Morph was designed with clay, and filmed using stopmotion, compared to Aardmans more recentanimations, you can see the how much better theirwork is now compared to Morph due to experienceand time.Morph was a significant character, firstly because hewas so incredibly simple, and secondly because he wasa friendly, odd looking being which everyone loved.
  3. 3. Wallace and Gromit Four thirty minute episodes, and one full feature film. Their first release was in 1989 (A Grand Day Out) Wallace is an oblivious Northern English cheese enthusiast, while his dog Gromit, is an intelligent dog who can speak only through facial expressions and body language. All four of the Wallace and Gromit short films received 100% rating on the film critic website Rotten Tomatoes. The quirky humour of the animation is extremely popular, and Wallace and Gromit, are in fact top rated British Icons.
  4. 4. Wa l l a c e i s t h e m a i n Wallacecharacter of Wallace and I believe Wallace is theGromit, he’s a cheese backbone to Aardmanf a n a t i c f r o m Wi g a n , Animations Ltd. HisLancashire. Wallace is narrow minded ways workmost fond of cheese, so well with his smart dog,c r a c ke r s , a n d te a . He forming nail-bitingwithout fail reads either scenarios in which theythe Morning, Afternoon m u s t o v e r c o m e . It sand Evening post every obvious from Wallace’sday. He usually wears a visual appearance, hes awhite shirt, a green happy, middle aged man,knitted pullover, a red tie who means well, i believeand some brown trousers. this is the main reason heWallace is an inventor, and appeals to the audience sohis job varies within each well. Wallace is voiced byfilm, he’s ranged from Peter Sallis, who has abeing a window washer to ver y odd, but enticinga pest control service and voice.finally a baker.
  5. 5. TechnologyAardman’s Animation’s are clay/plasticinemodels recorded and manipulated using stopmotion, which is, technically a large numbers ofimages captured and ordered to look like a video.I researched into how they make there stopmotion look so natural and consistent.They have metal structures which they cover inplasticine, they use the flexible metal tomanoeuvre the models as cleanly as possible.They also screw on different body parts tochange facial expressions and body language.