Web 20 Tools for Education


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Web 20 Tools for Education

  1. 1. Create media rich posters with images,video, audio (uploaded or recorded)and apply a wide range of visualeffects- size, rotation, scaling, as wellas for text. Web links can be addedfor any item. Any embedded mediacan be viewed via a built in player.Does require student accounts.
  2. 2. Wordle is a toy for generating“word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greaterprominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
  3. 3. Tagxedo turns words -- famousspeeches, news articles, slogansand themes, into a visuallystunning word cloud, wordsindividually sized appropriately tohighlight the frequencies ofoccurrence within the body oftext.
  4. 4. Doodle Buddy is an app that allowsyou to type, draw, stamp, andupload pics (much like Kid Pix). Ilike to use it with PDFs that youadd to iBooks. It also comes withmany background images thatwould be great for generatingwriting prompts. You can use yourfinger, however, I have found it iseasier to use the iPad stylus.
  5. 5. ZooBurst is a digitalstorytelling tool that isdesigned to let anyone easilycreate their own customized3D pop-up books. UsingZooBurst, storytellers of anyage can create their own richworlds in which their storiescan come to life.
  6. 6. Fodey’s Newspaper Clip Generator is a great solution for enticing reluctant writers. After completing the online template for a newspaper name, date, article heading and the text of the article, students click the Generate button and the site renders what looks like an authentic newspaperclipping. To save the jpg, click the link below the picture.
  7. 7. Wallwisher is a free internetapplication that allows you to builda wall that then you or you andothers can post notes on. To builda wall you will need to log in withan email account but an emailaccount is not needed to post noteson that wall. Good news for thoseof us working with students underthe age of 14.
  8. 8. Blabberize allows you to quickly animate any image to make it talk, by simply adding audio and specifying the bottom lip or jawsection. Within minutes you have a talking photo and the novelty factor of this will never wear thin for students.
  9. 9. Timetoast is a free Web 2.0 toolwhich allows its users to createinteractive timelines online! Allthat is required to sign up for thistool is a valid email address or aFacebook account, which will beused in order to create a log in forthe web page. Once registered andlogged in the tool is easy to use.
  10. 10. This tool analyzes an uploaded/imported set of imagesand creates a "professional" video. You can also upload your own music. The end result features video effects not even possible with most desktop editing software. The free version allows you to create 30 second videos.
  11. 11. Voki is an application that lets youcreate personalized avatars to useon your wikis, blogs or websites.You can also e-mail thesewonderful characters. This free web2.0 tool is a great way to motivatelearners of any age, because they arevery interactive and provide variousoptions for students to customizethem.
  12. 12. Voicethread is a digital storytelling tool to sharestories using different kindof media. It allows users to leave their comments by audio, text or video.
  13. 13. Whether you want the world or justa tiny corner of it, Google Earthgives it all to you. You can twirl theplanet like a globe and turn it everywhich way. Zoom in for a betterlook at what interests you. Theimages show every landmark andevery urban center in exquisitedetail. You even can find your ownhouse.
  14. 14. Big Huge Labs has lots of fun thingsto do with your photographs. Many of these activities have great applications for the classroom. Big Huge Labs has a Trading Card Generator that can be used for biographies, Biomes/Habitats, Geometric Shapes, Animal Research, and other concepts that have multiple components.
  15. 15. Providing educators and studentsaccess to the highest qualitypractices and resourcesin reading and language artsinstruction. Find high intereststudent interactives that support avariety of comprehension strategies.
  16. 16. ToonDoo.com is a free web-based program that allows users to createcomic strips and books. Toondoo.com utilizes a drag and drop layout that is easy for all users to use. This program can adapted to be used with any student level and can be used in many different ways.
  17. 17. Livebinders is a digital 3 ring binder that you can put virtually anything into; webpage, PDF, document, image, or video.Everything is organized by tab and you can even have subtabs within those tabs.