5 G Flying Squirrel


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5 G Flying Squirrel

  1. 1. All about FLYING SQUIRRELS By Steven
  2. 2. About the AUTHEOR I chose this animal because I love squirrels and they a have big fluffy tale like like my cat. My favorite sport is basketball. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is hot dogs.
  3. 3. WHO Am I? Southern flying squirrels are smaller, measuring about 23 centimeters(9in.), wile northern flying squirrels are estimating, 30 centimeters (12in.) in overall with but they do not actually fly, these squirrels glide.
  4. 4. The early years Nest are used by the squirrels on a daily basis, where various combinations of adults and young may share a single nest, or as maternity sites, where a single female will keep her litter.
  5. 5. habitat SWEET habitat Pine and hardwood trees provide suitable foraging and nesting habitat for squirrels, while dead trees, ratted “snags”, are also important nest sites.
  6. 6. What’s on the MENU? Fly Squirrels are primarily granivorous, or seed and nut eating, and include other plant material, such as fruits also flower buds.
  7. 7. Making TRACKS They are distinguished easily from other squirrels by the large, thickly furred membrane stretching between their fort-and hind legs attached at the wrist and ankles.
  8. 8. Simply IRRESISTABLE! The shape of the squirrel with its membrane outstretched is very distinctive, the contrast of the light underside against the night sky gives the squirrel a ghost like appearance as it glides between trees.
  9. 9. Where in the WORLD? The range of southern flying squirrels overlaps that of northern flying squirrels in including northern Minnesota, New England, and southern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. These squirrels can also be found in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
  10. 10. Depending on the The northern flying wind and jump squirrel equals in height, the flying size to a red squirrel can glide for squirrel, and the so waters or more, southern species is cannot fly instead it comparable to a glides. chipmunk, they have large, dark, bulging eyes that are well adapted for height vision.
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