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Coal preparation Plant(

  1. 1. ENGINEERINGDelivering Innovative Solutions to Unlock the Valueof Natural ResourcesPROCUREMENTCONSTRUCTIONLIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD.Clean Coal Solution-Coal Preparation
  2. 2. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP•Professional Coal Preparation Engineering Service Provider and EquipmentSupplier•CHPP EPC Project---Designed And Built 63 Large Size Coal Processing Plants InChina In The Past 9Years (Total Capacity is about 400 Million Tons Annual)•Equipments---Cooperate With Famous Equipments And Manufactures Worldwide,Equipment factory located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China•CHPP Operation----About 50 Million Tons Annually•CHPP Feasibility Study, Engineering Design—First Class Certificate•Training & Service (Beijing)
  3. 3. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP• We maintain a large staff of coal processing engineers with international coalprocessing experience. Many of the them coal processing specialists arerecognized worldwide as experts. This group of first class engineers issupported by an experienced group of well trained design engineers• Our engineers have designed coal preparation plants both for cleaning thermalcoal and coking coal using the most advanced coal cleaning techniques in theindustry. Our engineers are also experienced in the modification of existingplants to improve efficiency and increase throughput.OUR STRENGTHsWORLD CLASS ENGINEERING
  4. 4. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPOUR STRENGTHsEXCELLENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT• For turn-key projects (EPC), we assume full responsibility for design,engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the project. Ourproject managers are the most skilled and experienced in the coal industry. Ourproject managers use advanced project management techniques to guaranteethat each job is completed safely, on time within budget.• Project undertaken by us include new coal preparation plants, modification toexisting plants, overland conveying system as well as coke storage, handlingand reclaim facilities.
  5. 5. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPOUR STRENGTHsBEST PROCESS TECHNOLOGY• For each project, our engineers develop the best coal processing flow sheet andselect the best available coal processing equipment from sources from the world.Our engineers are the best at developing coal processing flow sheet that featurehigh efficiency, low operation cost and low capital cost. Our engineers haveintroduced improved methods of screening, fine coal cleaning and magnetiterecovery to the coal industry.
  6. 6. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPOUR STRENGTHsCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT• We provide full-time on site construction management for each project ourconstruction managers take on day-to-day responsibility for overseeing the workcarried out by the construction subcontractor. Our construction managers are inconstant communication with our project manager to insure that the workprogresses rapidly and smoothly. Above all else, our construction managers mustbe certain that all aspects of the project are carried out with full attention paid tothe safety of the workers.
  7. 7. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPOUR STRENGTHsPLANT OEPERATION• Our technical staff has extensive hands-on plant operating experience. Thisresource is utilized during the commissioning of processing plants and also inthe development of plant-specific training programs for operating andmaintenance personnel.• We can provide contract plant operation services on a continuing basis or for abuild/operate/transfer scenario.
  8. 8. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPCertificates
  9. 9. SOMETHINGABOUT US1 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPBe Different, No BestHighest Clean Coal Recovery—Advanced Technology, High Efficient EquipmentStable System—Stable and Continuous Operations could guarantee CHPP PerformanceLow Operation Costs—Low Operation Cost could help CHPP meet better R.I.ODesign Philosophy
  10. 10. 3D ENGINEERINGDESIGN2 of 63D Concept Design 3D Structural Design 3D Detialed DesignLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  11. 11. 3D DESIGN ONFABRICATED PARTS2 of 6HMV Clean Coal ScreenFabricated DesignPressure FilterFabricated DesignLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES OF 3DENGINEERING DESIGN2 of 6What you see is what you get;The mechanical designing time has beenshortened, Designing time and quality couldguarantee;It’s easy to adjust the angle and location ofpipeline;Auto-checking of drawings---to preventmistakes from very beginning.Thus it help toreduce troubles while commissioning, couldguarantee the whole project time.3D Engineering Methods used in CHPP widely.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  13. 13. 3D ON STRUCTURALDESIGN2 of 6Fabricated SteelStructure DesignLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  14. 14. 3D ON PIPELINEDESIGN2 of 6H.M.VFeeding PipelineMagnetic SeparatorFeeding PipelineLMM GROUP CO., LTD.Clean Coal
  15. 15. 3D ON WHOLECHPP2 of 6main process building-guojiaheCHPPLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  16. 16. 3D CHPPENGINEERING2 of 6Module AModule BModule CThickenerPress FilterWorkshopAirCompressorLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  17. 17. THE MAINTECHNOLOGYHeavy Medium Cyclone + Press Filter3 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  18. 18. THE MAINTECHNOLOGYHeavy Medium Cyclone + Press Filter3 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  19. 19. THE MAINTECHNOLOGYHeavy Medium Cyclone + Press Filter3 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  20. 20. THE MAINTECHNOLOGYHeavy Medium Cyclone+Press Filter3 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  21. 21. KEY EQUIPMENTCRUSHERSDOUBLE ROLL CRUSHER4 of 6The two rollers of the double-rollcrusher rotate in oppositedirections.The fed minerals willbe pushed into the crushing zoneunder the effect of friction whenbetween the two rollers, there theywill be crushed and then bedischarged.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  22. 22. KEY EQUIPMENTCRUSHERSRING HAMMER CRUSHER4 of 6This series of machine is a punchingrotor type crushing machine with ring-hammer on the rotor. First the materialfed to the crushing space is crushedby punching force of the ring-hammerrotating at high speed. Mean while thematerial crushed gets kinetic energyfrom the ring-hammer and is punchedforward the crushing board, and thenit gets punched the second time andfall to the sieve plate.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  24. 24. KEY EQUIPMENTHEAVY MEDIUMVESSEL4 of 6Model Power(kW)Speed(m/s)Capacity(t/h)Input Size(mm)XZQ1625 15.0 0.7 200~275 13~15050~300XZQ1635 18.5 0.7 280~385 13~15050~300XZQ1645 22.0 0.7 360~495 13~15050~300XZQ1655 22.0 0.7 440~605 13~15050~300XZQ1665 30.0 0.7 520~715 13~15050~300XZQ1675 37.0 0.7 600~825 13~15050~300More will be customer-tailored according toyour specific application and requirementLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  25. 25. KEY EQUIPMENTFlotation Machine & Jig4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  26. 26. KEY EQUIPMENTLoading Station4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPReliable operationExtensive use of high quality corrosion resistantpaints, environmentally sealed electricalequipment,Low maintenance cost· Use of high quality corrosion resistant paints· Environmentally sealed electrical equipment· High quality hydraulic componentsApplication: bulk materialCapacity:3000-10000TPH
  27. 27. KEY EQUIPMENTHEAVY MEDIUM CYCLONE4 of 6HEAVY MEDIUM CYCLONESare usually operated in a near-horizontal orientation allowingfor large apex sizes to be usedfor refuse removalLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  28. 28. KEY EQUIPMENTMAGNETIC SEPARATOR4 of 6Available in a range of diameters andsizes in both counter rotation, designand conventional concurrent style;Diameters available in sizes 915mmand 1220mm diameter and inmaximum widths up to 3 meters;Designed to produce a dry product;available for beneficiation of ores andfor recovery of fine ferrous metal ingold circuits.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  29. 29. KEY EQUIPMENTSPIRAL4 of 6SpiralModelPitch indegreesDiameter inmmNo ofturnsSX4 13 1000 4SX7 13 1000 7MX7 13 1000 7LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  30. 30. KEY EQUIPMENTTBS4 of 6Applicant to raw coal processing,spiral product upgrading and frothflotation tailings retreatmentEasy operate and lower maintenancecostHigh efficient separationLong lifetime of 15-20 yearLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  31. 31. KEY EQUIPMENTCENTRIFUGESCREEN BOWL CENTRIFUGE4 of 6The screen bowl centrifuge iscommonly used to extract solidparticles from liquid, and offers theadditional drying capability of thescreen section.The screen bowlcentrifuge is often used in processingchemicals, fine coal and other minerals.CENTRIFUGEMake fine magnetic particles getmore effective recovery, theemergence of the successful solvedthe microgranular full recovery.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  32. 32. KEY EQUIPMENTFILTER PRESS4 of 6High processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency, occupy small area,short installation time, low construction cost, low maintenance cost,renewable filter medium (media), long operation lifespan. All keycomponents are built by high quality parts to ensure high efficiency andlong lifespan.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  33. 33. KEY EQUIPMENTPUMPS4 of 6Increased Wear LifeLower Power ConsumptionOn-line Wear Clearance AdjustmentIncreased Mill ThroughputMore Consistent Hydrocyclone SeparationLess DowntimeLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  34. 34. KEY EQUIPMENTReagent Adding System4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP• Reagent Adding System which is widelyused in dosing control of floatation reagentfeeding for ferrous metal, non-ferrousmetal, noble metal, non-metal mineral andcoal. By this way, the unstable recovery ofmineral caused by the inaccurate reagentdosing of the manual operation can beavoided• Automatic Coagulant Preparation &Adding Systems
  36. 36. KEY EQUIPMENTDensity Monitor4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPIn many industrial processes knowledgeabout the density is required - be itspecific gravity bulk density - to draw aconclusion on process parameters.In many instances density is only ameasure for other properties: By usingdensity it is possible to determine theconcentration of a mix consisting of twomaterials the content of solid matterwhen transported through pipes.
  37. 37. KEY EQUIPMENTBELT CONVEYORS4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPin accordance with Chinese GB10595,DIN 22102 and JIS B 8805Fiber carcass belt conveyors for general purposeUse Nylon carcass and steel cord belt conveyors for long distance, high capacity materials handling.Explosion-proof, declined belt conveyors, suitable for gassy atmosphere of underground coal mine.Hot material handling conveyors with heat resistant flame retardant belt.Man-riding belt conveyors with adjustable dual-speed, either for personneltransporting or coal handling.Movable and reversible belt conveyors.Cold resistant belt conveyors suitable for operating in extremely low temperature environment.
  38. 38. KEY EQUIPMENTBELT CONVEYORS4 of 6ROLLER & PULLERLower rotating resistance;Long service life of over 60,000 hours;Excellent dust-proof and water-proofcharactersLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  39. 39. KEY EQUIPMENTBELT CONVEYORS4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPTo detect belt conveyor coal flow on the plowto lose weight of coalWith a track record for consistentperformance in harsh environments,conveyor belt scales combine simple,dropping installation, low maintenance (nomoving parts) and repeatable accuracy forproductive operations.The uniqueparallelogram style load cells ensureminimal hysteresis and superior linearity,and ignore all horizontal forces. All belt scaledesigns feature overload protection for theload cells.Belt Scale
  40. 40. KEY EQUIPMENTWear resistant Products4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP•Long life time ,Easy in maintenance•No influence on production and noproduction loss•No contamination of the conveyedmaterials due to wear, mixing andoxidation.•Environment friendly and no pollution•Smooth surface which ensures continuousmaterial flow and avoids clogging andsticking•Reduction on pressure loss and energyloss.
  41. 41. Spare Parts & Consumables4 of 6LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPPSome spare parts & consumables we offer with high quality andcompetitive price and quick delivery:• Consumable:– Heavy Medium– Flocculating Agent– Lubricating Oil– Flotation Reagent• Main Spare Parts:– Plate, Spring for Screen, etc– Basket for centrifuge– Underflow Opening for Cyclone, etc– Chain and Wear-Resisting Plate for Heavy Medium Vessel– Filter Board, filtration fabric, obturating ring, etc for Filter Press.– Drum, etc for Magnetic Separator
  42. 42. INTELLIGENTSYSTEMSMART MINING5 of 6Intelligent System is an on-line andreal-time management system for CHPPoperation, it can also support decision-making.Basis on Smart-Mining philosophy, allthe general automatic system has beenintegrated with each other.The newsystem has eliminated the isolatedinformation resources and can also solvethe control-related problem.Thus, theintelligent system will help CHPP tobring about easier and more efficiencyoperating management.LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  43. 43. INTELLIGENTSYSTEMSMART MINING5 of 6AdvantagesCloud Computing InfrastructureOnline, Real TimeInformation IntegrationDecision Support System, DSSIn Time ReportInformation SafetyModularized SystemEasier ManagementLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  44. 44. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: Xuzhou Mining GroupPROJECT: 375 TPH WASH PLANTLOCATION:COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICADESCRIPTIONTurnkey design, engineering, constructionandcommissioning of a 1894 THP densemediumpreparation and materials handling plantFEATURES•200×13mm Heavy Medium Vessel•13×0mm down sized R.O.M coal Bypass•3×0.25mm Slurry Centrifuge•0.25×0mm Scree-bowl Centrifuge+ Press FilterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  45. 45. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: ANHUI GUOTOUPROJECT: XINJI GROUP LIUZHUANGLOCATION:FUYANG ANHUI CHINADESCRIPTION:Turnkey design, engineering, construction andcommissioning of a 1600 THP dense mediumpreparation handling plantFEATURES•Jig for lump coal + two product heavymedium cyclone + RC + Press FilterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  46. 46. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: DATONG MINING GROUPPROJECT: TASHAN WASH PLANT(15Mt/a)LOCATION:DATONG SHANXIDESCRIPTIONTurnkey design, engineering, construction andcommissioning of a 2780 THP dense mediumcoal preparation plantFEATURES•Heavy medium vessel + Three productheavy medium cyclone + RC + pressFilterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  47. 47. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: JINXIN ENERGY Co.LtdPROJECT: Xiegou CHPPLOCATION: FENXI SHANXIDESCRIPTIONTurnkey design, engineering, construction andcommissioning of a 5560 THP dense mediumcoal preparation plantFEATURES•Two product heavy medium cyclone+ RC + Press filterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  48. 48. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: SHENHUA CHINAPROJECT: Coal to Oil projectLOCATION: Inner MongoliaDESCRIPTIONTurnkey design, engineering,construction andcommissioning of a 1600 THPdense mediumcoal preparation plantFEATURES•Crusher + Two Productheavy medium cyclone +centrifuge + Press filterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  49. 49. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: GUBEILOCATION:HUAINAN ANHUI CHINADESCRIPTION4.0MT/a Coke CoalWash PlantFEATURES•Jig for lump coal +Heavy mediumcyclone + PressFilterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  50. 50. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: GAOJIALIANGPROJECT: GAOJIALIANG CHPPLOCATION: Inner MongoliaDESCRIPTION:6.0Mt/aFEATURES:Heavy medium vessel+Centrifuge+ PressfilterLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  51. 51. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: PUXINPROJECT: PUXIN CHPPLOCATION: Inner MongliaDESCRIPTION :4.0Mt/a Coke CoalWash PlantFEATURES:Primary desliming + Heverymedium Cyclone + TBS forcoarse Coal + TBS forfloat CoalLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  52. 52. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: Huadian CorporationPROJECT: Buliangou CHPPDESCRIPTION :10Mt/aFEATURESR.O.M Coal Type: Thermal Coal (For Power Plant)LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  53. 53. PROJECTReference List6 of 6CLIENT: HUOZHOU POWERPROJECT: FANSHAN CHPPLOCATION: HUOZHOU SHANXIDESCRIPTION:4.0Mt/aFEATURES•R.O.M Coal Type: Coke Coal•Primary desliming + Threeproduct heavy medium cyclone +FloatingLMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  54. 54. MAIN TECHNICAL-ECONOMICAL INDEXES6 of 6F.Y.I---GUO JIA HE CHPPItem Details Unit Index1 Designed Capacity: Million Tons/Annual Mt/a 5.0Mt/a, 10.0Mt/a2 Type Thermal Coal CHPP3 Capacity Ton/Hour t/h 18944 Working Arrangement330 days annual, 16 hours for eachday, total:5280 Hours Annual5 Water Consumption m3/Day 1606 Water Consumption for Row Coal m3/ton R.O.M <0.017 Power Consumption for Row Coal kWh/ton R.O.M 3.088 Heavy Medium Consumption for Row Coal Kg/ton R.O.M 0.889 Workers Number of People 5110 Labor Capacity(1)Workers’Capacity Ton/(Worker*Day) 918(2) full efficiency Ton /(Worker*Day) 797LMM GROUP CO., LTD. Clean Coal-CHPP
  55. 55. THANKYOULMM GROUP CO., LTD.LIAONING MINERAL AND METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD.1310-1312 room, No. 35 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District,Dalian-116001,China.Tel: 0086 411 82580352 82656126 82696911Fax: 0086 411 82557586Cell: 0086 13074131400, 13238014258Email: