LM Mens Soccer Parent Meeting: 1/16/2014


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  • First offense: 8 game suspension/ ½ the season, Second offense: Full-season game-suspension Deserved yellow and red card violations, due to the lack of continuity by referees, a carded player may receive no additional reprimands or may receive a suspension up to 5 games. All student-athletes are expected to keep a “C” or better in all classes. If grades drop below the cut-off, the student-athlete will be asked to improve their grades by getting help during practice and game times, until the grade has reached the “C” level. That player is disallowed to play in any games until the grade has been improved. You are each responsible to check the bulletin board daily You are responsible for apparel checked out to youPlease keep in mind when you use social media, that you are still a representative of our soccer program and Linn-Mar as a whole. While it may not be your intention to speak on behalf of all involved, it can be interpreted that way. A good rule of thumb is not to type anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Please notify the caching staff if you are involved in other activities whether you think they will conflict with Linn-Mar Soccer or not. All significant injuries must be checked and cleared by the trainer, Jill Hendricks, before an athlete can return to participation.
  • LM Mens Soccer Parent Meeting: 1/16/2014

    1. 1. Linn-Mar Mens Soccer Parent Meeting 1.16.2014
    2. 2.  Expectations  Team Guidelines  Sportsmanship Tonight’s Agenda  Requirements  Equipment  Pre-Season  Upcoming  Communication
    3. 3. **if you have not done so, please go to the website and complete the New Player Registration Form  Be familiar and follow team policies (see handbook) Player Expectations  Stay active year-round  Help “Sell” the program  Find and excel in your role on the team See also Player Expectations on our website
    4. 4.  Be a role model to your children  Encourage your child to advocate for themselves  Help “Sell” the program  Get involved Parent Expectations  Booster Club rep (see Sue Fathallah, Linda Charlton)  Filming games & Taking photos  Help with team meals  Host a meal  Contribute to a meal  Pick Up/Drop Off meals for away games See also Parents & Fan Expectations on our website
    5. 5. Handbook—Points of Emphasis  Code of Conduct Violations Team Guidelines  Yellow & Red Card Penalties  Academic Importance  Player Responsibilities  Dual-Sport Athletes/Club Players  Dealing with Injuries
    6. 6. We at Linn-Mar want to represent our school and community in a positive manner, please give the athletes participating your positive encouragement and support. Booing, taunting, or intimidating the officials or opponents is unfriendly and unacceptable. Sportsmanship The Linn-Mar School Board and state athletic unions have a spectator conduct policy that allows the ejection of individuals who disrupt school district activities. As the years go by, the score of the games become relatively unimportant, but your conduct remains forever ingrained in the minds of those who were most affected. How will you be remembered?
    7. 7. 1. 2. LM Code of Conduct 3. Required Forms Current Medical Physical (1 year) Medical Release Card 4. Concussion Form 5. Baseline Concussion Test **All must be current and on file prior to participating in any practices or games
    8. 8. These basic items are needed by all players 9-12 and will be available online through our team web store. They will serve as both practice and game equipment. If you have these items from last year, you do not have to re-purchase, despite the new logo. Required Apparel You may provide your own shorts and socks if you choose not to purchase from the team store. Please do your best to make sure they are solid color items.
    9. 9.  Shinguards  Should feature a stamp or tag that identifies it as approved.  FG (Firm Ground) Soccer Cleats Equipment  Molded  No spike/cleat on the toe  SG (Soft Ground) Soccer Cleats  Replaceable  Only allowed on grass fields  Only good in wet conditions  Long-Sleeves/Compression Shorts  If worn under jerseys/shorts, should be the same dominant color
    10. 10. Items for both players and parents/fans will be available on team web store Optional Items        2014 Team T-shirt Team Warmups Sweats & Fleeces Player Bags Hats Polos Jackets A preview of these items can be found on the Seasonal Webstore page on our website Although our team gear is Nike, individually purchased items can be of any brand.
    11. 11. Webstore  Open on 1/27  Close on 2/9 *Credit Card purchase Orders & Payments Meals  Jimmy Johns, away games  $7 per x 6 games = $42 *Cash or Check to HS Cashier Please have all forms and payments made no later than March 10, 2014
    12. 12. First Practices (twice daily during Spring Break)  March 17-21 Makeup Fitness Workouts (if gone during Spring Break) Upcoming  March 24-28, am before school First Games  Varsity, April 5, Muscatine Invitational  Jr. Varsity, April 9, vs Jefferson  Fresh-Soph, April 10, @ Jefferson  LM Challenger Cup, April 10
    13. 13. SAQ Training (Speed, Agility, Quickness)  Tuesdays, Thursdays: 3:45-5:15 Remaining Pre-Season Activities Open Gyms (see Calendar page on website)  LMHS Main Gym, 6 v 6; Soccer Tennis in Aux Gym Indoor Soccer  SportZone  UNI, March 1
    14. 14. Website Facebook www.facebook.com/LinnMarSoccer Twitter Communication www.linnmarsoccer.com www.twitter.com/LinnMarSoccer **Not a Twitter user, but want to get our announcements on your phone: TEXT follow LinnMarSoccer to 40404 Instagram www.instagram.com/LinnMarSoccer Email LinnMarSoccer@gmail.com Phone 319.447.3079