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Preseason Meeting Notes for the 2013 season

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  • First offense: 8 game suspension/ ½ the season, Second offense: Full-season game-suspension Deserved yellow and red card violations, due to the lack of continuity by referees, a carded player may receive no additional reprimands or may receive a suspension up to 5 games. All student-athletes are expected to keep a “C” or better in all classes. If grades drop below the cut-off, the student-athlete will be asked to improve their grades by getting help during practice and game times, until the grade has reached the “C” level. That player is disallowed to play in any games until the grade has been improved. You are each responsible to check the bulletin board daily You are responsible for apparel checked out to youPlease keep in mind when you use social media, that you are still a representative of our soccer program and Linn-Mar as a whole. While it may not be your intention to speak on behalf of all involved, it can be interpreted that way. A good rule of thumb is not to type anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Please notify the caching staff if you are involved in other activities whether you think they will conflict with Linn-Mar Soccer or not. All significant injuries must be checked and cleared by the trainer, Jill Hendricks, before an athlete can return to participation.
  • Dec meeting

    1. 1. Linn-Mar Mens Soccer Meeting December 17th, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda• Expectations • Requirements – Players • Equipment – Parents • Pre-season workouts• Team Guidelines • Deadlines & Timelines• Sportsmanship • Communication
    3. 3. ExpectationsPlayer Parent Know Team Policies  Be A Role Model Be Active  Let Us Coach Sell The Program  Be Encouraging Accept Your Role  Get Involved Player Registration
    4. 4. Team GuidelinesHandbook—Points of Emphasis Code of Conduct Violations Yellow and Red Cards Academics Responsibilities Dual-Sport Athletes/Club Players Injuries
    5. 5. Sportsmanship We at Linn-Mar want to represent our schooland community in a positive manner, please give the athletes participating your positive encouragement and support. Booing, taunting, or intimidating the officials or opponents is unfriendly and unacceptable.
    6. 6. Sportsmanship The Linn-Mar School Board and state athleticunions have a spectator conduct policy that allows the ejectionof individuals who disrupt school District activities.
    7. 7. Sportsmanship As the years go by, the score of the games become relatively unimportant, but yourconduct remains forever ingrained in the minds of those who were most affected. How will you be remembered?
    8. 8. Parents Code Of ConductThe Iowa Athletic Council believes parents play a vital role in the development student-athletes. We ask that this code of conduct be distributed so parents, players and coaches have an opportunity to read them.• I will encourage good sportsmanship by being a positive role model.• I will try my best to make athletics a positive experience for everyone involved, i.e., participants, coaches, officials, and spectators.• I will insist my player treat other players, coaches, officials, and fans with respect.• I will reinforce the schools drug and alcohol free policies and refrain from use alcohol and other drugs before or during contests.• I will do my best to understand and appreciate the rules of the contest.• I will show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.• I will be a "team" fan, not a "my child" fan.• I will help my child learn that success is measured by the development of skills, not winning or losing.• If I have a concern, I will talk to the coach at the appropriate time and place, i.e., never before, during, or immediately after a contest.• I do my best to remember my ticket to a school athletic event provides me with the privilege of observing the contest, not berating officials, coaches, or players. Information provided by the Iowa Athletic Council
    9. 9. Requirements Forms  Physical  Good for one calendar year  Code of Conduct  Medical Release Card (Jill)  Wait to turn in until after returning from the holidays—in case of new cell phone plans  Concussion Form  Baseline Concussion Test: Jan. 14, Jan. 17, Jan. 24 All must be on file and current prior to practicingring -All forms available from LM Athletic Office-
    10. 10. Required Apparel (available from online store until Jan 13)*If you have these items already, you do not need to buy duplicates unless desiredYou may provide your own shorts and socks as long as they are the same primary solid colors.
    11. 11. Requirements• Participate in Team Fundraisers – Nike Fundraiser • T-shirts • Sweats
    12. 12. Equipment• Shinguards – NOCSAE• FG Soccer Shoes – Molded cleats – No spike on toe• Long-Sleeves – Must be same color as jersey • Red, White• Compression Shorts – If worn should be same color as shorts • Black/White• Does not have to be Nike
    13. 13. Orders & Payment ChecklistApparel & Equipment Meals• All orders to be completed • Check can be made to Linn- online Mar High School for $42• To be submitted by January – Will cover 6 meals 13 • Optional
    14. 14. Pre-season• Lifting & Conditioning – Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30-5:15pm • None this week due to finals• Open Gyms• Indoor• Individual workouts & touches – – Coerver DVDs available
    15. 15. Deadlines & Timelines• January 13 – Online order window closes • Will not reopen• March 1 – Jimmy John’s meal money due to HS cashier• March 8 (before practice) – Physical – Code-of-Conduct – Medical card – Concussion form on file
    16. 16. Deadlines & Timelines• March 11 – Practice begins• First Games – Varsity, March 30 – JV, April 1 – Fresh/Soph, April 4• Summer – Soccer Camp • Grades 1-8
    17. 17. CommunicationWebsite – www.linnmarsoccer.comMobile Website – m.linnmarsoccer.comEmail – lmmenssoccer@yahoo.comFacebook – • Fan page, Anyone: will show Twitter updatesTwitter – • Receive text message updates on your phone • you do not need a Twitter account – Text follow linnmarsoccer to 40404Phone – 319.447.3079