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Art fairtalepresentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Art fairtalepresentation

  1. 1. Fantasy HouseFairytale: Hansel and Gretel
  2. 2. •  Grade Level: 3rd grade•  Estimated Time: Three 2 hour sessions (3 days)•  6 hours total
  3. 3. Objective•  Students will be able to identify the difference between realistic building materials and fantasy building materials
  4. 4. Materials•  Newspaper•  Structure for the house •  (small cardboard box)•  Tape•  Glue•  Coloring Materials •  (markers, crayons, pastels, etc.)•  Other objects they choose to build their fantasy house out of. •  (paint, feathers, pasta. paperclips,
  5. 5. Vocabulary•  Reality- The world or the state of things as they actually are.•  Fantasy- Imagining things that are impossible or improbable.•  Installation Artist- Artistic genre of site- specific, three- dimensional works designed to transform the perception of space.
  6. 6. Procedure and Essential Questions•  Read Hansel and Gretal to the class and after focus on the Witchs house.•  What is it made of?•  Can houses be made out of cookies and candy?•  What are your homes made out of?
  7. 7. Procedure and Essential Questions•  Show Sandy Skoglunds "Raining Popcorn", "The Cocktail Party", and "Shimmering Madness"
  8. 8. Raining Popcorn
  9. 9. The Cocktail Party
  10. 10. Shimmering Madness
  11. 11. Procedure and Essential Questions•  What materials did Skoglund use to create these scene?•  Were they fantasy or reality materials?•  How do you think she attached them to the models, humans, walls, floor, etc.?
  12. 12. Guided Activity•  Give students index card witch pictures of reality building materials and fantasy building materials on them.•  With their groups have them sort the index cards.•  Walk around to see if they are sorting the cards correctly.•  After they are sorted, have each group share one material from each category.
  13. 13. •  Ask students to think about what they would build their fantasy home out of if they could choose any materials, fantasy, reality, or both.•  Brainstorm with groups before starting the project.
  14. 14. Art Project
  15. 15. Informal Evaluation•  Ask questions after the guided activity and check while you are walking around to see if everyone is understanding the difference between the building materials.
  16. 16. Formal Evaluation
  17. 17. Resources•• Sandy_Skoglund• imagelist_fl/materials.html
  18. 18. THE END!THE END!