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My personality at work


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My personality at work

  1. 1. My Personality atWorkTim ColemanBusiness Administration
  2. 2. My PersonalityAttitude & BehaviorHappy, angry, moody, sometimes unethical, positive, confident.People will believe that I amNice. People will be upset or angeredby my anger.People will avoid me including customers.
  3. 3. Click below to take the personality test.Jung Typology Test
  4. 4. Personality Test ResultsESTJ- Extroverted Sensing Thinking JudgingESTJ - The GuardianPractical, traditional, and organized.Likely to be athletic.Not interested in theory or abstractionHave clear visions of the way things should be.Loyal and hard-working.Like to be in charge."Good citizens" who value security andpeaceful living.
  5. 5. CharacterHelpfulHonestFunnyHard working
  6. 6. IntegrityHonestlyTrustworthiness
  7. 7. MaturityBe considerate of othersFace my weaknesses and determine how to overcome them.
  8. 8. Tim ColemanBusiness Administration