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Ingredient safe


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Ingredient safe

  1. 1. Ingredient SAFE
  2. 2. Ingredient SAFE: Overview Food Processing companies need enterprise software solutions to ensure traceability from their suppliers who leave them vulnerable to RISK: Damages and Costs due to recall Negative impact on Brands •Ithos seeks to fill the efficiency gaps in firms’ regulatory compliance activities by utilizing advanced SEARCH and software automation technologies- solutions that help you manage the knowledge for safe ingredients. •This solution is called Ingredient SAFE.
  3. 3. Ingredient SAFE: Overview •The following demonstration of Ithos’ Ingredient SAFE is based on a project we had conducted for Golden State Foods (one of the largest diversified suppliers to the food service industry). •Ingredient SAFE houses all of Golden State Foods’ ingredient and vendor/supplier documents in a single location, allowing for easy access to this data at the company-wide level. •Firms can now eliminate the need to reference numerous documents that are scattered throughout employees’ desktops, while minimizing the potential of risks attributed to mismanaging supplier information.
  4. 4. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Users start at the sign-in page
  5. 5. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow The Home Screen provides a listing of all of your vendor/suppliers’, items they provide to your firm, and other detailed information
  6. 6. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow The purpose of our Ingredient SAFE is to collect & organize your supplier information- getting down to the constituent ingredient level- which minimizes the risk of recalls and other vulnerabilities, and offer total control over your products’ information The process of retrieving this information occurs through a series of ‘campaigns,’ which are questionnaires that are sent to and completed by your vendor/suppliers
  7. 7. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Our 1st campaign is the Contact Questionnaire
  8. 8. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Contact Questionnaire: •Capture contact information from EHS, QA, Purchasing, etc. •Pinpoint the exact manufacturing location from which a specific item has been delivered. •One-stop source for obtaining accurate primary contact information and ingredient traceability.
  9. 9. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Our 2nd campaign is the Allergen Questionnaire
  10. 10. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Allergen Questionnaire: •Requires a supplier to accurately identify any possible allergens a product may contain, as a result of direct or cross-contamination. •Aids in various jurisdictions’ mandated labeling requirements and helps avoid the possibility of recalls due to ‘mislabeled allergens.’
  11. 11. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Our 3rd campaign is the Ingredient Questionnaire
  12. 12. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Ingredient Questionnaire: •Obtain critical Food Safety Documents, such as 3rd party Audits, Continuing Letters of Guaranty, HACCP plans, and other relevant certifications.
  13. 13. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Intuitive navigation makes the process of creating new questionnaires a simple and effective process for collecting vendor/supplier information
  14. 14. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow To Send out a new questionnaire, select your targeted suppliers/vendors
  15. 15. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Create your own unique questions, and then Select from various response ‘types’
  16. 16. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Choose different templates for your questionnaires
  17. 17. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Targeted Recipients can easily be selected, and the message can be tailored to each individual campaign
  18. 18. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow After this information has been collected and organized, you’ll want to utilize the data to assess suppliers’ compliance, and gain awareness to any potential risks
  19. 19. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Select the desired vendor/supplier, and then Review their performance
  20. 20. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow View your vendor/suppliers’ completion of various tasks
  21. 21. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Calculate individual vendor/supplier scores to know if a product has met your specifications, or whether a product needs to be audited
  22. 22. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Sort your suppliers based on their status of completing the questionnaire.
  23. 23. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow With Ingredient SAFE, search for Supplier items in a variety of ways
  24. 24. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Flags located in the left-most column indicate the progress suppliers have made on filling out the administered questionnaires. Different colors allow you to track your suppliers’ completion status of these critical documents.
  25. 25. Ingredient SAFE: Workflow Trace your ingredients back to the exact plant location from which a Supplier’s item had been shipped.
  26. 26. Ingredient SAFE Food Processing companies need enterprise software solutions to ensure traceability from their suppliers who leave them vulnerable to RISK: Damages and Costs due to recall Negative impact on Brands •You’ve just viewed an overview of how our Ingredient SAFE offers an advanced level of control over your ingredient and vendor/supplier information. •To obtain more information about our Ingredient SAFE solution, please connect with the Ithos Team today! |
  27. 27. Ingredient SAFE Managing Knowledge for Safe Ingredients |