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Ancient Greece


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Ancient Greece

  1. 1. Ancient Greece Hist 103 with Lisa M. Lane
  2. 2. Minoan Crete Mycenae
  3. 3. Balance and moderation
  4. 4. kouros
  5. 5. Persian Wars 499 ‑ 479 B.C.E. Peloponnesian War 431 ‑ 404 B.C.E. Golden Age of Greece
  6. 6. Politics Monarchy Oligarchy Tyranny Democracy
  7. 7. Plato SocratAlexanderthe Great ? Ethics Poetics Rhetoric Politics Science (conquered the known world) Aristotle
  8. 8. Comedy Aristophanes: Lysistrata Tragedy Sophocles: Oedipus