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Yes, First. How Improv "Philosophy" Will Change Your Life


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Enjoy the presentation I gave at Ignite Minneapolis 2013.

Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Yes, First. How Improv "Philosophy" Will Change Your Life

  1. 1. Yes, First.How Improv“Philosophy”Will ChangeYour LifeLynne MoriokaWriter, content strategist,social media specialist@SocialViz
  2. 2. • 1920’s – ViolaSpolin developedimprovisational“games” to helpinner cityimmigrantchildren• 1950’s – CompassTheater (laterSecond City) isborn• Dudley Riggsbrings improvtheater to theTwin Cities in1958
  3. 3. Accept allideas• All ideas area gift• Accepting allideas does notmean executingall ideas!
  4. 4. • What should we do on Saturday?• I have a business idea – Rent aGoat!
  5. 5. Deferjudgment• Don’t letyour firstthought be,“Well,that’s adumb idea.”• No ego.• No self-editing.
  6. 6. • The company’s intern hassomething to say during ameeting.• Your boss is in that meeting.
  7. 7. Share focus,accept allstyles• Put the successof the outcomeover your needfor thespotlight.• Allow others tocommunicate inthe way(s) theyare mostcomfortable.
  8. 8. • How do you communicate bestwith your significant other?• How do they communicate bestwith you?
  9. 9. Declaration• Declare who you are,what you do and yourpoint of view loudly,quickly and clearly.• Speak, act and live withclarity and purpose.
  10. 10. • Agree with something? Speak up!• Disagree with something? Speakup!• Don’t know what you want? Speakup!
  11. 11. Create a “nostatus”environment• Create freely.• Don’t letperceived rolesget in the way.• Be accessible.
  12. 12. • You’ve been the lowest on thetotem pole & you had greatideas there, right?
  13. 13. Reward innovation andcreative risk-taking• Get EXCITED about creatingtruly innovative ideas!
  14. 14. • The status quo can becomfortable, but it can also beBORING!• Shouldn’t life be exciting?
  15. 15. Yes,first• Say yes to an idea and build onit.• Saying yes to an idea allows itto reach its full potential.
  16. 16. • A bird dive bombs you whileyou’re eating a BLT. Would YOUsay yes to this idea?• Sometimes no is necessary.YES
  17. 17. Change is fuel• Change is an excitingexploration of what’s next.• Don’t look at change as aninterruption of what’s reliableand consistent.• Create new skills to ignite andpromote change.
  18. 18. Change is fuel• Don’t waste time worryingabout, “What if?”• Instead, spend time respondingappropriately to currentnecessary changes.
  19. 19. Just say no• Say no tojudging.• Say no tonegating.• Say no tofiguringout whatis wrongwiththings.Say yes and celebrate!
  20. 20. • I say yes to hearing your ideasand connecting with you all!•• @SocialViz