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Word Nerd 2.0: Where to find content and what to do with it


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The information contained in Lynne Morioka's (Social Visibility Consulting) presentation at Minnebar 8 -- April 6, 2013

Published in: Business, Technology, Education
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Word Nerd 2.0: Where to find content and what to do with it

  1. 1. Word Nerd 2.0Where to find content and what to do with it Lynne Morioka @SocialViz #Minnebar
  2. 2. Where can I find content?Why is content What can I do important? with my content? #Minnebar
  3. 3. #Minnebar Why is content important? Seventy percent of Visual content consumer drives prefer getting Sixty percent engagement. to know a Content of consumers Brands saw a company via marketing feel more 65 percent articles over produces roughly positive about increase in ads. 90 three times as a company engagement percent of Search engines many leads per after reading w/into of FB consumers rank fresh, dollar as custom timeline for find custom relevant and traditional content on its brands. – content useful.innovative content marketing. - site. - Simply – ContentPlus higher. Kapost ContentPlus Measured
  4. 4. Where to findyour content jackpot #Minnebar
  5. 5. Get yourself some data#Minnebar
  6. 6. • With exclusive facts, figures, measurements and knowledge that no one else has, you can create completely original content everyone will want.• Information must be valuable.• Know your niche and know your audience so you can easily serve up information they crave. #Minnebar
  7. 7. ASK• Survey your clients/audience and use the results for many purposes.• Blog posts, articles, news releases, white papers, case studies can all come from a simple question or two you ask. #Minnebar
  8. 8. INTERVIEW • Contact and interview a highly desirable expert that few people have access to. • CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, well- respected people in your industry, geniuses that have great info to offer, but no one’s asked them for it yet. #Minnebar
  9. 9. STORYTELLING• If you’re got a good story, tell it – warts and all.• Sharing human experience is powerful and human interest stories have the ability to be both universal and unique. #Minnebar
  10. 10. COLLABORATE• Team up with a competitor and work together to tell the story of how you’d both tackle a common problem.• Work with a complementary organization to show the power of partnership and how you’d use your skills to do amazing things.• Share that content and be shared by your co-creators and their fans. #Minnebar
  11. 11. PROBLEM = SOLUTION• If you point out a problem, offer solutions.• Ask your audience for ideas, problems and solutions as well.• Crowdsourcing is a great way to generate money, excitement and suggestions, but use it wisely and sparingly. #Minnebar
  12. 12. SHARE NOTES• When you attend an event, live tweet about it and write a wrap-up later.• Give people a feel for the event and a concise report of the information shared.• People will thank you for being their virtual eyes & ears and will share with others. #Minnebar
  13. 13. GO BIG #Minnebar
  14. 14. You’ve got : Now What?? #Minnebar
  15. 15. • Create a slide show presentation and upload it to SlideShare for the world to see and share.• Break your content down into simple, visual slides and give people a ready-made presentation featuring YOU!• Take full (and free) advantage of one of the world’s leading education and e-learning tools – 60 million monthly visitors. #Minnebar
  16. 16. • YouTube has a huge community of users (more than 1 billion unique users each month). If you don’t have a YouTube channel, get one.• Repurpose content or film original content, but keep it brief and simple.• People pay attention to faces and voices and movement grabs attention. Video provides a human connection. #Minnebar
  17. 17. • Break long-form written pieces (white papers, case studies, survey data) into shorter blog posts.• The story behind a photo or video transcripts can be turned into blog posts as well.• If it happens, blog about it. Why? Because 81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information & advice from blogs and 61 percent have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. #Minnebar
  18. 18. • Create shareable buzz – leak important news and content via an exclusive webinar or G+ Hangout.• A webinar is a great way to engage people and give them in- depth information about how to creatively utilize information you provide. #Minnebar
  19. 19. • Go in-depth with your content and create a longer white paper or e-book with exclusive information and observations.• Lay out the issue, present a solution (or multiple solutions) and make a subtle business case for how brilliant you are to have collected the information and how you can help readers put it to good use.• White papers and e-books are great “free offers” to get people to sign up for email marketing subscription lists. Content as a lead generation tool. #Minnebar
  20. 20. Word Nerd 2.0Where to find content and what to do with it Lynne Morioka @SocialViz #Minnebar